Cliff Bleszinski says PC is "the only way to go" for first-person shooters

At the PC Gaming Show today, Cliff Bleszinski talked briefly about his return to the PC and the FPS genre.

"I wanted to get back to first person—Gears is third person—it's one of those things, that seeing down the barrel of a gun, it's a very powerful thing," said Bleszinski. Going with the PC as the lead development platform enables his studio to be "agile," he added, with things like "test kitchen servers" that allow for easy testing of things like new weapons and levels.

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2pacalypsenow1043d ago

I disagree I have had just as much fun playing COD 4 on my Xbox 360 as I did playing quake 2 on my PC

ShinMaster1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

I didn't really expect him to say otherwise at the PC Gaming Show, lol

We know that hasn't been true for years.

AuToFiRE1043d ago

Pick up COD on PC or perhaps UT and try and play it with a controller against people using KBM

morganfell1043d ago

What does that have to do with fun when I can play on my couch against millions? How do you lay back on the sofa or easy chair with that KB/M on your lap?

Hellsvacancy1043d ago


You'll have someone say in a mo "I play my PC with a gamepad whilst laying down"

LightofDarkness1043d ago

I've done it plenty of times. You just need a breakfast tray ;)

I also have a lap tray that's just a shelf from Ikea with a long beanbag glued to the bottom. Super handy for the couch.

morganfell1043d ago

I have tried that tray system and it just isn't as comfortable for me. Prefer my pad. I like my PC and I love the fact that Valve has soimewhat gotten behind my favorite OS. I have two pads and the Streambox on preorder from them. But again, those are pads on preorder, not a new KB/M. It's a preference anmd I don't want to change that anytime soon unless I am doing motion gaming then that is a completely different animal.

LightofDarkness1043d ago

Oh no, I certainly prefer pad input for most things. But for FPS I feel somewhat limited without the classic combo. That said, the Steam controller looks like it might do away with the necessity of keyboard and mouse in games for good. It all depends on how well they handle context, and whether or not they put in the time and effort to create game specific profiles for the right games at launch to prove its worthiness.

ShinMaster1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

@ AuToFiRE

Why would I use a controller to play against KbM users on PC?

You can play shooters with a controller on consoles just fine.

I'm just saying it's factually incorrect.

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Bubiii1043d ago

Isn't he a restaurant manager or something these days? Who cares what he thinks... I don't.

DevilOgreFish1043d ago

He's saying it from a classic experience. you can always prefer the controls you've adapted to.

GenuineGamer1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

I prefer console gaming but each to their own i guess.

ZaWarudo1043d ago

Not for me. WASD movement cramps my hand.

AD7051043d ago

You do realize that you can use a controller on the PC right?

Aloren1043d ago

@IVanSpinal yes you can...Maybe you can't in some games, but I did in Titanfall and didn't do worse than when I played FPS on consoles. So if the game is made with both control method in mind, you can use both.

lameguy1043d ago

I keep to the home row if I'm forced to use the keyboard.

EADF replaces WASD respectively. It feels more natural and a lot less cramped. The S I fill in with some other slightly less common key as that normal home row finger doesn't work too well for me.

swishersweets200311043d ago

for myself going from playing shooters on console to playing them on pc, it is the place to be.

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