Final Fantasy VII Remake IS Happening and What It Means

Geeksnack: As videogame consoles have become more powerful, capable of creating breathtaking worlds with the latest graphics, a great number of people have wanted to see FF VII be remade for these new systems. And believe it or not, Square Enix has heard your prayers and have delivered.

But what does this mean for people like myself who didn’t grow up with the original title; the people that haven’t had the chance or desire to even touch the game. In some weird way, this might just be the incentive we need to actually give it a shot. Purists will probably say that we should play the original first so that we know what’s changed but why should we? It might not have the same effect in 2015 as it did in 1997. At the time, that game was modern, just like how the remake will be modern to us gamers of today. It won’t be the exact same experience but create the same senses and feelings.

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UltimateMaster1249d ago

It means people are loosing their god damn minds! lol.

pompombrum1249d ago

Want to lose your mind? Picture the Ramuh summoning on FF15, now imagine that style experience but with Knights of the Round.. that'll be the most mindblowing gaming cinematic of all time.

izumo_lee1249d ago

As much as I love Knights it was Bahamut Zero that made me lose my sh*t. It was a dragon from freaking space shooting basically a hole through the world!!!!

Now with the age of streaming get ready to cry all over again when *spoilers* our beloved Aerith sacrifices herself for the greater good. That moment will be beautiful yet heartbreaking all over again.

Meryl1249d ago

Nooo spoilers alert^^

crxss1249d ago

It's really not happening for another 4-5 years. And they'll probably cut a lot of content :(

I hope they keep ff7 remake as true to the original as possible. That includes all the weird side quests

rainslacker1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Heck, almost all the summons in FF7 were pretty Epic. For people that don't know, FF7 was a time when Summons were actually something amazing. I will admit I hope they give the option to skip the aniation after the first time though. KOTR you could go make a sandwich, fry up some fries, get a drink, take a shower, wash your car, work half a week, check your email, and clip your toenails and come back and it'd only be half done.

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showtimefolks1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

It means I will finally get to play this game which I missed because back Than I wasn't much of a gamer. Iaas actually in Pakistan when this came out

Off topic:

What would make this remake even more amazing is if we also get shenmue 1 and 2 in hd remaster from Sega

That way we get to play 2 of the better games of that Era

TeamLeaptrade1249d ago

I lost my mind when I saw it revealed. I never thought we'd see a remake. But, now that it's for real happening, it's pretty exciting. Here's hoping it brings new players to the classic game.

D-riders1249d ago

I think they should revamp the fighting but keep it similar

psplova1249d ago

So I've never played this game, nor have I ever played a FF game. Do I need to play this or not waste my time?

ninsigma1249d ago

I think you should play the original, then play the remake. Ff7 is my favourite game of all time because of how rich the world is and how its characters interact with said world. I highly recommend it.

psplova1249d ago

Hmmm... I see. I don't really care to play thru any of the other ones, that's kinda why I was asking I guess. Would I be just totally lost without any background on the characters then, you're saying?

Ahmay1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

FF7 is not a sequel to 6 or any other... if your interested just wait for the remake... if ur super interested play the original ff7..

Pozzle1249d ago

Each Final Fantasy game (in the main series) is set in a different universe with different characters, so you won't be lost if you played FFVII first.

If you don't mind playing a retro game with outdated graphics, random battles, and some odd translation issues, then I'd definitely recommend playing it. It still holds up as an amazing RPG with memorable characters, a great story, and an interesting world. It's largely considered one of the best in the series and an incredibly influential game in the JRPG genre. (Though if you're not a fan of older games, I'd at least reccommend checking out the remake when it comes out...though considering Square's track record, that might not happen for years).

Mikeyy1249d ago

Each numbered final fantasy is its own story with no relation to the others. You didn't miss anything and you can pick it up and play and understand no problem.

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hkgamer1249d ago

dont bother wasting your time. the original is dated and I doubt you could get into it now. wait for the remake and that might appeal to you more.

rainslacker1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

You don't need to play any other FF game to get into FF7, as they're all independent of each other.

If you can sit through the rather dated graphics and mountains of text though, the original is definitely worth a go. It had a charm all it's own, and is considered one of the greatest games of all time.

It's available pretty cheap on PSN if you have a PS3. Or if you have a PS4 you could wait for the PS4 PC port version, which will eliminate the more dated graphics part of why many may have trouble appreciating the game. It's also available on Steam, and can run on pretty much any computer that would exist today. There are even some nice mods to the PC version for improved graphcis.

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JJShredder1249d ago

I think no matter what decisions they make with the remake, they will be offending some group of fans or another.

Personally, after watching Advent Children, I would love a action RPG but I totally understand if folks want turn-based and that's cool too.

I can't wait to get in regardless but it's probably going to be years, because, SquareEnix.......

CaspuR1249d ago

I think it all depends on how well final fantasy 15 does if they change the combat or not. Personally i rather action combat but i wouldnt mind the turn base combat, id be alittle disapointed though.

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