Ready At Dawn’s Pessino ‘Stunned’ After Uncharted 4 Demo; Says Only Naughty Dog Can Do This

Ready At Dawn's CEO and founder Andrea Pessino on how stunned he was after the Uncharted 4 E3 Demo. Pessino states that only Naughty Dog can pull this off.

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AudioEppa1248d ago

Gotta love the respect given :)

Games like the order and from what I seen of uncharted 4 keep me feeling alive as a gamer when I pick up the controller and focus on the screen.

With PlayStation being my area I can't wait to see the rest of this year /next year's games and future jaw dropping masterpieces.

Haven't felt this proud of gaming in a long time like I do right now :')


Bubiii1248d ago

All PS4 first party games so far are visually stunning (from Killzone SF/ InFamous SS to The Order 1886/ DriveClub). I've no doubt Uncharted 4 will be the same.

piroh1248d ago

you forgot Horizon, the animations were awesome

Lightning Mr Bubbles1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

The Order wasn't even that bad, it was just short and pretty plain on the gameplay. For some reason it just didn't connect with gamers.

But it told a decent story, it did leave me wanting to find out more of what happens. It can't end like that, Lady Igraine thinking Sir Galahad was a traitor when infact he was the only one who discovered the truth, that everything that order stands for was a total fraud.

And does she like him? Why was she so aggressive to vote yes on sending him to the death penalty. Does she maybe think Sir Galahad was involved romantically with the leader of the rebellion who is also an attractive women. I just have so many questions, I would like to see that story continue.

Ezz20131248d ago

Also just wait for God of war

and you forgot Ratchet and clank Ps4
that game is CG

gosukyomomma1248d ago

@ Lightning MR Bubbles...


I still have yet to complete the order thanks. Bloody idiot.

Travis37081248d ago

Add Ratchet & Clank as well

Magicite1248d ago

and this is just the beginning.

inveni01247d ago

What continues to be my favorite thing about Uncharted is when Drake catches a gun in mid air.

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Lamboomington1248d ago

Naughty Dog are at the next level. Every single game of their's oozes quality. I thought the first Uncharted was kind of boring, but maybe that's because I played it after Uncharted 2.

Recently played TLOU. My word, what a game. I think TLOU is their best game, then Uncharted 2. TLOU is hands down one of the best games I've ever played.

hkgamer1248d ago

for some reason, there is something about uncharted1 that made me play it over and over again but for uncharted 2 & 3 i only played it a few times on different difficulties.

i think i like 2 a lot better but if i was to choose an uncharted game to replay i probably pick the 1st one over the others.

ravinash1248d ago

My favourite was the first one.
I played it many time, and then when trophies were released, I ending up playing it many times again.
I've enjoyed all of them, but the first one was the best for me.... although the game play might be a little frustrating now compared to TLOU.

Haru1248d ago

I love Playstation because it has soo many great looking games, while all xbone games look last gen and unrealistic

VER1ON1248d ago

Says a lot coming from Pessino. Although short 'The Order: 1886' was a graphical masterpiece. Kudos

WelkinCole1248d ago

Well there is a reason why some people call them naughty gods sometimes.

windblowsagain1248d ago

I liked the story of the Order, graphics were sweet and gun play was decent at times.

But there wasn't enough going on and everything felt constrained.

Always loved uncharted, but UC4 took it to another level.

WelkinCole1248d ago

It laid a good foundation for a good franchise that is different from other TPS like Uncharted.

I really do hope they would continue as to be honest as much as I like Uncharted I do want some variety.

Lamboomington1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

" there wasn't enough going on"

exactly. More complexity, more simulation during gameplay. Learn from games like The Last Of Us, which is also linear and story focused, but not shallow in the least !

Gears Of War 4 seems to suffer from the same problem. Can't really tell though - maybe the gameplay will be more complex... The demo at e3 sucked so bad. Devs need to realize that COD and BF campaigns are not a good model anymore. If your campaign is like a Modern Military Shooter, it's probably not good.


For a sequel, RAD need to be careful with the story. It was absolutely GRIPPING up until a certain a certain point, after which characters do inexplicably retarded things. You know, when Gallahad starts shooting down 100s of the people he is meant to protect, because... 'they spotted us' (what??? xD) and because "None of them are innocent" -the leader of the enemy faction, about the people you are working for. Basically, I think that the 'gallery shooter' nature of the levels compromised the believability of the story in certain sections.

More than that though, I think it was rushed, especially the ending. Important story revelations did not have any time to breathe at the end. A character conveniently walks in at the right moment, quickly drops these huge story bombs, and then walks away. If they do make a sequel, hopefully they will have more time to focus on this, since they have the tech figured out. The Order was something special and unique from what I saw. A sequel could be incredible.

As for the Uncharted 4 E3 demo, that was one of the most impressive things I've seen. Amazing stuff.

corroios1248d ago

Yeah, that sequence is amazing, so much things happening at the same time. I think many dont understand how hard is to do that with so much quality. ND are simple out of this world and must be pushing the PS4 beyond its limits.

VER1ON1248d ago

I guess we'll be saying different in a few years when ND pushes the PS4 even more:)

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