MGSV info from E3: weapon customization, playable female soldiers, changeable outfits for buddies

At the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain booth on the E3 show floor, the developers have been giving gameplay demonstrations of the game, showing not only missions, but also some of the customization options available.

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SaveFerris1281d ago

I might just sit in the chopper with the music on and stare at Quiet for a while.

C L O U D1281d ago

"Standing on the edge..."

Nyxus1281d ago

Just a reminder: we have Yoji Shinkawa to thank for the deep weapon customization: http://www.metalgearinforme...

DarkOcelet1281d ago

Those two together (Kojima and Shinkawa) makes some seriously insane stuff.

Kojima has an amazing team. Hopefully they all go to this new studio if he opened one.

EazyC1281d ago

He said that Quiet's appearance changes based on your affinity with her, I wonder what that means? I wonder will she begin to wear more clothes? I know Kojima has said that it's a take on the scantily-clad women found in Japanese fighting games, and that there is some deep significance as to why she is dressed in such minimal clothing.

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