Microsoft may have won E3 on Day 1

Microsoft had a fantastic showcase at this years E3. Did they by any chance pull off their best E3 in years? With the announcement of backwards compatibility, Xbox Games Preview, HoloLens, the Elite controller, and many upcoming exclusive games, they might just have won E3 2015.

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JoGam1274d ago

When will we know if they did or not?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Right now.

Because I can tell you they didn't win. PS4 won.

343_Guilty_Spark1273d ago

Yea they won the most mysterious release date award.

GenuineGamer1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I don't see how ps4 won over xbox e3 when most of what they showed is also coming to xbox.

Did sony announce a new OS and UI with an AI you can talk to that does things for you while you play?

Did Sony announce a new customizable elite pro controller?

Did Sony announce native Backwards compatibility which takes advantage of all xb1 features like game dvr and screenshot ect..?

Im sorry but xbox showed just as many if not more exclusive games that are actually coming out this year! PLUS hardware features that sony had nothing to compete with.

MS took the crown this year, but in the end Gamers are the real winners.

Its an amazing time to be a gamer.

Ezz20131273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

""when most of what they showed is also coming to xbox.""

Coming to Xbox ?!....hmmmmm let's see
Is TLG coming to Xbox ?!
Is Shenmue 3 coming to Xbox ?! (Funded by Sony)
Is Uncharted 4 coming to xbox ?!
Is No Man Sky coming to xbox ?!
Is Persona 5 coming to Xbox ?!
Is Horizon coming to Xbox ?!
Is until dawn coming to xbox ?!
Is Dream coming to xbox ?!
Is Uncharted collection coming to Xbox ?!
Is Ratchet and clank coming to xbox ?!

also for you guys keep complain about remasters alot
(Only when Sony does them)
and how you bought your consoles to play new games ...not old games
you sure made a big deal about Backwards compatibility

It's indeed amazing time to be a gamer ... not a fanboy
just enjoy what you got

GenuineGamer1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )


They both have a big list of their own exclusives but if you are gonna sit there and tell me their show wasn't mostly focused on 3rd party multiplats then i don't know whats up or down anymore.

They both showed amazing games so lets just call it even on that front as everyone has different tastes.

But MS showing off the new elite controller and new OS and Cortana AI and native BC tips them over the edge and they deserve the win.

Cut the fanboy nonsense for once and give credit where credit is due.

Both conferences were great.

btw i never complained about remasters. Im buying the nathan drake collection myself and am really hoping a resistance collection happens too!

Stop putting everyone in the same basket please.

Ezz20131273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )


Where did i said Microsoft had bad conference ?!
never said that
you should do your own advice and cut the fanboy nonsense.

It doesn't matter what i think because that won't change your opinion
if you think Microsoft did the best then good for you

it's all opinions.

about the remasters ...maybe not you
but alot of xbox fans did say that they bought next gen consoles to play new games ...not the old games

Nirvana315911273d ago

I don't know what's more shocking the fact that Shenmue 3, FF7 got announced or the fact that some people actually think Xbox won

GenuineGamer1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )


Oh ffs

Did i say that you said MS had a bad e3???

Did i say Sony had a bad e3???

I recall saying both were great and its a great time to be a gamer.

Maybe you should take some of your own advice as im clearly giving credit to both sides.

Difference is that im taking a professional approach and weighing up what both sides actually offered from each e3.

Maybe i should be a game journalist at IGN. Id be fair to both sides and give credit where its deserved, unlike most of what im seeing online these days.

Ezz20131273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )


You told me to cut the fanboy nonsense and give credit where it due ..which i thought you mean that i'm not giving Microsoft E3 credit
Now i agree that both did great ....that's why i said it's all come down to opinions

BattleAxe1273d ago Show
mxguy931273d ago

@genuinegamer. Sony doesn't need a new os. Ms does, the one they have now is too complicated to navigate.

sure xbox showed more games coming this year at e3 but this year overall they still have less games than ps4.

And new ip wise sony takes it with horizon. And game surprise wise sony takes it again.

The big 3 halo/forza/gears all had a bit of underwhelming gameplay/trailers.

Biggest thing out of ms conference was BC but this is e3 it's to show games coming in the future.

cabinotier1273d ago

PS4 has won becaus of providing better pixel counts on multi-platform title and bundle of remaster this holiday ?

iain041273d ago

If you only have Xbox then Microsoft won. If you only have a PS4 then Sony won. If you have both then you won as both had some mint announcements. My Mrs only plays COD multiplayer so for her PS4 won due to the DLC and Beta announcement.

