Nintendo's E3 2015 Offering Wasn't a Great Disappointment

Following an eventful 24 hours, Nintendo Feed's Managing Editor jumps to the defense of Nintendo and explains why Nintendo's E3 2015 offering wasn't the great disappointment fans are claiming it was.

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Jimboms1278d ago

I thought they did alright! Then again I love Metroid Prime.

The 10th Rider1278d ago

I was a bit disappointed in Metroid Prime Federation Force, but Next Level Games is a pretty talented developer so maybe it'll be much better than it's initial reveal leads most of us to believe.

Ray_moondo1278d ago

I love Metroid Prime so much too, but it really feels like they were just cashing in on the name and the hype it would bring to release a new "Metroid Prime"

3-4-51277d ago

* It wasn't bad, but YES it was disappointing.

Nintendo is capable of greatness, they have THAT kind of talent. 10/10 type of talent.

It's being wasted by poor, ignorant leadership who can't see the pot of gold sitting in front of them.

* If they active dev's on the teams were the people in charge....We'd be getting a ton of different games.

These dev's are having their abilities limited and are being told to do things in a certain way that just isn't working out.

* No reason can't create it's own RPG series or two.

One turn based, one action.

NOT mario brand new characters.

* THAT should be a thing. Basically Dragon Quest, but with a new IP + throw in some Fantasy Life.

* They need to use that beautiful engine they used for Super Mario 3D World, and make other games within it.

* Where are all the action adventure games ?

Like....this is the first time I'm actually kind of upset at Nintendo.

I love Nintendo, so it's just even more frustrating watching them do this to themselves.

Literally nobody else to blame except on poor leadership.

* 99% of the people at Nintendo are NOT to blame.

Only maybe 5-6 are. seriously.

* I also understand that we will get more surprises in future Nintendo Directs, as they like to spread the info out.

The thing was.....that E3 Direct, was only like the 7th best Direct ever. That won't cut it.

The FE:if Direct from months ago got me more excited than this.

* Thought about taking back Splatoon just out of, but it's a lot of fun, so I might keep it. lol

N4g_null1277d ago

Who is in charge of what game is made? Myiamoto is, he was almost the reason why splatoon was not made. They need to create a competitive director to him. He makes fun games but he isn't right for everything clearly. Iwatas seems to be actually trying to fill that gap himself. Yes he still works on games and was the main reason why nintendo started working with outsiders.

JuleyJules1278d ago

As long as you own a 3DS it was decent; for that other box they have not so much. Like Nintendo I've forgotten the name of it.

The 10th Rider1278d ago

Exactly, as I Wii U owner I felt pretty letdown. Outside of what we absolutely knew was coming, some of which we've known about for years, all we get is a new Mario Tennis and the awkward child of Animal Crossing and Mario Party? We'd better hear about something new at the Treehouse stream today or during their roundtable, or I'm going to be one disappointed Wii U owner.

Xof1277d ago

Eh... I think we all knew 2015 was gonna be a weak year for the WiiU.

Unlike almost EVERYONE else at E3, Nintendo really only focused on games that were coming in the next 6-8 months.

So, yeah, not a lot of WiiU stuff.

I think it's safe to say that if Nintendo started emulating Square-Enix and started talking about games 5-10 years away from release, they'd be "winning" E3 every year.

wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I think the biggest reason why people feel disappointed was because we were expecting a big Wii U Metroid starring Samus, and instead got a 3DS knock-off that doesn't even concern her.
Couple that with no coverage for Devil's Third and no details regarding new Bayonetta 2-scale collaborations, and it quickly turned into a big deal in a bad way.

The conference was bad, and the negative criticism towards it is pretty well justified. (well, the even-headed criticism, anyways; those saying Wii U's dead cause of this don't have a balanced opinion in the first place, and likely hated the system since day 1 anyways)

It doesn't change how great games like Super Mario Maker, Devil's Third, Star Fox, and others will be to play, though, and it doesn't mean the system is dead.

It just means Nintendo made another PR mess that they should not have, and now have to spend time cleaning that up.

Vendredi1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I liked the presentation with the puppets, it gave the conference a lighthearted, good humor. But I think that the conference was poorly planned and edited. Just by adding the game trailers that they simply released on their youtube channel just after the digital event was over would have generated, in my opinion, a different reaction from the public. Games that people were actually looking forward weren't even mentioned. Not talking about unexpected games or yet unrevealed games, I'm talking about those that Nintendo already revealed to be working on. They could have shown two minutes or three of Fatal Frame gameplay, talked a bit about the Xenoblade X multipliplayer, shown some gameplay of the Devil's Third multiplayer... This would have made people more excited with what is to come, and it would have probably also balanced the down sides of the conference that had the Wii U players very disappointed. Personally, the moment I saw Animal Crossing and the moment after it that I realized that it was some kind of Amiibo board game, that right there was awful.

The 10th Rider1278d ago

I think Devil's Third, Fatal Frame, Fast Racing Neo, and some others might be planned for the treehouse stream today, which is for titles not shown in the digital event, I believe. Real shame they didn't include those in the direct. It would've of made it a million times better.

wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago

Agreed. They'd have done far better if they had included those in the Direct, and tossed Federation and the Animal Crossing stuff into a tiny press release instead.

The 10th Rider1278d ago

Even the announcement of Earthbound beginnings would of been much better swapped with the sick and twisted Animal Crossing announcement.

curtis921278d ago

They've messed it all up for 3rd party support, now they aren't even getting 1st party games right.

wonderfulmonkeyman1278d ago

Xenoblade X says different, as does Splatoon and Mario Maker.

kraenk121278d ago

They already dropped the WiiU so if you don't own a 3DS this show was mightily disappointing.

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