A Final Fantasy VII remake is coming. But gaming has changed a lot in the last 18 years

Square Enix will be forced to walk a fine line between drawing in younger gamers who may be turned off by “old school” mechanics, and older gamers who want nothing more than to relive their childhood memories in glorious high definition.

To borrow from another historic franchise, many of these long-term fans are expecting Star Trek: The Original Series on Blu Ray. But given what we’ve seen of Square Enix’s evolution, they may be in for a J.J. Abrams reboot instead.

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stuna11253d ago

But yet some things never change, like peoples love for FFVII.

UltimateMaster1253d ago

It'll be 20 years when this game gets released in spring 2017.

phantomexe1253d ago

I read this and it scares me. 7 should stay true turn based not go down this action rpg route. I'm afraid they will change inportant things but i want it remade. Stay true old school turnbased.

Roccetarius1253d ago

But FF7 was never true turn based, that's the thing to remember here. 1 - 3 and 10 was.

ameliabaz1253d ago

I think phantomexe means the ATB system.

1253d ago
Roccetarius1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

@kalkano, i know you try to snake around it each time by saying that, but that's actually the problem itself. It's Active TIME Battle. if that doesn't say everything, then there's no saving you.

When the enemies or you are able to attack based on a timer, regardless of if you want it to happen / to do it or not, then that's no longer turn based.

Look to another game like Lost Odyssey as a more recent example, that's a Turn Based game.

@ameliabaz, indeed, but many are confusing it with a turn based system, which it is not.

masterfox1253d ago

"But gaming has changed a lot in the last 18 years" <-- Yes it has changed but totally the wrong way sadly, and for this sole reason games like FFVII and other classic remain as legends of how a superb game is and they will never be forgotten until those games are surpassed, just to give you an example of a even a older game that hasn't been matched up to this day is Super Metroid.

1253d ago
ShinnokDrako1253d ago

Wait... i start getting worried... what if SE makes a "fake" FFVII? I mean... characters are those, story about the same (they said it could change a bit... bah...) but different gameplay? I think people that liked FFVII, and asked for FFVII, want FVII not a sort of another game with same title. If it changes too much, what's left of the original one? I want it turn based, because the game was turn based. I wouldn't want a FFXV-style game O_o, there's already the XV for that!

Irishguy951253d ago

Not sure about FFXV, I want a new battle system, FF7 at least needs to retain party based combat.

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