E3 2015: iO-Interactive Reveals More About 'Hitman

IO-Interactive Lead Producer Hakan Abrak has revealed new information regarding Hitman at the PC Gaming Show.

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aquaticDonut950d ago

By far my second favorite news from E3, second only to Fallout 4.

MoeStedley950d ago

That new Ghost Recon game has me licking my lips. Was very excited for The Division prior to E3, however that gameplay looked meh. And where did the graphics go..?

equal_youth950d ago

I was a little bit surprised by how young he looks and the general feel of the game so far. But i can see it work if the gameplay returns to it old ways.

So many great multiplatform games to look forward to this year. cant wait until Dec. 8.

Hellsvacancy950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Same, December 8th couldn't some any quicker

I hope they David Bateson and I hope it's not some damn f2p game

"Hitman will evolve as it launches. IO-Interactive aims to improve and tweak Hitman while players experience the game, so it can evolve and improve to create the best Hitman experience possible"

Sounds like it could be, no retail release either

WizzroSupreme950d ago

Hitman is easily the most anticipated third party game for me this year right alongside Battlefront and Fallout 4. Can't wait.

N0TaB0T950d ago

This one's going to play like Blood Money and that's what had gotten my attention. Really stoked for this.