The Positives Of The Nintendo Digital Event

"There has been a lot of negative talk surrounding Nintendo’s E3 digital event recently, and rightfully so. But with the ceaseless negativity currently all over the internet, I think it’s worthwhile to take a lighter, happier look at the presentation, and focus on the positives: what was good and exciting about it."

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Concertoine1250d ago

I thought the opening with the puppets was good :P the rest sucked.

Nintendo 62... Nintendo 63...

Metallox1250d ago

That part of the show was amazing and very clever. Despite the lack of games and pointless Developer Stories, the introduction was just as amazing as last year's Digital Event, if not much better, because this time they used it to present a game as well.

The rest of the thing though... let's ignore it, the Metroid game nearly killed me, but don't worry, I'm stable now.

FallenAngel19841250d ago

I just can't believe Nintendo isn't trying to aggressively sell Wii U. Its struggling to pass 10 million and they still aren't slashing prices or following through with their recent promise of gaining third party support

greenmeanie1250d ago

Its as if they are trying to kill off the Wii U...sad

freshslicepizza1249d ago

nintendo would rather focus on making profits than to sell the hardware at a loss in hopes more are sold. mario kart sales on the wii u prove they can still sell a lot of software even though the hardware isn't selling very well.

they know the wii u has it's loyal fanbase who will support their games and it seems like nintendo doesn't care about outside influences or third party software.

josephayal1250d ago

Nintendo Digital meh! A huge slap in the face for F-Zero fans

Metallox1250d ago

No. Metroid fans were the ones that got the biggest middle finger here.

HexxedAvenger1250d ago

a huge slap in the face to nintendo fans lol

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1250d ago

so you thought F-Zero was coming in several months. Bacause that what this E3 for Nintendo was all about.

this year and early next year games.

Best wait til it announced outside of E3 this year then or next E3.

With Metroid and F-Zero to take the spotlight with SMG3 and Pokken Fighter.

godmachine1250d ago

listen my fellow nintendo fanboys.....nintendo has provided me with endless disappointment today...nothing new...nothing wanted ...and nothing remotely competitive is on offer...amiibo board games...more skylanders amiibo combo junk ( guess that was the big third party partnership was..gross)....and the rest ofthe show was release dates for games we know about...god im actually mad i bought wii u,,, and unfortunately i will not be getting one for my niece .....thanks to nintendo and bethesda sega square enix konami ubi and many more... im really in such disbelief i might just sell it and buy it back once a year to play the game they actually release in that time .... should nintendo have ruthlessly fought for fallout 4 when the gamepad is a pip boy... no lets get with activision and make more amiibo [email protected] games we got amiibo and yoshi....goodbye nintendo youve killed a true fan off today

gantarat1250d ago

amiibo amiibo everywhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.