Phil Spencer says Microsoft "lost our way with PC gaming"

Phil Spencer made a fun appearance the PC Gaming Show tonight, where he took a bit of a low-key approach as he discussed Microsoft's plans for the future of gaming on Windows 10.

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IamTylerDurden11274d ago

It diminishes the xbone when every "exclusive" is on pc.

Fro_xoxo1274d ago

but not every Xbox title is on PC. Even if it were, I don't see an issue, so long as it isn't appearing on PS4.

Eterna1Ice1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I'm buying Xbox for those games and then they spit right in my face. Won't be surprised if games such as Quantum Break are coming to PC as well.

tinynuggins1274d ago

Spit in your face? Are you being serious?

_-EDMIX-_1274d ago

"but not every Xbox title is on PC" Yes...not yet.

"I don't see an issue, so long as it isn't appearing on PS4" Their job is to sell XONE's..

Windows is already the known default OS for gaming. Its literally unrivaled. I have a HDD for Win 10 that I'm going to put in my gaming PC to check out how it plays with some of my games.

...they are not selling me on Win 10, I sorta need a Windows OS to do the MOST PC gaming, again by default. So..its not a sale to me, its a necessity lolz (when you read that line, please rhyme it lol)

Again, their job is to sell XONE,s not NOT sell PS4's lol. That is like Sony putting everything on Nintendo, PC, IOS, android etc and some how its better to not put on XONE as if that will sell the PS4...never mind your putting the damn games to sell it else where anyway.

I'm sorry but I fully don't agree with the idea of putting XONE exclusives on PC as they are not exclusive then.

I don't need a XONE to play them thus will just get them on PC. Ever game that they announce to PC, is one less reason to own an XONE.

xfiles20991274d ago

Anyone notice this If you look on Microsoft store under features for the Xbone 1tb model. it says The one where you can play Halo 5 Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza 6 this year. I started thinking about this why would they say that. Phil Spencer said it at the end of the Microsoft conference as well. Why say this year is that a way of saying next year these will be on PC next year.

rainslacker1274d ago


I think you're reading too much into it. They're stressing the this year line because they know that the whole 1st party line up discussion is a big thing among the forum goers right now. It keeps the fuel going for the fan boys which help promote their system free of charge.

If MS cared about delivering games to PC as much as they care about selling consoles, they would offer them at the same time. The likelihood that a PC version is finished before a console version of a game is almost 100%.

DevilOgreFish1274d ago

no one is spitting in anyone's face, they have their own right to support their software or OS. Nintendo and Sony also have devices of their own to support as well.

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That_Guy2441274d ago

Why you arn't going to convince the majority of pc gamer's to buy a X1 anyway and to the avarge person they believe it is cheaper to buy an console then build a pc.M$ make's more off software sales than hardware the more games on pc the more money they make on pc they will get a larger cut as they will be releasing them on there own store. M$ have said they want Xbox to a brand on pc wont happen if they tread PC gamer's like second class gamer's as M$ is already hated in the community.If they want to win back the community there going to have to treat pc gamer's and X1 gamer's the same if not will fail no different than GFWL.

1274d ago
StrayaKNT1274d ago

There is still more playable games on x1 then on ps4 which aren't on pc

Utalkin2me1274d ago

Lol, its a Xbox article and PC. Then you still have to bring PS4 into the article, the salt is strong with this one.

Lets please bubble him up, i have not had so many laughs in a while. His comments are priceless and me and my friends totally get a kick out of them.

Magicite1274d ago

there are more games on PS4 that arent available on X1, than there are total games on X1, lol!!!

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Brotard1274d ago

what he is really saying is we lost our way with xbox gaming and we are hoping that pc will be our saving grace

starchild1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Why? Many PC gamers will not buy an XB1, and many XB1 gamers will not buy a gaming PC.

There is some overlap, but there is also quite a bit of separation between the PC and console markets.

