Final Fantasy VII: The Remake Everyone Wants, But No One Actually Needs

FM: Ever since we moved out of the polygon era of gaming, people have been clamouring for a remake of Final Fantasy VII. It might not be the best game of the series (though arguably could be), but video gamers have put this title up on a pedestal like it was the second coming of the original Super Mario Bros. Even when decent titles from the series came out after it (Final Fantasy IX being the most criminally underrated), people went back to Final Fantasy VII as the all-time best. And therefore, the demand to see it brought into today’s landscape with better graphics has been the top of gamer’s wishlists alongside Nintendo finally releasing StarFox 2. We got a movie spin-off that showed the possibility of what the game series could look like with a graphic upgrade, which only intensified the desire for a remake, and Sony even used a HD upgrade of the game to hype up the power of the PlayStation 3, whetting everyone’s appetite further.

But why Final Fantasy VII? Why the love for this game over all the others?

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ArchangelMike946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Now hold on there buddy. I never got a chance to play Final Fantasy VII. I got into the series at FFX, and loved the franchise ever since. I couldn't bring myself to play the FFVII port, as it just wouldn't have captured the essence of the game like it could have done back in the 90's. I'm a conditioned 'next-gen' gamer, so yeah the dated graphics and 2D world would get in the way of all that made FFVII great - characters, story, locations etc.

From what we have seen of FFXV in terms of graphical fidelity, open world, combat, scope etc etc - if SqEnix make FFVII even half as good, it would still be a game worth playing.

UltimateMaster946d ago

Everyone wants to replay the game with advanced graphics.
Hopefully they don't change they game-play recipe much from the original, or give the option of being able to play it like the original.

Being able to switch characters, give them all orders in a limited amount of time, use materia, just so awesome.

Death946d ago

The dated graphics don't keep the game from being fun. Part of the games charm was the art style. While I have no doubt the remake will be a great game, it won't be the same as the original. I honestly recommend playing the "old" game before the remake or at the very least play the original after playing the new so you see what you missed.

Activemessiah946d ago

There hasn't been a good FF game since the PS2 days... we NEED this.

Damien1801945d ago

And you believe that remaking a 20 year old game is gonna make all of the problems that the franchise is dealing with now disappear instead of telling a fresh new story and a unique take on gameplay?

Damien1801942d ago


So you're admitting you're all for demolishing creativity and consider remaking games that already exist? We don't even know if the game will turn out to be good at the end. The game is far from its release.

izumo_lee946d ago

This IS the game that put JRPGs on the map for many western game players. Before FF7 came out the genre was more or less relegated to niche or cult following. Sure there were some solid titles before it like Earthbound, Secret of Mana & FF6 but none of those lifted the genre into the upper echelons of gaming like FF7 did.

FF7 is the DOOM of FPS, the Mario of platformers, Tetris to puzzle games ti became the landmark title of the genre. It may not be the best Final Fantasy game people can argue, but it is definitely the MOST important game of the series.

kalkano946d ago

Yep. And, look at the current landscape. JRPGs have RETURNED to niche status. Can FF7 bring it to the mainstream twice?

kalkano946d ago

I don't know what you're talking about. The graphics are the #1 reason people want a remake. The music is fantastic, but imagine it fully-orchestrated. Add voice-acting. Boom. You shrug this stuff off like it's no big deal, when it's exactly why people want a remake.