PS4 vs Xbox One – Who Really Won E3 2015?

So now we’ve seen the two big conferences of this years convention. We’ve all formed our opinions on who had the best games and apps, but what we should turn our attention to is who had the fans cheering and jeering? This is the most important principle in having a very memorable conference, which most of the companies so far this year have figured out. Some however, don’t give the fans what they want, and rely solely on their finale to get them by. Yes EA, we’re talking about you, Star Wars Battlefront saved your convention. Anyway, let’s get down to what each company’s conferences got right.

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Crazyglues1279d ago

Both did an amazing job... I think we Gamers were the real winners..

d_g1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Totally agree both had amazing games at E3

I think gamers won this time

i even made video for E3

looking forward Gamescom 2015

FarEastOrient1279d ago

This is the best E3 in a long time, so many good news from everyone.

Svinya1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I'm primarily an Xbox fan, but I'll give credit where credit is due. Sony has some great games coming out. I couldn't care less about RPGs so FF7 and Shenmue do nothing for me, but Horizon and Last Guardian look good.

Overall, both companies did well. MS killed it with hardware BC and the expected sequels and Sony had the most software surprises.

You also have to remember that MS held off the 4 big exclusives for August. Had they shown those, they would be impossible to top.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I thought PS4 clearly won. XBOX One also had a solid showing but if you're gonna somehow spin an XBOX One win out of this E3, then yeah you're probably an XBOX Fanboy.

EDIT: It's good to see XBOX Fanboys haven't lost their fighting spirit though. The console wars rage on.

And they're actually getting more interesting now that this gen is hitting full swing.

mikeslemonade1278d ago

Sony and the PS4 clearly won.

Fanboyism and opinions aside if you weighted the impact of each annoucement it's clear that Sony won. Sony can go match for match on the MS annoucements then still have bonus annoucements that MS cannot cancel out.

avengers19781278d ago

What 4 big exclusives for August are you talking about? They showed pretty much everything they have coming out from now until early next year... I imagine scale bound, QB, crackdown, and Gears will have a large presence next E3

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starchild1279d ago

Yeah, I felt the whole E3 was generally a big success. I'm excited about so many games. They all did really great. I haven't watched the Square Enix conference yet, though.

Takwin1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Square had a fabulous conference. DeusEx, Just Cause, lots of Final Fantasy everything, Kingdom Hearts, Hitman, and more. Really really good stuff.

thorstein1279d ago

Indeed. Both delivered for their audiences. Both provided content that looks amazing.

I just don't know where I am going to get the time to play just Fallout and No Man's Sky...

NatureOfLogic_1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I'm planning to spend a lot money this holiday, but I won't have time to play everything I want. I'll have a huge backlog when Sony starts their 2016 onslaught. I don't stand a chance :(

Edit: Forgot about PM. Oh boy, 2016 is not looking good for my wallet.

UltraNova1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

I have 6 sealed ps4 games under my tv and 5 preorders coming by December...

At the my pace which is one game per month I'd say I'm already covered for 2016 already, I don't even want to start thinking about all those 2016 games that Sony alone is bringing next year cause I'll get depressed.

I blame my Dad because he is not a millionaire and I have to work 10 hrs a day when I could be a rich spoiled kid sitting on my $2000 lazy boy playing Wither 3 all day long on my 120 inch $100,000 home Cinema..

Svinya1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I was wondering who the first retard was going to be to post WHO WON???!! article. Turns out ThisGenGaming took the honors.

Xb1ps41278d ago

I would like to thank Sony for showing me what other games I will be playing on my xb1 along with all the xb1 exclusives this year.. Someone help me out, did I miss any major exclusive I will be playing on my ps4 THIS year?

gravv1278d ago

try playing exclusive games that has 90+ metascore like bloodborne, TLOU, and flower in xbone.....

Xb1ps41278d ago


My name is xb1ps4 for a reason..

I have bloodborne, the original and remaster of tlou and I'm not into games like flower.. Sorry if I offended you but I was seriously asking and would like to know what new exclusive I can play on the ps4 this year besides what's out obviously..

gravv1278d ago

no need to feel sorry you know imaginary ps4 dont count...

if u have ps4 then i have a castle, rocketship, and lamborghini...

Jayszen1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

er...what major exclusive was released on Xbox this year so far?

At least Sony have had 3 or 4...

Look both Sony and Microsoft did really well and as gamers we need BOTH to compete against each other so that we the gamers always have plenty to play with regardless of console, exclusive or multiplat...

