What Happened To The Last Guardian?

Yoshida said that when the game was announced in 2009 for PS3, they thought they were making good progress.

“But in 2011 the progress became super slow. There were lots of technical issues. The game was not performing at speed. The video we showed, the trailer on PS3, was specced up. The game was running at a much lower frame rate. Some features were still missing.

“So it was clear that the team had to make a compromise in terms of features and number of characters so while they were taking time, the engineering team ported the code on the SPU [processors of the PS3] to improve the performance, but it was taking lots of time.

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Horyzon1275d ago

I don't know, but is my most anticipated 2016 game!

xfiles20991275d ago

That and Uncharted 4 for me. Hopefuly Horizon Zero Dawn makes it for 2016.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Basically, PS3 couldn't handle the game, so they made it a PS4 game. And that was a long complicated journey.

Long story short.

johndoe112111275d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles

I said that years ago and no one believed me. I said that TLG would be on sony's next system. After watching the original trailer you could tell they had a massive scope for this game. People keep saying that the game does not look any better than the ps3 trailer, but the thing is I doubt they could have done what they originally showed on the ps3 anyway and that's the whole point. We would have gotten a massively downgraded game in comparison to what we were shown.

1275d ago
WelkinCole1275d ago

Repeat of ICO. It moved from the PS1 to PS2 because the PS1 couldn't handle it.

I am looking forward to TLG more so than U4 to be honest.

Team ICO games is a once a generation experience.

xfiles20991275d ago

That is true I forgot about that.

remanutd551274d ago

"Team ICO games is a once a generation experience."
This my friends. This guy knows whats his talking about.

masterfox1275d ago

damn!! 2009 totally forgot when TLG was announced, just like FF versu..erghh..ugh..15

mixelon1275d ago

Nice to see another Shu interview, and even better to see how far TLG has come. Interesting what they said about the creatures AI being to unpredictable to demo live. I wonder what sort of range it has.

This is the sort of content people ignore when they dismiss Kotaku entirely.

Baka-akaB1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

well it's Kotaku's own fault if they are outright dismissed , they created their own reputation . At least they are lucky most people dont care , and are easily outdone in the gutter department by Polygon

mixelon1275d ago

TBF it's only a small % who dismiss them like that, it's just a group who are well represented here. Their reputation depends on whatever you decide to focus on and how you interpret it.

I'm glad to have such a range of media sources.

Baka-akaB1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Well i did mention that most people don't care . They just aint some maligned victim here that deserves better .

Septic1275d ago

This looks really good. My mate is tempted to get a PS4 just for this and I don't blame him.

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