Fable Legends Will Have Years of Content

Fable Legends Will Have Years of Content

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GigawattConduit949d ago

Interesting...I wonder if there'll be episodic or story based content.

OpieWinston949d ago

It'll be both in a sense. Think Episodic meets Destiny from what I'm gathering.

They just confirmed the pivotal character you follow through the story is "Nemesis" a character voiced by Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister.

RaTaTaT949d ago

The beta is alot of fun. Can't wait for the full release.

TheOnlyMastrx949d ago

Who the eff disagreed with you, I think the beta has been fun from what I have played as well.

Those disagrees must be from people who haven't got the beta invite mad haters? lol

RaTaTaT948d ago

They can't get their beta invite because they own ps4s.

super_bruno949d ago

I didn't hit the disagree button, but i'm one of the people who didn't like the beta.

WizzroSupreme949d ago

The future of Fable looks bright now that it's Molyneux free. Legends looks particularly good, as hard as that is to say from someone who never "got" the series.

christocolus949d ago

Good news cos i plan to get this game.

gamer7804948d ago

this is great news, i love that its free to play, so many games coming out around that time. Plus we can play with our friends that have PC.

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