Guerrilla's Horizon PS4 Trailer All Shot In-Engine; No CGI according Technical Director

Guerrilla Games' technical director Michiel v.d. Leeuw tweets on how the Horizon: Zero Dawn trailer shown at Sony's E3 press conference uses no CGI - the entire trailer was shot in-engine.

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SniperControl1250d ago

One of the most graphically brilliant games that i saw at this years E3, bested only by Uncharted 4.

Cant wait for this. Day one.

VER1ON1250d ago

I was intrigued by the gameplay mechanics. The part where our Lara counterpart :P shoots dips below the gigantic T-Rex? robo and disables aim. Simply amazing.

ShugaCane1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Honestly, if the graphics were not amazing it wouldn't have bothered me.


But.. Now we got Robot Dinosaurs AND amazing graphics.


freshslicepizza1250d ago

guerilla learned the hard way from the killzone trailer on the ps3 to show actual in-game graphics. this game looks very good.

UltraNova1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Based on what I saw while actually playing Killzone 2 was that Guerrilla pulled off 'that' target render trailer just fine if not exceeded it in areas.

Guerrilla are masters in the visuals arena, plain and simple and do not need to deceive anyone when it comes to then coding chops.

Muerte24941250d ago

I can't agree with your "Laura counterpart" comment. Laura was not the first female character to wield a bow and that is where the similarities end.

But I can agree with everything else you stated. Also GG games only improve visually after their reveals. They are one of the few studios to ensure their game won't get downgraded.

thricetold1250d ago


Gasp what did you say? You are impressed with the gameplay?Blasphemy!

My goodness thank you for being one of the few here on this site that are impressed with gameplay instead of pretty pixels! Thought real gamers had gone extinct for a while on here!

Gameplay looked amazing and fun.

nix1250d ago

That KZ2 trailer fiasco still haunts media companies because GG actually beat the CGI rendered trailer two years later.

No media wanted to admit it.

morganfell1250d ago


Not only that but Killzone 3? In game. Killzone Shadow Fall? In game. Horizon? In game. Yet these same people want to keep dragging up Killzone 2. These individuals also ignore the fact it wasn't Guerrilla proper that made the claim. A claim that lasted for less than a day before an individual from Guerrilla set the record straight. And the same such people claim they are PS4 gamers with no agenda. Right.

inveni01249d ago

Guerrilla is a technical powerhouse, but they tend to struggle a bit on production values. But Horizon seems to address previous weak areas (like voice acting and simple mechanics), and that gets me all giddy. I'm stoked to see more of this. PSX?

Taero1249d ago

@ Muerte

I assume because they both contain a strong female character in a non-city (+1000 year ruins and island ruins in the last TR) based setting where you have stealth and action elements, a bow as a main weapon, crafting from elements left behind by enemies/animals/the terrain, not be all "Let me kill every one of you and bathe in your blood" crazy, slightly 'supernatural' aspects (the AI/robot theme vs...idk sun goddess?) and finally they're both somewhat open world (TR was cut off into sections that did eventually open up, Horizon seems to be more along the lines of the Witcher 3).

Now, while noone is saying that Lara was the first to do all of this (obviously as the original Lara Croft was all about the guns and it was only in the reboot where she went all guerilla warfare) it's hard to not see SOME comparisons.

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starchild1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Uncharted 4 and Horizon did look absolutely gorgeous. But I personally think Star Wars Battlefront had the best graphics of any game at E3.

Horizon does look amazing, though, and it was my favorite game reveal at E3.

Forn1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I respectfully disagree. The world's in Horizon and Uncharted appear far more dense with detail. Also love the unique art direction on each game. SW Battlefront looks great, but the character faces look strange imo as well as the character walking animations seeming stiff.

1250d ago
Bennibop1250d ago

Funny enough its Dreams that has all the developers talking in regards to graphics.

etownone1250d ago


If you watch the Gears demo on the big screen in HD. .. you can see the amount of detail and polish. Game looks amazing.

WeAreLegion1250d ago

Everyone ignores Dreams. Freaking gorgeous. I can't wait for that game.


@Forn, Uncharted is Linear and single player, point A to point B. Not sure on Horizon, but if that game is open world... it is simply the best graphics hands down in an open world game!