TheDivine1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Sony killed it but how are people not rioting over Sony using e3 to launch a kick starter? Seriously? They want to use the ip to build hype but won't fund it so they did that crap. If it were MS the internet would implode in hate. This is the future, huge corporations asking US to fully fund shit before they make it. No risk, no new ideas or innovation. Blasphemous. And yes Sony used this to get the game made as an exclusive when they could've coughed up the measly 2 mil. Glad we get it but that was abhorrent. Awareness my ass.

And as hyped as I am for The Last Guardian it doesn't count. It was announced almost a decade ago at e3 with a similar trailer on ps3. That is Sony righting their wrong for the TLG and FFvs13 fiasco. Games I bought a ps3 for 6 years ago.

Other than Uncharted gameplay and the FF7 remake (which also had a ps3 tech demo) they had zero else I like. FF7 prob won't make it to ps4 quite honestly.

Nier 2 is sex but prob not even in production as of now. Hope its what Drakengard 3 should've been.

Xbone full BC is the megaton of all megatons. I don't even have a xbone and I'm shocked.

die_fiend1273d ago

Microsoft's conference was shite! Gears looked literally identical to what's come before...the graphics didn't even look that improved but that's cos most of the powerz were reserved for Kinect when they designed teh console.

The rest of it looked like kids games.
But Sony had FF7 remake, Shenmue III, Last Guardian and Uncharted 4. Let's not be ridiculous here, but the first 3 in this list almost broke the internet!

nX1273d ago

Any true gamer wouldn't care as much about a new OS, a new controller or backwards compatibility as he would about new game announcements from the caliber of Shenmue, FF7 Remake, TLG or Horizon. Only a pair of fanboy glasses could get you freak out about gimmicks instead of games.

freshslicepizza1273d ago

i don't think microsoft won anything, none of them did because e3 is based a lot on promises that often never get filled by the next e3. in the meantime we are all winners here because we took e3 as a way for all of us to embrace each other as gamers and to respect each others opinions.

Farmassy1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I wouldn't get too excited over Shenmue 3. They just launched a kickstarter so the game is A LONG WAY OFF. its as if they announced that they justdecided to make the game and everyone is so excited. Don't announce something that you just decided to do this week. Its as if they saw all the rumors about it and said, "lets put that in our E3 show."

Also, another shenmue isn't necessarily a good idea. I played the orignal shenmues when they came out a loved every minute of them. They were the first to do open world, QTEs, tons of interesting NPCs, etc. The gaming world would not be the same without shenmue. However, all of these things are now very common place in gaming. People are expecting some amazing game but they will inevitably be let down. I would rather have the old shenmues and remember them for what they were. There is no way that they are going to innovate in this game as much as they did in the first ones. I am not excited for the new game

DivoJones1273d ago

Yep they won the "stuff that should've been announced next year" award.. FF7 doesn't even have a release year/window .. Last Guardian is "hopefully releasing in 2016". So guess that leaves Uncharted 4.. congrats on your 1 game before next holiday!

No Way1273d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles - Right. Cause you speak for everyone, ay? Ha.
It's all about opinions anyway. Both shows were great. No one "won."
The only way to lose is for the whole conference to be hated by your fans.
And, frankly, as far as I can tell.. both sides, MS and Sony, fans were happy.

Professor_K1273d ago

They won hipster tears and nostalgia rides.

Ms won in freash euphoria

jrshankill1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

MS killed Sony. Last guardian is cool, SFV is cool, Shenmue 3 and FFVII will be on Xbox eventually. More 2015 exclusives on Xbox One, better tech demonstrated, better console features.

Oh BTW, takes the time to read the Shenmue 3 kickstarter page before spewing this "PS4" funded crap people are spewing.

Enjoy those 1 or 2 exclusives you are getting this year though! Greatness awaits!!

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Kingdomcome2471273d ago ShowReplies(2)
mozzie1273d ago

@ Ezzz2013, ok so when sony funds shenmue it's not coming to xbox one but when MS funds TR it's coming to PS4. Thank you for the clarification man.

Ezz20131273d ago

Where did i say TR coming to Ps4 ?!

Skate-AK1273d ago

Sony isn't funding S3. They clearly said they were not involved but wanted to get the word out at the conference. It is going to e funded by Kickstarter.

