LG's Prince and Twitter React to #FinalFantasy7Remake

Arguably one of the most exciting revelations at Sony's E3 press conference has to be the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer. LG's PRINCE waxes philosophical on his experience with this game over the last almost 20 years, while also showcasing a few choice tweet.

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kalkano1161d ago

"the gameplay is definitely dated"

This is complete nonsense. Action is equally as "dated" as turn-based. So much rage...I swear...

Adrian_v011160d ago

Rage often comes from ignorance.

justinprince1159d ago

I love turn based combat in RPGs, I grew up with it. But here's the thing though. Turn based combat worked because of the limitation of the system. I hope they can build something strong for this system, taking the notion of turn based combat and making it faster and more frantic. Perhaps something like a synergy between the battle system of 13 (the only good part of 13 imo) and the ability to actively switch between players in active time, like Star Ocean.

kalkano1159d ago

There was never a limitation. My first RPG ever was an action-RPG, which was made in the 1970's. Please explain how that was possible.