E3 2015 Half Life 3 Troll Announcement is Brutal and Plays with my Emotions


About 30 minutes ago this image appeared on this website. Knowing this website was registered earlier in the year is brutal. Many unsuspecting gamers and users of the internet will see this and jump in excitement only to have their hearts crushed when they realise it’s not real.

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Grohotun980d ago

Here it is! p3.jpg

bondigamer980d ago

If/when Valve ever announce HF3, we'll all ignore it and think it's fake because of all these people constantly trolling us.

But hey, Shenmue III confirmed!

equal_youth980d ago

Yeah after Shenmue 3, the last guardian and Final Fantasy 7 Remake there is only half-life 3 left :D

Maybe next e3 at sonys conference. From now on i feel everything is possible on that stage ^^

i'm only kidding of course :P

cpayne93980d ago

I admit I was really hoping for it at the pc games show.

obener980d ago

I thought they would still be rolling in money that they wouldn't create Half Life 3

deanypants980d ago

I swear it, well get a Portal 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 before Half Life 3...

Vermigs980d ago

We got DNF before Half Life 3...

WildArmed980d ago

Are you implying valve CAN count to 3? o.o

CorndogBurglar980d ago

I heard they are just skipping Half Life 3 and making Half Life 4.

Xb1ps4980d ago

No.. We will get orange box before hl3

obener980d ago

With the number of remastered editions coming out I bet we would see orange box coming to console

Kingdomcome247980d ago

We'll get Portal 3, L4D 3, Half-Life 3, and Team Fortress 3 in the Orange Box 2 lol.

bondigamer980d ago

Given the trend in gaming right now, we're more likely to see Half-Life HD Remake Remaster Edition.

swice979d ago

LOL that would be the best troll ever

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The story is too old to be commented.