ORyanDeee1273d ago

@Skate-AK Sony Confirms Partnership With Yu Suzuki For Shenmue 3, they are involved...

redwin1272d ago

It's easyer being a Sony fanboy, all I need is a bunch of CG for games that will come out sometime in the next 10 years or rehash an old CG and tell me again that it's coming. At this point my Sony can do no wrong, I hate those Microsoft arrogant people anyways. Yup, in my eyes Sony won and they will win Gamescon , greatness still awaits

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fermcr1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

My rating for E3 conferences:

Bethesda ___ 7.5
Microsoft ___ 8
Sony _______ 8.5
Ubisoft _____ 6
EA _________ 5.5
Nintendo ____ didn't see it
PC _________ unfortunately didn't see this conference

Both Microsoft and Sony had good conferences. Curious about Microsoft's conference in August at Gamescom.

Why o why1273d ago

lol, did anybody see Nintendo's......

kneon1273d ago

No one other then the core Nintendo fan base care what they have to say anymore.

umair_s511273d ago

More like both very good. Nothing truly innovative shown, and people are soo hyped about The Last Guardian then they should also give credit to MS's hololens

Sony 8/10
MS 8/10

RocketScienceLvlStuf1273d ago

Lol. Who are leaptrade exactly?

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StrayaKNT1273d ago

Oh they won it easily this year. Last year the competition announced more than one game, this year the competition only announced one title which no body really cares about as the developers are mediocre. Sea of thieves was the best reveal at e3 and Microsoft absolutely destroyed the competition imo they didn't need kick-starter games and timed remakes either. They also left out three Megatons (scalebound, Quantum break and Crackdown) and still managed to trump everyone else.

That elite controller is the best controller I have ever seen and the d pad is made for killer instinct and fighting games in general. The elite controller alone was better than anything the competition announced imo.

XiMasterChief1273d ago ShowReplies(8)
Magicite1273d ago

Enjoy your 15+ disagrees

Professor_K1273d ago

>carrying about agrees

thats a nice life

bmwfanatic1273d ago

Horizon alone destroys ANYTHING on Xbone. O yah all those games you mentioned I will play on my pc above 30fps and 4k resolution.

Utalkin2me1273d ago


Have fun with that ban...Salty

AngelicIceDiamond1273d ago

I'll have to disagree. I agree Horizon is the sexiest game that's been announced but I disagree that one game outdid everything MS did that's just being a crazy fanboy right there.

kayoss1273d ago

Highly doubt you can destroy anything with that pinky size tool you have between your legs.

Kribwalker1273d ago

So u are gonna be playing

No mans sky
Shenmu 3
Ect ect on your PC in 4k?

I just don't understand how hypocritical you guys can be. You knock and knock Xbox for 1)timed exclusivity and paid DLC ( cod, hitman, ac,)
2) 3rd party add deals (destiny, battlefront ect)
3)talking about sales during conference (which happened this year)
4) tired old franchises (and then claim megatons when street fighter 5, ff7, shenmu 3 uncharted collection, God of war remaster)
5) free backwards compatibility (Psnow was a megaton last couple years, to play old games you already own but now have to pay $15 a month to do so)
6) TV TV TV (psvue)
And so much more when I have given you an identical example of what Sony has done in just one conference and none of its real exclusives aside from drake collection and God of war are out this year, and it is the greatest E3 ever.....

alb18991273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

When is Horizon out?
Have you tried Horizon?
Horizon looks very cool but maybe you will see it in next E3 again without street day.
You SONY fans likes promises and graphics games......don't you have the Order as example?

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joab7771273d ago

This is trolling right? 1 game that no one cares about? Ok? Its like I'm in the twilight zone reading this.

UltraNova1273d ago

Its like listening to Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and One direction all at the same time.

Incoherent, full of themselves and totally distasteful.

Utalkin2me1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Lol, kid is a broken record as in every article. Which he did not reply to the last 3 articles i made arguments and basically proved him wrong. I swear this is comedy gold, i totally love seeing his post.

HaveAsandwich1273d ago

MS lost with the gears 4 trailer. Wtf was that crap....

Sitdown1273d ago

And Sony won with Disney and/or the games with no release dates? Seriously, they both had good shows, Sony just does a better job of exciting the masses and capitalizing on emotions.

tekksin1273d ago

Do you people really think that parading your bias is going to swindle people into thinking MS had the best e3 of 2015? ....lmao..

Let me say this much.

You don't lose E3 when you finally show a game which has remained elusive since the beginning of the previous generation.

