Are We Really Ready for Final Fantasy VII to Change?

"ZL: The game will change in our collective and private minds no matter what. There’s no going back and there ain’t no getting off of this train we’re on. Classic scenes will always be in comparison between the two versions—as will set pieces, character models, the soundtrack and even dialogue."

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NeoGamer2321127d ago

I can't wait for one of the greatest RPGs in history to be modernized...

Please don't screw it up Square!

Zcarnut1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Agreed. Reboots seem all the rage in Hollywood too...And overall I can't say I've been impressed (but there are exceptions like Star Trek)

NeoGamer2321127d ago

What JJ Abrhams isn't the solution to every movie problem?

I have been misled!

starcatcher1127d ago

I'm excited and can't wait.
I embrace change. just do this game
justice square! It is legendary!

kalkano1126d ago

A lot of people on my side of the fence will answer this with a firm "no". But, I think it's time to rephrase our answer as "yes, as long as it changes in the right ways".

First and foremost, Final Fantasy 7 is a turn-based RPG. A remake must be a turn-based RPG.