Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Announced for Windows With DirectX 12 Support and 4K

During the PC Gaming conference at E3, The Coalition Studio head Rod Fergusson announced that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is coming to PC

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super_bruno1273d ago

More people to experience this excellent game.

NatureOfLogic_1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I have to agree. Smart move by MS. Now I can finally try Gears for the first time on PC. Loving the PC support.

1273d ago
super_bruno1273d ago

Will PC gamers also get to play Gears 4 Beta? if so, that would be a good indication of it releasing also on PC.

solar1273d ago

GeoW still has the best commercial

glad i'll finally get to enjoy the series bug free (fingers crossed) on PC.

SirDjss1273d ago

Its not the first time, i have made a utube video of gesrs of war one. But still, its an awsome game so im looking forward to try this enhanced version on pc.

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GMR_PR1273d ago

This could be an strategic move. Port Gears Remaster to PC, so people who haven't played it try it and create potentially XBO buyers when GEoW4 releases.

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christocolus1273d ago

@GMR and Tim

I agree with you guys. I really don't see console gamers abandoning consoles for PC and same for PC gamers. PC gamers love their PC's& both platforms aren't in direct competition with each other.that's why SF5 is on PC ,its why most major western&eastern game publishers are bringing their games to PC too .MS plan is to expand its userbase and generate more revenue, this in turn should help the Xbox Division and fuel even more investment into Windows and Xbox exclusive first this might seem like a bad idea but in the long run it benefits us all(windows&xbox gamers).there will still be certain games exclusive to each platform and with a bigger userbase, we'll get more exclusives across both platforms and gamers like Natureoflogic who keep talking about playing Xbox games on PC would actually be helping MS achieve this cos that's the audience MS is gunning for right now. In the end it benefits us all.MS invests more into gaming, creates new studios, new windows&xbox exclusives and also crossplay and crossbuy would be added benefits.

ginsunuva1273d ago

Um... Gears 1 was on PC already.

Magicite1273d ago

original Gears of war was also released on PC, so this makes sense.

Immorals1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Was a surprise, such a calm announcement too

Abriael1273d ago

Lol, the one for Killer Instinct was calmer, Phil Spencer did it basically off handedly.

He was so off-handed and natural about it that I was like "wait, is this new?"

He seemed to be talking about something everyone already knew about.

Vegamyster1273d ago

Awesome, considering the original was on PC but was hindered by GFWL this will be a nice treat.

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loopygames1273d ago

This PC version will spruce up the resolution to 4K with an unlimited refresh rate and DX12 support.

When asked about Gears of War 4, he said he had nothing to announce yet. The keyword being "yet". -

TheNew11273d ago

I thought he said Gears of War franchise, and what would it seem like if he straight up said no we won't have anything else for you. That would of ruin the moment imo.

tuglu_pati1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

If they release Gears 4 on PC also simultaneously, that would make it clear that MS will not be releasing a new Xbox, since this would be killing it.

mhunterjr1273d ago

No, I think it would mean that the next X1 will be an an Xbox branded, gaming only PC.

Developers wouldn't have to make work as hard to make ports, but would be able to simply optimize their PC code to a single spec..

This is all about getting PC gamers to use the Xbox store so that they can lure publishers to it.

IVanSpinal1273d ago

There are PC gamers still waiting for Gears 2 & 3, also for Halo 3 to "finish the fight"

loopygames1273d ago

I don't know especially with Phil Spencer in charge now. He has brought a good amount of Xbox One exclusives to PC. He did say that he will not abandon PC anymore and will do his best to support the platform starting with Windows 10.

Dead Rising 3
Fable Legends
and now Gears of War Ultimate

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