You don't lose E3 when showcasing a remake which has been begged for since the start of the previous generation (thanks to the tech demo SE put out).

You don't lose E3 with unique games from your first party studios that are jaw dropping to look at.

You don't lose E3 by stealing COD from xbox as a premiere platform.

You don't lose E3 by reviving a classic and introducing its trilogy into your console.

Sony demolished E3, hands down. MS did not even come close. Nobody is talking about their controller. The fact this article took the time to note the controller tells all.

Sitdown1273d ago

You lose when emotions settle and people begin to realize you not playing the titles anytime soon, and when you do, a couple can be played on PC. Shemmue has a delivery date of December 2017, and currently only PC is getting a retail disc version. I'm excited for Horizon, but how long is my wait?

MRMagoo1231273d ago

@ sit down

Speaking of games being on pc , pretty much every game announced by ms is going to pc except for halo which may end up on pc anyway.

Moe-Gunz1273d ago


You just described MS position. Most come on PC and you wait. This is evident in how long it's been since they released a big exclusive on X1.

MS conference was basically showing what they showed last year but just playable now. Nothing wrong with that but what you're saying applys to them. It's their m.o.

FPSFox1273d ago

I don't get this comment at all... we didn't get a single surprise from MS in terms of games. we knew Gears of War would make an appearance months ago. Forza is starting to taste like madden, a new one every year. Halo is a solid game, but it too is starting to feel milked and the demo they showed of the game was very lack luster.

"Left out three megatons (Scalebound, Quantum break and Crackdown) We're calling Crackdown a megaton?... really? Crackdown doesn't sell a system. I'm sorry, it doesn't. And calling a game a megaton when all you've seen is a CGI trailer?... I think we all see your bias... Even if the game does turn out to be amazing, you have no right to call it so at this moment... Quantum Break does look sweet though.

"The elite controller is the best controller I have ever seen" I agree, the controller is great.... but not 150.00 great... Hmmm, a whole new system, or 3 controllers AND some more cash from my wallet... No

If you like Xbox, I'm sure you'll have a great holiday with their staples... but I think 2016, They are going to get absolutely slaughtered... Uncharted, PROBABLY a new God of War which will more than likely be shown at the PS experience, The last guardian, Horizon, Morpheus, and who knows what else when the PS experience kicks... that's just my two cents.

Sitdown1273d ago

So you knew about Recore and Rare's new game? How do you know crackdown will not sell systems. You being definitive in your response is just as bad as the person you are responding to.

kayoss1273d ago

He knows that crackdown will not sell systems because previous crackdown never sold systems.
The only game that im interested in is Halo and Forza.

No Way1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Sitdown pretty much said it. How did you know about Recore and Rare's Game, Sea of Thieves? What about the Backwards Compatibility? Are you some magical genie? Oh. You just talking out your bum hole, ay? Gotcha.

FPSFox1273d ago

@ No way

"We didn't get a single surprise from MS in terms of GAMES"

So... Backwards compatibility... a great feature for sure... but is that a game? No it isn't, so I'm not sure why you brought that up. Oh and yes, RECORE, how could I not mention that amazingly short, pure CG trailer that we know absolutely nothing about... and Rare's new IP. The dev that I used to love back when the N64 was relevant but hasn't put out something that matters in well over a decade...

You're right. I should have said "surprises that matter"

Pretty sad conference when the only "surprises" are a CG trailer, and a game from a dev that has struggled to gain traction for over 10 years...

No Way1271d ago

@FPSFox - It is software that will allow hundreds of games to be played. So, yeah, kinda.. It is still a big deal. There was still plenty of 360 games that I didn't get to play. If they move over to the One.. well, then, there's a new game. Ay? Second. What does it matter if it was only CGI? Not the first time people got excited over CGI - should I mention Killzone from previous? C'mon now. Also, just cause a studio has struggled doesn't mean anything for their new upcoming game.. Not sure why you would even bother saying that.

Also, just cause they obviously don't matter to you means nothing. Doesn't mean that no one else isn't looking forward to such games - just cause you aren't.

FPSFox1271d ago

@ no way

A software update that allows backwards compatibility DOES NOT count as a game. More like you're so quick to defend Xbox, you typed without reading carefully.

2nd, why are you comparing me to people who got excited over Killzone CGI back on the PS3 nearly a decade ago?... Those people are stupid too. Getting excited when you know literally nothing about a game is dumb.

