E3 2015: Phil Spencer announces that Killer Instinct is coming to PC

The Outerhaven writes:

During the E3 2015 PC Gamer conference, Phil Spencer has announced that Killer Instinct is indeed making the leap over to the PC!
It’s coming people, that survey that was making the rounds earlier this year has paid off!

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NatureOfLogic_949d ago

I can't wait to play all of these X1 exclusives on my PC. PC/PS4 combo is looking really good atm.

Genova84949d ago

Gears of War Ultimate Edition should be sweet too! Really hoping Gears 4 makes it to pc as well!

aceitman949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

I'm sure this is a start of all Xbox games going to PC. Now watch ms come out with some clause to make PC games go to Xbox if u want ur games on PC windows 10

tuglu_pati949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

That would kill the Xbox brand. Maybe that's what MS want ;)


We could start seeing XBO games ported to PC a year after release, kind of what they are doing with KI

mikeslemonade949d ago

It's not an exclusive anymore. Bad news for the X1.

BitbyDeath949d ago

They aren't killing Xbox, just transitioning it.
Xbox will live on.

949d ago
Septic948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

The first Gears appeared on PC. KI is a good move.

But 'killing the Xbox brand'? Lmao. Wishful thinking from some.

If people genuinely believe that MS is gonna leave Xbox in the lurch by making amazing games for it then porting them all to PC, well they are supremely naive.

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freshslicepizza949d ago

cool, now if only they would release forza 6 on it i'd be set.

TheNew1949d ago

Street Fighter 5 PC
Shemnue 3 PC
No Man's Sky Pc
Final fantasy 7 PC and maybe X1

Xbox only have 2 games that are actually coming to PC that are ips that they own.
Gears: Ultimate
Killer Instinct

Halo 5
Quantum Break
Gears 4

These are all still Xbox One exclusives to look forward to.

Raven722949d ago

Considering Quantum Break is being made by Remedy, expect a PC release. If the Gears remaster is going to PC you may also want to prepare for a PC release for Gears 4 as well. You also forgot about Fable Legends.

_-EDMIX-_949d ago

Agreed. Mind you, Gears Ultimate is just a port of Gears 1 with the series MP, Gears 1 was already on PC before. XONE still has a good few exclusives to pick from, but I have to admit in terms of new ips only found on XONE, its getting a bit sparse.

"Final fantasy 7 PC and maybe X1" That is a huge maybe, I actually don't think its ever going to make it on the XONE. Consider none of the other older FF's have even been ported XONE, hell even the steam version of FFVII isn't coming to XONE and its clearly a cheaper port to do.

Like Star Ocean 5, the tales games, Persona, Yakuza etc I don't see it going to XB. It might be a risk thing as I feel they are not sure they can even cover the port cost if put on XONE, consider they would only get huge returns from the west...of a JRPG, of a system that is non-existent in Japan. I feel if they where going to do that, we would have already seen years ago many of those FF titles ported to XBL like they were on PSN and even Steam.

emilijo777949d ago

ryse...on pc
dead rising 3...on pc
titanfall....on pc
fable...on pc
killer instinct...on pc
gears ultimate...on pc
ori...on pc
tomb raider...on pc

xbox one has only 2 true exclusives: forza 5 and sunset overdrive

callahan09949d ago

Using the "that are IPs that they own" argument? That makes no sense. None of the 4 games you mentioned at the top of your post are Sony IPs anyway. I can make a list like yours that are PS4 exclusives:

The Last Guardian
Uncharted 4
Until Dawn
Ratchet & Clank

There ya go.

gfk342949d ago

@ Emilijo777

Let's not forget that MS do not own the title right over Sunset Overdrive.

In my opinion Sunset Overdrive will come to PC after one year passes from the release on X1 (October 2015).

It is the same deal like Dead Rising 3 and Ryse.

Kribwalker948d ago

Ms is just sticking to their plan of One Eco system. You were already going to be able to stream these games to your PC, and they are trying to make cross platform play a big thing with their games, which this is also gonna be. If they can use their Xbox like a steam box (which is exactly what I think they are planning) a universal PC running Windows 10 allowing multiplayer across both systems then why wouldn't they release it for PC and get an even Broader market with the potential for even more game sales, which is where these companies make the money, not on console sales as much. The Xbox will just be an entry level uniform gaming PC. Which I am happy to own.

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TheNew1949d ago


Why would i mention Fable Legends if it was already known to be on both PC and Xbox. Also Fable 1 and 3 is on PC.

Microsoft owns the Quantum Break Ip, so it's up to them to decide what platforms to bring it on.

Gear 4 is a system seller. A remaster of gears 1 (gears 1 is also on PC anyways) isn't a huge blow to the Xbox One.

S2Killinit949d ago

I wonder if this is a smart move for them. Whats the point of buying the console when you keep releasing the exclusives on PC? I dont know.

Benchm4rk949d ago

Cause alot of gamers like the ease of consoles and prefer to play on console, i know i do.

S2Killinit948d ago

Same with me, i tend to play strategy games on my PC. Although it still begs the question, wouldnt the games coming to PC somewhat deminish the desire to obtain the console?

Benchm4rk948d ago

I think for people that have a capable PC it would diminish it to an extent.

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fermcr949d ago

So PC gamers get Killer Instinct and Street Fighter 5.

Console only gamers must be thinking... "What the hell is going on"


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DualWielding949d ago

there's only one thing that makes Killer Instinct stand out from other fighting games: Cocococombooooo Breakers!!!!

FallenAngel1984949d ago

Its funny to see people criticize Xbox/PC games but turn around and praise PlayStation/PC games

AnimeFreak013949d ago

I'll tell u why that is. Playstation exclusives in general stay 100% exclusive to Playstation where almost every xbox exclusive end up being on PC. So yeah people in general going to say PS4 and PC are a good combo together and I agree with that. Heck even Wii u and PC are a good combo together cause well you'll never see Nintendo games on PC.

cartoonx1949d ago

u know microsoft's own windows platform too? consoles sales aren't the most profitable area, its services/software that ms is now targeting.

q8kik949d ago

You don't first party titles from Sony going to PC......ever

Benchm4rk949d ago

That's because the last time i checked Sony didnt own the most widely used PC OS in the world. Im pretty sure if Sony did then we would see them release games on there too.

the_dark_one948d ago

But thats the thing sony is one thing microsoft other

the_dark_one948d ago

Seriously? Please tell me which sony first party studio games are comming to pc..... Come on i will be waiting but i bet you cant name one

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This is certainly cool, and welcome news. I've wanted to play this game for a while, but just don't feel compelled to get an X1 (mind you I don't think it is a bad system, just not compelling enough for me to spend another console amount of money).

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