The Last Guardian E3 2015 Reveal Could Have Been Better

SegmentNext - Sony gave The Last Guardian the honorable pleasure of starting its E3 2015 press conference this week. The decision worked well in leaving the audience shattered as they saw what was thought to have been scrapped a long time back.

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KingKelloggTheWH1280d ago

I was honestly surprised at how innovative the bird cat dog looked, using it to do long jumps and to catch you seems really interesting and cool, the possibilities for it are huge.

mikeslemonade1280d ago

If you didn't play the first two games have a crtical eye then you didn't see the significance of this game. It looks like a very dungeon heavy game for atleast a good amount of the game. And that will be like ICO which was great. The puzzles in that game were freaking hard to figure out.

And then what Last Guardian and what Sony did well was enhance scripted events. When an event was happening the character was still moving in real time. For example when the bridge was falling the character was walking back and forth.

Timesplitter141280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

it being more like ICO and less like SotC is what I feared. I don't like linearity, or puzzle games. I don't like following the exact path that a designer set up for me and everyone else.

What I want is to explore the world freely and chase giant beasts on my horse.

In TLG, it seems you'll just be playing to unlock pre-made animations where the beast helps you progress. There's no player agency. I still hope I'm wrong about this. TLG was literally the only game I cared about for this E3

Letthewookiewin1280d ago

I love the personality of bird dog. I felt concern when it was scared yet I knew I would be there for me no matter what. The game is poetic. And people are out of their minds saying it looks like a PS3 game. No last gen system could render the feathers on Bird Dog and have the scale of it like that. That original footage from 2009 I bet, wasn't being shown on PS3.

Genuine-User1280d ago

I was personally very impressed by Trico's detailed simulation.

On topic: You could say the same about almost anything. However, if you've played Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, you'll acknowledge why it's hard to demo such a game on stage.

CaptainObvious8781280d ago

I loved the demo, but I'm calling it right now. If the game's around 10 hours long (which is perfectly fine) the games media are going to murder it like they did with The Order, no matter how good it is.

Timesplitter141280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

What killed The Order wasn't its length, it was its gameplay. Third person shooters with shiny graphics and sup-par gameplay worked last gen, but people are getting over them.

Honestly this E3 made me start to hate fancy graphics and movie-like environments. When I see them, all I can think about is "Look a all those wasted resources that could've been used to make an interesting game instead."

zidane13411280d ago

Lol are you really blaming the negative reviews on the length alone? Man it got a bad score because you can YouTube the whole damned thing just once and you have seen everything. The gunplay sucked balls, it's much more fun to look at then it is to play.

Erik73571280d ago

Bird cat dog technology...only possible on ps4!1

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Hellsvacancy1280d ago

I 'm glad Sony didn't show too much, I have faith in the developers that TLG will be a truly awesome experience

I for one won't be looking at anymore footage, i'm happy knowing the game IS coming, no more rumours/speculation

Dlacy13g1280d ago

You have faith in the developers? Given they failed to get this game out on the original PS3 platform as originally announced and its now going on 8yrs of much faith should you really have?

hellothere19771280d ago

We have faith that the developers ate 5-7 years of extra money spent, costs, and fan anger to fix a broken issue. To me, that speaks volumes of the integrity of the Team Ico and Sony.

Unlike you, I don't appreciate paying hard earned money to buy Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, etc. and not be able to finish my game because of game ending freezes and glitches. I'm certain those developers knew about their product issues but sold that sh*t to us anyways.

Spotie1280d ago

I have faith in the developers because their finished products are among my favorite games of all time. To me, taking this long isn't an issue. It's not like it cost ME any money. And as long as the game comes out and is up to the quality of the previous titles, the wait will have been worth it.

It's amazing how many Xbox fans are finding ways to see all these great announcements as negatives.

green1280d ago

I actually liked the interaction between the boy and the creature.The graphics were okay but i completely loved the wind effects on the creatures fur. That looked damn good.

This was my fav. game shown by Sony.

Bennibop1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Graphics will improve I am sure but remember ICO and SotC were never graphical powerhouses and were very 'arty'

Nyxus1280d ago

The graphics were fine and what's more important: the creature looked incredibly lifelike, which is probably an essential aspect of this game.

Timesplitter141280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

I want them to not spend any extra effort on the graphics and work on improving the gameplay instead. I wouldn't even slightly care if they made TLG look like a N64 game. Just make it more than a straightforward puzzle game please

uth111280d ago

Why does the creature look so lifelike, but the boy looks like a cartoon? Is that an artistic choice?

TLG19911280d ago

i thought it looked incredible. i much prefer the "abstract" styles so to speak.

tired of seeing good graphics meaning photorealism. we should be promoting creativeness instead, and that why we have a market full of everything that looks so similar.

Lng1010101280d ago

"wind effects" = graphics.

Neonridr1280d ago

Was it more or less the same from the initial PS3 reveal? Or did it show more? It seems like so long ago, so I can't remember.

Skate-AK1280d ago

Way more. PS3 was just a trailer. PS4 was gameplay.

mezati991280d ago

it's looked like a ICO but bigger and better. this game is gonna be something special

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