No Man’s Sky Confirmed for PC, Launches At The Same Time As PS4 Version

Hello Games confirms the PC version of No Man's Sky.


Update: The PC version was confirmed last year but there was no indication of when that would actually happen. This news confirms that the PS4 version is no longer a timed exclusive and both versions will launch simultaneously. Our apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

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mkis0071249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

This story subtitle is so bad... subtitle "ps4 loses another exclusive". It was always coming to pc, we just never knew when.

Edit: They changed it:)

NatureOfLogic_1249d ago

Good to see PC getting day one support.

Palitera1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

I just hope the servers are not unified. One of the biggest perks of playing on a console is not having to deal with millions of cheaters on MP games.

XisThatKid1249d ago

For those under saying about the PS fanboy logic about When they say "as long as its's exclusive to PS4 and not go to MS consoles than it's exclusive" Well doesn't this mean You don't have to argue with said fanboys as a PC enthusiest? I figure thats a good thing on their end Most console gamers look at PC as Neutral territory considering most 3rd Party games that a a singular console exclusive come to PC eventually anyway. Console loyalists don't see them as a direct threat. Do you guys feel left out or something?

thrust1249d ago

The best gamers are classed as cheaters to console gamers lol

I guess if you can not win against us PC people we must be cheaters a?


Tiqila1248d ago


play a little H1Z1 and you will now that a cheater and a superior player just have nothing in common.

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super_bruno1249d ago

It's still a console exclusive though. Not every one game on PC.

mkis0071249d ago

That is still up for speculation. We know Sony is deeply involved but even the original joe danger appeared on xbox 360 2 years later. (it was pub funded by sony, who actually gave them permission to release on xbox).

starchild1249d ago


Tell that to some of the people in this article:

I do agree with the concept of "console exclusives" even though there is a decent amount of overlap between the console and PC markets. What I dislike is the way many fanboys flip flop on this issue depending on whatever makes their favorite console look better at the time.

super_bruno1249d ago


Don't know if you were referring to me with that comment but in case you were, I love my X1 as much as my PS4 although I confess, in my case X1 see more play time. To me it doesn't matter if it comes to PC since I don't own a PC (Mac user here) so for me this game is an exclusive on PS4.

starchild1249d ago

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply you are flip flopping. Your position makes sense and is consistent. I'm talking about a lot of other people on the Internet that change their attitude towards "console exclusives" depending on whether they are on their preferred platform or the "enemy" platform. There's no consistency on this point in the gaming community as a whole, because fanboys want to have it both ways.

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someOnecalled1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

yeah but ps fanboys was yelling off the rooftop like it was. if they announce its coming to xbone they sony faithfuls will never mention this game again.

PS fanboy logic #7
if its not on an MS console its exclusive

PS fanboy logic #1
if its exclusive treat it like its the bible no matter how bad or boring it may be.

PS fanboy logic #9
pc doesnt matter unless a game is on another platform and pc.

i think most forgot because all the blind hype and fanboy noise.

below not at all i just dont like yall. its a win for me i still dont see the point in investing in these console yet. im winning. only game i will miss is kh3 but ill just buy it at the end of this gen if it continue like this. im just telling it like it is yall change yall tune as soon as a game is not exclusive even when a company part.

look at Insomniac the games was so called amazing. the went 3rd party. then yall said they games wasnt all that and theyre traders. and now theyre the greatest again because rachet and clank. the king of flip flopping.

im bore have fun waiting on you games and acting like multiplats are exclusives. going to play the game.

Utalkin2me1249d ago

someOne is salty....lmfao

mkis0071249d ago

That is just plain fanboy logic, no need for a sect label.

_-EDMIX-_1249d ago

Agreed. No Man Sky was NEVER a PS4 exclusive. It was always coming to PC, the only news here is the matter of when.

medman1249d ago

Nobody cares about your circular logic guy. A game is exclusive for console purposes if the other console makers don't get it, be it timed or not. Sony isn't directly competing with the pc industry, they compete against other console makers.

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Pandamobile1249d ago

Haven't we known this was coming to PC since it was announced?

DERKADER1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

We knew it was coming to PC, just not when. It was assumed to be a timed exclusive.

NeoGamer2321249d ago

Lol. PS4 gamers call this a PS4 exclusive!

The superior 4k, 60 fps version will bee on PC!

cyril sneer1249d ago

LOL to all of you using the term console exclusive for games like no mans sky and street fighter 5 if that is how it works all games on pc are pc exclusive then.Using this logic fallout 4 is pc exclusive and gta 5.

DanteVFenris6661249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

And people with xone call the holiday timed exclusive tomb raider one too.

At least this was doesn't even have word on xone. There is no battle between consoles and PC. Most people who game on Console like myself, dislike it. While PC gamers dislike the console set up. So most people are worried about console vs console. Everyone has a PC but not everyone likes playing games on it. For example if gears of war came to Windows even though I could play it on my computer I never would so it pretty much would be an exclusive to the majority of gamers that don't like to game on their PC.

There are a few games however I do play on PC. Like rts, in the past wow. But for the most part it's console or nothing

NeoGamer2321249d ago

I game on both console and PC. I like the simplicity of console games, but when I want to play deep games I go to my pc!