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Relientk771279d ago

Sony killed it, definitely say they won

starchild1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Sony's conference was exciting in the sense they had some announcements of the sort that would shock gamers with unexpected reveals of remakes and revivals of beloved franchises, but in terms of announcements of new games from Sony themselves I didn't think they did any better than the other companies.

The Last Guardian - I'm excited for this game. Really excited. But I've been excited for it for years. I expected to play it years ago on my PS3. We've all known the game was still in development and would show up sooner or later.

Horizon - My favorite game of Sony's conference. We knew it was coming and even knew the name, but it hadn't been formally revealed before, so this was my favorite announcement.

Dreams - My other favorite reveal. We knew Media Molecule were working on a game and we even had an idea of what it was like as far as the sculpting mechanism, but this was the first clear reveal of the game and it was great.

Uncharted 4 - This was a great demo. Uncharted is mostly a known quality at this point, but I did like the more open level design and the physics destruction. One of my most anticipated games, but we've known about it for some time and already seen gameplay of it before.

Final Fantasy VII remake and Shenmue 3 Kickstarter were cool announcements for gamers in general, but they are multiplatform games and they are really far off. I will play those on my PC, which is generally where I play all of my multiplats.

Most of the other games that interest me are likewise multiplats.

So Sony didn't really have any of their own games (or at least exclusive to the PS4) that were truly a surprise for me.

The Last Guardian, Horizon, Dreams and Uncharted 4 are the Sony games I'm looking forward to that were shown at this E3. Horizon and Dreams were the main new Sony game reveals, and even they weren't really surprises.

But Sony did have a really great conference overall. Everybody did. This was a great E3.

uth111279d ago

I agree that Sony had more earthshattering announcements, but some of them don't translate into PS4 wins when they are multiplats.

Silly Mammo1279d ago

It's not always about the actual games and when they will be released but what people are talking about. With that aspect,Sony wins because of the most buzz they've produced. E3 is a lot like the NFL Draft. Excitement is built around potential. Whether it all pans out is yet to be seen.

Infinite_Legion1278d ago

Everybody except for EA lol I loved the star wars gameplay and the mirrors edge but besides that it felt like a bore fest

GenuineGamer1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Xbox killed it, definitely say they won.

The games Sony showed off look incredible. Most of them are multiplats though so ill get to play them on my xbox. That's not a win for Sony. But definitely a win for gamers.

Plus most of the exclusives sony showed aren't coming out any time soon. Xbox had new entries in all its top franchises and they are coming out this year!

Xbox had amazing games just like sony + new ui with cortana, new pro controller, hololense + Valve and Ocolus VR partnership and BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY.

All these new xbox features + tons of exclusive games means they won in my opinion, regardless of what platform you prefer what they did for xbox gamers is amazing.

Honestly, if Sony announced a new controller, new ui, native BC and partnerships with ocolus and valve then you would be screaming sony won with no question.

Be honest and put fanboy nonsense aside and give credit where credit is due.

-Alpha1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

While a new firmware would have been nice, I don't see how something like a new pro controller is considered fantastic news, when that controller is $150.00. Nice controller though, but I don't see it as a huge deal

In addition, the biggest announcements MS had was Fallout 4 mods (which PS4 will also get), Tomb Raider gameplay (which will undoubtedly be on PS4), Gears 1, Gears 4 (which personally I thought was shown poorly, but it's still a solid AAA), and backwards compatibility (which blows PS Now out of the water).

Some titles like Recore were CGI, compared to gameplay Sony showed for their titles like Horizon.

How can you say Sony should have announced Oculus and Vive support...when Sony has their own VR? Lol.

I will agree with you on BC, new firmware, and a new controller would have been nice, but Sony delivered with bigger game announcements, some of which are console exclusive, but wins for Sony anyway.

Shenmue (console exclusive), and FF7 (possibly console exclusive) are huge titles to announce. TLG, Uncharted, Horizon, and No Man's Sky all got demonstrations. I think those reasons are why fans would "scream" for Sony, not a new controller, and Valve/oculus support

NatureOfLogic_1278d ago

New controller, new ui, native BC and partnerships versus Exciting new ip and not one but three of the most requested games of all time. Lol, just stop please.

garos821278d ago

Those multiplats like No mans sky, Street Fighter V , Shenmue 3 , The last guardian, Horizon, Dreams and the Last Guardian? Yeah pretty sure you gonna enjoy those too

Kryptonite42O1278d ago

Agreed. I'm glad I have both consoles though as Uncharted 4 and Horizon look absolutely brilliant.