As one of your fellow console gamers put it:

"There is no battle between consoles and PC. Most people who game on Console like myself, dislike it. While PC gamers dislike the console set up. So most people are worried about console vs console. Everyone has a PC but not everyone likes playing games on it. For example if gears of war came to Windows even though I could play it on my computer I never would so it pretty much would be an exclusive to the majority of gamers that don't like to game on their PC." -DanteVFenris666

I don't agree that everyone has a gaming PC, but the rest of it shows you the kind of mentality many people have.

Just because a game comes out on PC too doesn't mean that it loses all value as an exclusive on a given console.

I agree with the concept of "console exclusives" as a third category of game separate from full exclusives or full multiplats.

Saranya1274d ago

I have seen some peoples said every xbox titles will be on PC but, i waiting for Blue Dragon , Lost Odyssey , Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo for PC. That's not coming yet, do you know when it's release?

Melankolis1274d ago

Even the only exclusive game i want, D4, is coming to PC as well.

I am multi-console owner since PS2 era, i bought Xbox for DOA & Ninja Gaiden, bought Xbox360 for Lost Odyssey & Blue Dragon. Now i don't have a reason to buy Xbox One.

Might get a PC gaming instead, to play a bonus, i can play Xbox One exclusives...

Volkama1273d ago

Just a heads up, D4 is already out on PC.

dkp231274d ago

Who cares if it's on pc. Enjoy the game.

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subtenko1274d ago

Thats what Ive always thought. Why have a press conference for xbox when its not solely xbox things?

M$: We're proud to announce COD:BLOPs3 on Xbox One!!

Crowd: yaaay blops3...but what justifys me and excites me being an xbox one owner?

No one should feel like that ^

DanteVFenris6661274d ago

Dude what a hypocrit they showed dark souls 3 at there show. Which is for everything. Microsoft would have done cod too if it weren't for the fact most publishers want to be advertised big on ps4 where the game will sell more

subtenko1273d ago

You miss the point..... my post is saying console owners should have exclusive titles and features only for their system as highlights rather than show games and stuff everyone gets.

Its cool more people get COD and DS3..but the more exclusives and features owners get for their own, the better. It was just an example man..

DanteVFenris6661273d ago

Yea but they both do it. In fact microsofts older conference used to be soley multiplats. My point was they both do it while you seem to think only Sony does

annoyedgamer1274d ago

While I do not like the fact that alot of these games are on PC and it is insulting to me as an early adopter. That is a bad example because that is precisely what Sony did last night.

kbozz711273d ago

"is insulting to me as an early adapter" wow, you need to get a life. I guess you think those games were made just for you huh? Such a special snowflake.

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fermcr1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )


Seriously! That is a bad example that clearly you didn't think through. *shakes head*

Sony showed more multiplatform titles on their conference then exclusives.

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nigelp5201274d ago

Age of Empires
Microsoft Flight Simulator

annoyedgamer1274d ago

I want Age of Empires on holo lens so I can play on a table. I don't need fancy graphics, AOE2 will be just fine. I just want to see my game on the table.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1274d ago

I would find AoM amazing as a tabletop hololens game, especially as my remastered edition just stopped working

Zero1091274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

When they say "exclusive" when referring to a game that's also coming to PC. I think they mean like "exclusive to MS". At least that's how I see it since anything bought on X1 or Windows (especially with 10 being integrated with everything) is a win for MS.

Edit: Most users don't own a PC+PS4 or PC+X1 or etc. Most people who have an X1 or PS4 just own that one console. So any game coming to any specific system is a reason to own it.

Gamers need to stop acting like when multi plats game comes out for a system, that's one less reason to have that system when in fact, it just increases it's library (especially for those that only have one system).

ScorpiusX1274d ago

Don't do it Phil , till u can whole hearty guarantee your game will not be shared illegally or obtained in that manner. Its best to keep on Xbox one.

1274d ago
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