After So Many Shock Announcements Could Half Life 3 Be The Huge Ending We’ve Dreamed Of?

Don’t be silly, that game is but a myth… or is it? What if, after the E3 we’ve had so far, with shock announcements that no one expected, there was one surprise left in store for us. If there was any conference at any convention that it would happen, it would be the PC gamer conference at E3 in what is the biggest year of gaming in history. Here’s why I don’t think it’s out of the realms of possibility.

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gamernova1251d ago

Nah. FFVII remake overshadows even uncharted. As a pc gamer, half life 3 is cool but not FFVII remake cool. But I think the xbox backwards comparability stole the show. But game wise, Sony killed it. They each won in their own way.

Razputin1251d ago

Valve is too busy "nickel and diming" their customers with Dota2/TF2/CS:GO hats and crap.

We will probably never see Half-Life 3 or an Episode 3.