Feature: We Grade E3 2015's Press Conferences

Push Square: "You're in for it now publishers, because Push Square's coming to pick apart your press conferences bit by bit. Always good fun, looking back at the big events of E3 after most of the hype has passed is a nice way to round off gaming's most hectic period. This year, five titans of the industry took to the stage to reveal their plans for PlayStation, and we're going to bring the glorious hammer of judgement down upon each of them. That's right: it's time to grade E3 2015's press conferences."

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Relientk771275d ago

Sony gets an A from me and Bethesda gets an A-

Doragabi891275d ago

PushSquare is a Playstation website

Godmars2901275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

And? There's a MS related article. What's the point of writing such an article, doing a poll with it, and omit such a notable player?

Unless the guy who wrote the story just didn't go to that presentation. Though still they should have gotten a general impression from others. Watched a recording.

Not like giving them a straight "A" would kill anyone.

NatureOfLogic_1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

@Godmars290, Since when is there this mandatory rule that says all websites should cover all news from every company. Maybe they didn't like MS conference enough to grade it, did you ever think of that? This even or nothing mentally is becoming annoying.

There are plenty of websites that cover all conferences, I'm sure you won't have trouble finding one with a MS grade. If the website bothered you so much, why don't you try starting your own website so you can cover which ever conferences you choose and demand what should and shouldn't be covered on own your own website.

INTOmyMOUTH1275d ago

Shocker A+ from Sony fan site.

DialgaMarine1275d ago

Because Sony did really good. I don't get the naysayers right now. A week ago, all of the anti-Playstation camp members were saying that Sony would have no good games to show, besides Uncharted 4, and that the majority of their show would be indies and VR. They maybe spent 10 minutes on those things, while the rest of the conference was games games games, the majority of them being AAA exclusives. Now all of the sudden, you guys are against games, because they're not on your favorite console? Give me a freakin break...

MS put so much more emphasis on indies, third party titles, and VR, but that's all good because they announced backwards compatibility for a handful of extremely old titles, right? The even worse part about that is that XBone doesn't suffer the architectural difference that PS4 does. XBone should've been backwards compatible from the beginning, but MS played you guys by announcing it this way, and you all are none the wiser.

I don't even have to bring up Nintendo's conference. That was awful... Less than an hour, and it felt half of iy was people talking about their inspiration for making a certain game (nobody watching E3 gives a crap), stupid puppet/ 8 bit Mario skits, and more Amiibo announcements. There were games, but of the new ones, Starfox was the only one that remotely stood out, and now you got Nintendo saying it has no multiplayer.

So tell me again, why Sony didn't do an awesome job and deserve a great score? I would agree that A+ might be a bit high, just because I thought Bethesda nailed it to with their Fallout and Doom presentations, but Sony was definitely up there.

Lumberg1871275d ago

Oh so Microsoft doesn't deserve and A as well? They made their fans happy and showed awesome games the entire time, besides the hololens demo which was incredible. A lot of those exclusives you're talking about are timed "First on playstation". Your PS4 should also have backwards compatibility. Oh thats right, you do, except you have to pay out the ass to stream your games with shitty quality. Granted, only 18 are BC on xbox right now, but they will add hundreds more each month. Xbox One might have slightly inferior hardware, but now we've got Xbox One games, 360 games, and a boatload of Windows 10/PC titles to play. Microsoft deserves an A, it's just that simple. Apparently Sony made their dickrider fans happy too, so I think they deserve an A as well, both companies killed it. Sony had some cool games that made me want a ps4.

UltraNova1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I never drop to this level but it has to be said, the xb1 turned from an online only, DRM, no used games draconian tv box for your living room to a backwards compatible used game heaven in what has to be one of the biggest efforts of mass manipulation and exploitation ever tried on people in entertainment history. Just thinking it could be BC from day makes me sick.

In the end, yes backwards compatibility is a good thing (for those who will switch to the xb1 going forward as they still have their old 360 games)I cannot deny that but I 'd be damned if I ever felt gratitude towards MS for allowing me to play my old gen games I probably traded away 2 years ago.

(for the record I still hold a grudge to Sony for making me buy non-rumble ds3 back in the day only to backtrack soon after, but the damn thing was already included in the console box so what can I say?)

Some of you may not like this and I don't care because this is the plain ugly truth.

MasterCornholio1275d ago

Your going to say that about every site that gives Sonys conference a good grade?

n4gamingm1275d ago

My honest score would be Bethesda A-, Microsoft A, Sony A. This e3 is extremely good a lot of new ips

LuvBurger1275d ago

I am so very happy to have both the PS4 and the XB1.

So many great titles and features to look forward to.

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