For how much is going on in Battlefront and how many players, it looks amazing!

christian hour1250d ago

Any Neil Gaiman/dave mckean/sandman fans lose their absolute minds when they saw Dreams?

Josuey1250d ago

take those graphics with a grain of salt since its EA, it will likely get downgraded

medman1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

For me, Horizon Zero Dawn takes the award, even over Uncharted or Battlefront, because it's a massive open world game, with weather and a day/night cycle. And it looks that good. Amazing. The thing about Media Molecules game, Dreams, is that game looks like it could literally look like anything and everything, maybe all at once. I think it will be very special once people get hands on it and start creating.

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nucky641250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I'm with you - day 1 for sure! and who's to say it won't look UC4 good? I have to believe that UC4 is further along (and more polished) than horizon is at this point in it's development. next year is going to be jam packed with great games!

edit: at moldybread - what? KZ2/3 looked great to me.

Kribwalker1250d ago

Killzone 2 trailer was also in engine....

MasterCornholio1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

How the heck was it in engine when they didnt have the PS3s hardware ready yet?

Its called a target render for a reason.

“After we completed Killzone 1 on PS2, for a good half-year or so, until early 2005, we had a PS2 game in development called Killzone 2,” Hulst told Gamasutra. “What happened was that we had never anticipated that that trailer in 2005 would get that much traction. I mean, the whole world seemed to be talking about it, and at that point it just made more sense to scrap the work we had done for the PS2 version and work on the PS3."

This time they are not calling this a target render which means the game will look like this. Much like how Killzone ShadowFall looks exactly like the reveal trailer.

mkis0071250d ago

It already looks like this the middle part was true gameplay.

UKmilitia1250d ago

the thing is i fully believe them,look wha they did with killzone single player.
it looked amazing for a launch title.

EvilWay1250d ago

I would say Horizon looks better than Uncharted. We know what Uncharted is already and we knew very little about this. It looks stunning I can't wait to play it

3-4-51250d ago

One of the best surprises at E3 IMO.

I don't own a PS4, but it's one of the games that makes me want one even more.

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TLG19911250d ago

wondering why this is a provisional pegi 7. or is that just for the trailer??

Neixus1250d ago

If it's Pegi 7, I'm a little dissapointed :/ I'm not the guy who must have blood and only +18 games, but having a Pegi 7 limits alot of subjects they can have in their story/gameplay.

TLG19911250d ago

thats exactly how i feel. unless the game is soley around hunting the dino bots, there can't be much in the way of mature story so to speak. but some of the best games i have played are young on the age ratings so lets see.

christian hour1250d ago

the pegi ratings are a bit messed up, you can tackle mature subjects in a mature manner and get a fairly low pegi rating, but as soon as there is blood or the killing of humanoid creatures, you get blasted straight up to 18+. If its dismembering robots, seeing their wires/entrails falling out and black sticky oil spewing from their wounds, they dont care. Ratings systems and the old men in charge of doing them, are dumb.

Plenty of cartoons for kids in the 80s/90s I remember tackling very big concepts, but as long as spiderman never physically punched the bad guys, and used web based weapons, and as long as the bad guys never shot bullets from their guns and it was mostly robots getting blown up, it was okay for kids.

Its great when writers and animators find ways around censorship and ratings systems :) Censorship can be a bad thing but it can also force writers to think in extremely creative ways.

Vengeance11381250d ago


Please tell me that was sarcasm about the not caring if graphics weren't "amazing". Otherwise that's extremely depressing in terms of the mindset of "gamers" today.

Vengeance11381250d ago

Ah, much better. I understand what you were trying to say now.

ps4fanboy1250d ago

100% getting this and supporting guerilla games.
Looks amazing.

Neixus1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Imo, the forest overview reminds me of The Witcher 3, before it was downgraded,all the fog, lighting etc etc.

TW3 still has good graphics though,but in my honest opinion, this blows it out of the water.

SakataXGintoki1250d ago

The developing staff includes ex-devs from CDProjekt Red and had worked on The Witcher 2. So, that's why the similarities I guess :).

showtimefolks1250d ago

I think it's one of the best new IP's I saw at e3