Star Wars Battlefront Hands-on Impressions | PC Gaming Enthusiast

Matt Marinett of PC Gaming Enthusiast delivers his hands-on impressions for Star Wars: Battlefront.

He writes:

"Unfortunately, Tatooine is not the prettiest or most interesting of places, and it was easy to get lost in the level’s beige on beige aesthetic. For this reason, it’s a bit strange Tatooine was chosen as the demo level, rather than Star Wars‘ many more visually striking locations. In a game this pretty, it’s a bit of a shame."

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ptownjbo947d ago

Too bad there's no singleplayer :(

TonyPT947d ago

So, no character progression or feeling that we're actually evolving with this game?

venom06947d ago

GREAT ARTICLE... makes me wanna play this even more... It's getting pretty good responses from folks @ E3 that have actually played it..