I think alot of people forget about mods for Fallout 4 being transferable to the X1 from windows 10 pc's. This should prove to be very interesting and fun indeed.

Overall this E3 was excellent.

Elit3Nick1278d ago

@Logic Last time I checked, wasn't it Sony who has all the partnerships now? Let's see:

Destiny: exclusive content
Hitman: exclusive contracts
Assassin's creed Syndicate: Exclusive mission
CoD: Early DLC
Disney Infinity Star Wars: Early DLC

GenuineGamer1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Look, like i said, the games sony showed are incredible but mostly multiplat.

You can't just say Sony won because they announced games you want for your preferred system.

I am so pumped for halo 5 and Forza 6, Rares new IP looks incredible and the graphics are beautiful. Cuphead looks insane, Recore looks awesome, i could go on. But i keep seeing people putting them down like their nothing special, but Halo and Forza are HUGE for me. The last guardian looks terrible and boring to me, yet i see people saying its better than anything MS showed. I really can't agree with that at all.

Remember MS have Quantum Break which you could put against Uncharted, And ScaleBound a huge open world game with dragons which could go against Horizon. Then all the xbox exclusives as well as all the multiplats sony showed off that will be on xbox.

The thing here is, games are subjective. But MS delivered game after game after game ALONG SIDE hardware stuff like new controller, new OS and UI with Cortana AI, BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY!!!

Sony had nothing at e3 to go up against that.

Hololense AR + Ocolus and Valve VR completely cancel out Morpheous.

Sony just had a couple of games that aren't coming out for ages.

MS had tons of exclusive games coming out THIS YEAR + new controller, BC and new OS with Cortana AI ect...

To say that sony won over all that with only a couple of games is biased i don't care how good you think the games are.

-Alpha1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Cuphead is multiplat. Recore was CGI. It means nothing to simply see CGI.

The Last Guardian is made by developers with a great pedigree behind their name. Not saying it's better than anything MS showed, but you can't just dismiss it based on personal opinion.

If you want to talk QB and Scalebound, you aren't even talking about E3 anymore but getting into a list war. Those games weren't at E3.

If Holo-lense and Ocolus cancels out Morpheus, why'd you bring up Oculus as an argument for MS having a better E3? Lol. Halo and Forza are two exclusives. Sony also had at least 2 exclusives they showed. Since you are a fan of canceling out, these 2 can be canceled out with any 2 of Sony's revealed games like Horizon, Uncharted, or TLG.

Sony had Bloodborne this year, along with Until Dawn, Tearaway, and Ratchet and Clank remade, along with Uncharted Collection. Not really fair to ignore those games when comparing MS and Sony's output this year.

No one is being biased, your arguments are ironically really biased and you keep making double standards

GenuineGamer1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )


Thats my point!!! You hit the nail on the head.

I am not being biased, i am merely saying that MS showed tons of exclusive games, and then some! Sony also revealed exclusive games, although almost their entire e3 was multiplat based games that are also on xbox so i cant count that as a win for sony but def a win for gamers.

I mentioned AR and VR because thats what they showed, just like sony showed morpheous.

Their e3 lineup games wise is all down to taste BUT on top of games MS had hardeware like a new controller and OS with new Interface and Cortana AI + Backward compatibility.

Its these XBOX CONSOLE features that push them over the edge and above sony, who just showed games that to be fair aren't coming out any time soon.

The games side is personal preference so lets call it a tie, but sony had nothing to compete with the other announcements Xbox had like pro controller, UI, BC ect..

This is why i feel looking at it from a non biased point of view that MS took the crown.

I honesltly and openly admit i prefer xbox but i am not letting this cloud my judgement.

If MS didn't have a new UI and Pro controller and BC then i would not be saying they won over Sony.

Honestly though, both were great. Best e3 in a long time and regardless of what platform you own we are all getting a ton of amazing games coming our way. Its a great time to be a gamer.

OB1Biker1278d ago

Those comparisons are so much BS. When you think Rachet & Clank for example was not really in the show but IS definitely at E3 and lots of gameplay being shown. Many announcement not in the conference like announcing a new controller in a thing now? A new PS4 headset? Also Morpheus got only a few minutes but is really a big display at E3. Anyway there's no point trying to argue who won. If people think their prefered platform holder won it's good for them but who really cares

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Dinkis1278d ago

And what games are coming out for Sony this year or the next?

