Halo 5 Guardians available to pre-order and pre-download now on Xbox One

Neil writes "It was on the cards really, but today the digital pre-orders and pre-downloads of Halo 5: Guardians can begin."

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oKidUKo1191d ago

I'm amazed they've gone down the 24 person battle this time, I still don't think it's enough to get me to buy another Halo though...

Septic1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

That's one early pre-download.

I'm not a tech wiz but couldn't some clever chap pre-download this and then somehow circumvent the blocking falafel to initiate the flange that will enable them to access the game's content?

Like I said, I'm not all that techy but seems a tad risky considering how many talented gamers/hackers/modders/targary ens there are in the world.

jackanderson19851191d ago

hasn't been done yet but i was thinking along the same lines... not with the same words tho... falafel? now i'm just hungry

neil3631191d ago

If falafels are involved, pretty much anything is possible. I too am pretty amazed that noone has figured it out yet.

CoLD FiRE1191d ago

Short answer: No.
Long answer: Yes!

LightofDarkness1191d ago

In a word: no.

Pre-loads work by allowing the end-users to download the large, static content in advance, i.e. the textures, models, sounds, videos etc.

They then encrypt all of that data until launch day.

They also practically never send the main executable, which contains all of the game's code. Without this, you have nothing. No matter how talented, the hackers won't be able to write the game from scratch.

Septic1190d ago

Ah okie cheers for that! Makes sense

DillyDilly1191d ago

Black Ops 3 has oddly enough been available for Digital Pre Order Download a lot longer then this one on the XBOX One

Intentions1190d ago

Its only 100 mbs, so no.

CerebralAssassin1190d ago

Microsoft has the power brick systems which I see being a punishment for anyone that does find a way around the block. Doesn't seem worth it to me.

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ScorpiusX1191d ago

This bites am going to have to order order a digital copy and sell the on in the collector Edition release night. Then again I do avoid that annoying install time release night or get both . Screw it am getting it , damn you 343.

TotalSynthesisX1191d ago

Wait. So this means the game has gone gold four whole months in advance? Seems kind of early.