What Should Change (And Stay The Same) In The Final Fantasy VII Remake

Examining what things need to change in the Final Fantasy VII remake from the original and, perhaps more importantly, what needs to stay the same.

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Razputin1157d ago

Nothing will change, nor will anything stay the same.

It will simply just be.

kalkano1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Ugh...buckle in people. We're in for a war that will last until they reveal more information this winter...

Edit: He didn't even mention gameplay, but that's where the war will be fought.

clide881157d ago

I feel like a Magneto quote from Ian McKellan is appropriate here.

The lack of mentioning gameplay is precisely because I'm honestly fine with them changing absolutely nothing gameplay-wise or revamping the entire combat system. As long as it's fun, I don't mind much what they do. I just don't want to see something too similar to Kingdom Hearts. Not my preferred combat. I at least want it to be somewhat strategic, a la turn-based combat.

(I also refrained from mentioning some things for the sake of brevity and because they've been brought up many times elsewhere.)

Adrian_v011155d ago

The war will only be led between entitled and whiny people like you are. Normal folks will lay back and enjoy the game when it comes out.

kalkano1155d ago

Dude, you really need to grow up. And, by the way, you're in the minority in this situation.

Rebel_Scum1156d ago

I'd like the pre-rendered backgrounds to stay. They can update and/or redraw them differently if they wish but I liked the style.

No voice acting please.

clide881156d ago

There's no question about it: you're SOL on both of those.

Nomura's already confirmed changes to gameplay and the story, so I'm SOL, too. He did say to expect the Wall Market sequence to stay, though, so that's something.