_-EDMIX-_1278d ago

Agreed. I think its under the general consensus that Sony won.

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Walker1279d ago

Sony absolutely. TLG, Shenmue3 and FF remake all in one confference holy shit, alongside horizon and mind blowing uncharted 4 gameplay demo, sony just destroyed microsoft !

Sitdown1279d ago

What's the release date on those titles? Okay, what is the release year? Sony presentations are great at getting you excited in the moment, but when you walk away, you realize you still are in the same place. Evident by the guy sitting beside me in the theater crying over Shemmue even though we are no where near a release date. On the other hand, Microsoft doesn't do the best at presenting, but you typically get some dates. With that said, right now Horizon is probably my most anticipated title, with Recore being close behind. Already know what I'm getting with Halo, will hold off my excitement for The Last Guardian until we get closer to release.

Summons751278d ago

I'm fine with the announcing games for next year. Gives more development time, it's not too far away, and there is already like a hundred games coming out this year alone....why do you want a hundred more on top of them? Space them out, holiday season gets too crowded. I have no problem with them announcing games for the first half of the year. That way I can play/finish this years games and be excited for next years and when I play/finish those...boom new E3 more games.

Spotie1278d ago

So now dates all of a sudden matter? All year, we've been asking where Microsoft's games were, and the only thing that mattered was the holidays.

Now E3 rolls around, which has always been about the future, and the only thing that matters is that it comes out the same year.

Sitdown1278d ago

You do realize Shemmue currently has a 2017 release date right? No Man's Sky was at E3 last year, is it being released this year? You don't have to announce a have period if you need more development time. And just because you want to finish your games doesn't mean they can't release others for people to move on to... That's very egocentric thinking.

Show me my post history where I have ever said a release date wasn't important. Even if people said holidays, that's a smaller release window than what Sony showed. I would love to know when I will be playing Horizon. Yes E3 has been about the future, but the not to distant future. Not an estimated delivery of 2 and a half years where Shemmue currently sits.

Arnon1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

It sounds to me like release dates for games are more important for you than the games themselves, which comes off as a desperate comment:

"I shouldn't care about these games if I don't know their exact release dates."

That's silly. It's about the game's first and foremost. Not their release dates. Hell, there wouldn't even *be* release dates without the game announcements. Let's be honest. Game conferences are about the games. Who is considered the "winner" is the one who presents the most awe-striking games. Sony presented the most awe-striking games (as seen by audience reaction). Thus, Sony "won" E3'15.

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stonecold31279d ago

for me ps4 shenmue 3 uncharted 4 and horizon sony took it home microsoft had a good confrence but everybody knew what microsoft were bringing beside the backward compatiable to play 360 games on the one

Rookie_Monster1279d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

"everybody knew what microsoft were bringing beside the backward compatible to play 360 games on the one"

Did you just made that up?

So you are telling me you knew about the 2 new Rare games, the new Recore first party game from the creator of Metroid and Megaman?

Glad you mention BC though as that is just a big icing on the cake for the biggest megaton at E3.

Edit @ BiggerBoss,

FF7 is nice but it is not a full PS4 exclusive only "first" on PS4 and it will be another couple years before we can see it. Fallout 4 don't count because it was already announced.

BC is "BIG" and one of the biggest announcements in this generation for potential install base and console sold because there are 80 plus million XBox 360 gamers out there and many of whom will buy a XB1 now so they can carry their extensive X360 library over to this generation while still have the ability to:

1. carry over saves
2. using XB1 features like DVR, snap, screenshots with X360 games
3. Still be able to play MP with other X360 consoles

That is something that PS4 just can't match .

BiggerBoss1279d ago

The biggest Megaton at E3 was FFVII remake (imo). It would have been Fallout 4, but Bethesda announced it too early

Arnon1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

If playing games that you played 10 years ago is the megaton announcement, then you should probably ask yourself if you bought that thing to play new games, or old ones. Why would someone drop $400 to play games from a decade ago, when they can spend $50 to do the same thing? That's horribly unreasonable.

It also seems like they didn't have anything else to offer, so they compensated and offered the *potential* (since it's up to the developers to add support) to play all the games you've already played. Basically, offering backwards compatibility as an announcement is like re-announcing the 360 and claiming it to be new!

Oh, and if all it takes to do this is a software update, then what would stop Sony adding said same potential?

scruffy_bear1279d ago

Gamers won as they always do at E3