Finally, that leaves Rare's new IP... Again, if you want to get excited over a game from a dev who hasn't been on the map in well over a decade, be my guest, but I'm not a blind fanboy who goes off hopes and prayers, I go off of what the company has released in the last 10 years, and those past games show a lackluster game. Could be completely wrong... but there is more reason so assume mediocrity rather than greatness in a studio who can't make a quality game in 10 years. The end

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Ocsta1273d ago

They didn'nt win Jack, nor shit. What exactly are you smoking Aussie?? I mean my God man. Micro's show was AVERAGE AT BEST! What exactly did they show that was so phenomenal? Halo? Those graphics sucked! Forza? How original! Recore? Wheres the freaking gameplay? Hololens? Cool but impractical! Gears? Looked like a shinier 360 game! Sony brought TITANS and you people are still not satisfied! If they had said Half Life 3 was a PD4 exclusive you'd be all like: "pshhh a sequel to a 14 year old game no one adked for. Pshh." What a maniacal blind little bot.

n4rc1273d ago

gimme a break dude... i stopped reading after your generic rant about tired old franchises but then add how awesome uncharted FOUR! is..

twiggytree121273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Uncharted 2007-2016
6 title's total.
Uncharted Golden Abyss, Uncharted 1, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Uncharted 4, Nathan Drake Collection.

Halo 2001-2015
12 title's total
Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Halo 3:ODST, Halo Reach, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 4, Halo Spartan Assault, Halo The Master Chief Collection, Halo Spartan Strike, Halo 5.

When making comparisons I fail to see your logic.

n4rc1273d ago

you fail to see my logic? your problem.

a 10 year old franchise thats now on 6 games is fresh and new!!

wars and spartan assault are completely different games to the others, one is a collection and halo 1 is basically 3 titles on your list.

twiggytree121272d ago

"halo 1 is basically 3 titles on your list."

I included the uncharted remaster why the heck would I not include the halo remasters? Heck I even included Uncharted golden abyss which was a ps vita game and not on consoles to make it look a little more even. I made the most fair comparison I could.

"wars and spartan assault are completely different games to the others"

Still doesn't change the fact they are HALO games. but please, if i am wrong about that please drop a link that PROVES they 100% have nothing to do with halo...

yellowgerbil1273d ago

Firewatch was more interesting than all of Microsoft combined, and that was a game that the majority of those that watched Sony completely overlooked.
Microsoft did a lot with their system that excited me (modding on Fallout!!! OMG) and the controller and backwards compatibility were cool, but on the actual games front, yawn (except recore, that was cool)
Sony had Dreams which automatically won it for me. I don't care too much about FF7/Shemue/TLG but I can see how those 3 games excites many out there. For me Dreams, Firewatch, and Horizon's were awesome games that I can't wait to experience.
With that said, Sony won the consoles with Micro doing a respectable second. Nintendo failed epicly and I believe that is because they are abandoning the WiiU and can't yet come out and say that yet.
Overall though I would say Bethesda won as the best, I have never cared about Doom (only ever played the demo that came with the awful movie, but that segment really got me interested in it) Fallout Blew me away and I got to say it is the most excited I've ever been for a game.

Allsystemgamer1273d ago

You seriously think a $150 controller is better than horizon, uncharted 4, dream, shenmu 3, final fantasy etc?

Are you broken in the head?

Why am I asking. The answer is obvious

JeffGUNZ1273d ago

Horizon is a new IP, how the heck do you know it will be good?? Too Human ring a bell? Games may look awesome, but fail to live up to expectations.

Shenmu 3, the game projected for December of 2017 which SOny BEGGED for money to develop? Come on, that's DECEMBER of 2017!

Isn't FFVII remake coming out on Xbox as well? How is that a megaton for Sony when it is multiplat?

Uncharted 4 looks bad ass.

I just don't see the hype behind sonys show when none of those games are coming anytime soon?

medman1273d ago

This poor thing doesn't realize that controller is a complete ripoff and aping of the scuf controllers that are, and have been, available for ps4 and xbone for quite some time now. And he thinks Microsoft is doing him a favor by charging 150 dollars for it. Yes folks, some people really are this clueless. It makes you wonder how they get their trousers on in the morning. Come to think of it, maybe they don't.

kraenk121273d ago

Not giving up Aussie baby?! Pathetic.

InTheLab1273d ago

So you've never heard of scuff? They can be tuned just like the elite. And lol at your new d pad. Welcome to 1995....

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