DanteVFenris6661249d ago

Thanks neo gamer for being that one Internet guy that takes a generalization and tries to interpret it as a specific response.

I've been that guy before too. On the Internet it's harder to communicate properly without visual gesture responses.

Utalkin2me1249d ago


So only "deep games" is on PC? Wow, i have heard it all now.

NeoGamer2321249d ago

Console games are built for controllers. PCs have keyboards and mice. There are certain games like RTS that just can't be done with as much control and depth on a console as PC.

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rainslacker1249d ago

sure why not? Xbox gamers claim ROTTR, Fable legends, project spark, The Gears remaster(announced coming to PC a while ago), and TF are all Xbox exclusive. Most people don't really care if it's coming to PC also, as console only people don't consider consoles and PC as direct competitors, but many PC and console owners do consider the two platforms complimentary to one another.

cartoonx11249d ago

but games u mention are microsoft exclusives, arent they? any game coming to pc and ps4 is not sony exclusive tho.

freshslicepizza1249d ago

and sony gamers claim mlb the show is exclusive even though it can come to the vita, ps3 and ps4. so does that not fall into the samr thinking as microsoft exclusives? it's a never ending debate that at the end of the day means nothing because people should enjoy the games and not worry so much about if a game stays exclusive or not.

the sad thing is people actually enjoy these other games going on in the background. where they like to poke and use exclusives as some wedge to divide themselves from the competition.

rainslacker1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )


Sure, because now Windows is considered part of the console war. Whenever an argument suits a persons agenda, it gets used, regardless of it if has ever made a difference before.

My point is, people are talking about console/PC versions of the game, so if those other games count towards victory, then why does Sony not also get credit for the same victory? Just because MS makes windows? It's not like people really have much choice if they want to play games on PC, so it's a bit of an unfair measurement of victory dont' you think?

The only real benefit MS gets from PC gamers is that they use windows, it's live architecture, and maybe some secondary purchases down the line. MS is trying to change that, but they don't make a lot off PC gaming from 3rd party because there aren't any game licensing fees to operate a program on windows outside their App store. If there were money in it, MS wouldn't have given up on PC's years ago.

Is the argument about MS and the PS4, or is it about the X1 and the PS4? NeoGamer, the original commeneter was speaking of the PC, not MS. As far as I know, MS does not make PC's, so maybe we should start including Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Joe Makeshisown etc into the debate too.


Yes, it's a never ending debate, because people keep changing the parameters. Also known as moving the goal posts, which simply leads to people trying to point out hypocricy, which leads out to people getting upset, which leads to false narratives of consoles having no games, which leads to corrections of erroneous facts, which leads right back to people moving the goal posts again.

freshslicepizza1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

"Yes, it's a never ending debate, because people keep changing the parameters. Also known as moving the goal posts, which simply leads to people trying to point out hypocricy, which leads out to people getting upset, which leads to false narratives of consoles having no games, which leads to corrections of erroneous facts, which leads right back to people moving the goal posts again."

as yoda once said,
'fear is the path to the dark Side. fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.'

back on topic. i was always under the assumption sony paid for a timed exclusive deal to get the console version first for this game. so i imagine at some point it will come to the xbox one, much like what's going on with the game the witness.

the point is some sony fans disregard the vita while trying to argue about true exclusives. that's why i mentioned mlb. when you get right down to it the real cause is mainly from playstation and xbox fans who love to battle it out about everything. that's why many times the pc, vita and even nintendo platforms are irrelevant in the end because all they really care about is how these two platforms compare to one another. it's been going on since the first xbox/ps2 era and getting worse.

rainslacker1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Timed exclusive deals were always done for that reason, regardless of console maker. It's a way to market their console as more appealing to those who may like those games, and it's effective for the most part. If it weren't then the practice wouldn't still be going on, or even had a place to begin with.

I think a lot of things get disregarded in favor of making an argument. Very rarely is it ever about what games are on the two DIRECTLY COMPETING consoles, and the biggest goal post that gets moved around is this rationalization that somehow PC, or Vita, or whatever, is somehow relevant to the topic. If people stopped making all these other things relevent, then the debate could probably actually have some sort of meaning, but that's unlikely to happen, because the fan boys quickly take over any rational discussion.

This is why people always seem so hostile towards each other, because over time, it just gets to a point where you stop trying to weed out the good from the bad, and even the most rational of gamers start becoming jaded because they can't ever seem to get their point across without the discussion changing mid-argument. It's frustrating, and that's why Yoda is 100% on point with that quote.:)

Anyhow, this all started before the Xbox/PS2 era. I used to run forums where it was PS1/DC or SNES/Genesis. This kind of stuff existed then. It wasn't until I decided to heavily moderate the forums, and delete posts which tried to change the threads discussion parameters that the place became a good place to discuss one's point. Overall, the visitors seemed to appreciate me taking a zero tolerance policy on what is common practice around here. Nowadays, moderation is a dirty word apparently, because driving hits is more important to the site owners than constructive discourse.

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MasterCornholio1249d ago

It was never called an exclusive. Everyone knew it was coming to PC but what people didn't know was when.

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