No Man's Sky is the Opposite of The Order: 1886 According to Hello Games

Hello Games' Sean Murray talks about freedom vs cinematic feeling in video games, comparing No Man's Sky with The Order: 1886.

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Sonyslave31252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

I take God of war or The order over No man sky it just seem lifeless.

thorstein1252d ago

"If you look at two different people who play and superimpose images, you'll see pretty much the same things. It's not a negative criticism, of course. " -Sean Murray

The Headline is not a direct quote. He actually uses the game to show how open his game is going to be.

Yehshuah1252d ago

i see. you want a movie not a game

AudioEppa1252d ago

A $60 movie is much funnier to play then a game that looks like it's $9.99 but a billion times more boring.

Now see, if that comment was a real reply I would seem ignorant and childish for having that opinion over a video game that doesn't appeal to me in the first place.

But please don't make any mistake about it, I'm not taken you're comment seriously as I'm sure you're kidding right?.........


someOnecalled1252d ago

the dude that plays it sucks and why sony only gives him five mins. if its going to be short have whoever makes the sims trailer make a trailer for them is it that hard. show all feature in game on a trailer its not rocket science.

medman1252d ago

If you look at No Man's Sky and aren't impressed, it is you who may be lifeless. And perhaps loveless as well.

SirBillyBones1252d ago

I accidentally pressed dislike. Please ignore it haha. I totally agree with you.

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TwoForce1252d ago

The Order 1886 is a good game, but it was a game that not for everyone. I hope RAD will do better next time.

ThichQuangDuck1252d ago

There is no next time for them on that franchise I think. The amount production cost vs results and gameplay

Timesplitter141252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

The Order: it's a movie

No Man's Sky: it's a game

SirBillyBones1252d ago

It's not even a good movie.

bennissimo1252d ago

Just can't get excited for this game. Seen all the previews and presentations, but I don't care. Weird, since one of the things I loved most about Mass Effect 1 was the planetary exploration. Guess I'll get it on PS+ in a few years for free...

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The story is too old to be commented.