Okay Nintendo the WiiU is dead and it is your fault

Nintendo wants you to understand, but they don't understand themselves.

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Big_Game_Hunters1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Of course these articles start popping up.
This E3 was shite, however Wiiu still has more exclusive games releasing in 2015 than Sony and MS. So no Wiiu is not dead, it still has plenty of great games on the way, for now...

Big_Game_Hunters1278d ago

By this E3 i clearly mean Nintendo's E3

mikeslemonade1277d ago

Big_Game_Hunters, sales aren't exclusive to exclusive games.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Nintendo needs to make a new console, but even then I don't really like their chances. Nintendo could be in some trouble. They just seem to be so far off of what core gamers are into these days. They are falling way behind the XBOX One and Playstation 4. No way Nintendo can compete with them at their own game. So I don't know where Nintendo goes from here.

Nintendo hasn't connected with core gamers for decades already, and only the Wii motion controller fad saved them from facing that maybe they've been doomed for a while.

Maybe I'm wrong but this is the video game industry after all, and it's about gaming, core gamers have to matter don't they?

Madock1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Lightning Mr Bubbles
Nintendo has a market that is exclusive to them, don't let the ppl who only buy a 3ds as a Nintendo hardware and refrain from a wii u fool u,
Those ppl will jump ship to a new console if it was the only one to please their thirst for pokemon, smash, Kart & platformers in general..
Parents of 4-14 year olds will always prefer to buy a Nin console (3ds atm)..
Trust me, they won't buy Morpheus

I would say they got 50-60 million customers they cater for, specific software on decent hardware will buy them more, that is not the case as others who rely on 3rd parties rather than their own established franchises have a much much less audience, the 3rd party customers will always jump ship for better hardware else where, Xbone is a perfect example

Nodoze1277d ago

Madock you raise some great points about Nintendo and their market. That said Nintendo is even pissing these people off with the focus on things like Amiibo.

I am a fan but when I saw the blatant cash grab that was Animal crossing mario party that REQUIRES Amiibo... Good god they have lost it. Considering they keep supply artificially low on purpose, how would someone who wants that title even be able to play it. Hint...they won't.

So they will continue down the path of nickel and diming and focus on toys instead of new software. We will miss you Nintendo.

Now that they are pissing off their core, there will be nobody left to save them.

UltimateMaster1277d ago

This E3 from Nintendo wasn't that good.
Nothing new that we wanted to see.

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flamehaze421278d ago

The article isn't just about that, it is about how nintendo presents themselves as a whole. How they treat most of their games (namely fatal frame 5 and devil's third)

Trust me when I say I have played my WiiU a lot and will continue to do so. I have 180 hours in Splatoon

Utalkin2me1277d ago

Wow, 180 hours in splatoon and been less then 3 weeks since launch.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1277d ago

Depend on your preferences though

Wii U:
Xenoblade Chronicles X _ Action JRPG
Star Fox Zero - Rail Shooter
Fatal Frame: Maiden in Black Water - Survival Horror
Yoshi's Woolly World - 2.5D Platformer
Devil's Third - Action
Super Mario Maker - Simulation
Mario Tennis: Ultra Charge - Sports

Xbox One:
Halo 5 Guardian - First Person Shooter
Forza Mortasports 6 - Racing Sim
Rise of the Tomb Raider - Action Adventure
Gears of War Ultimate Edition - Third Person Shooter
(Must be missing one)

God of War III Remastered - Action
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection - Action Adventure
Until Dawn - Survival Horror, Adventure
Tearaway - Platformer

Not counting indie.

Nintendo has more variety.
Of course if you add third party they wont but that besides the point.

It all preferences.

mcstorm1277d ago

@OtakuDJK1NG your spot on.

In your list I'm excited about:

Xenoblade Chronicles X
Star Fox Zero
Yoshi's Woolly World
Super Mario Maker
Halo 5 Guardian
Forza Mortasports 6
Rise of the Tomb Raider

So it really depends on what games people are into to what they want. I'm not saying the ones I have not listed are poor games they just don't have me excited like the ones above.

remixx1161277d ago


OK first, cool ass name dude...

Second, you kind of excluded a couple games for ps4 this year, Sony's list of games is a little more expansive and varied this year than people think

You forgot: persona 5, tales of zesteria, dragon quest heroes , disgeae 5-

which all fit the jrpg niche and levels out Sony's line up with other platforms yet people always exclude them for some reason yet are quick to mention xenoblade

Not calling you out or anything just saying the lineups for all 3 are fairly even

TheGamingArt1277d ago

Which Nintendo is lacking....

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fr0sty1277d ago

Nintendo is letting it die silently so they can shift development focus to NX.

Xer0_SiN1277d ago

they couldnt fight their way out of a wet paper bag, let alone fight their way back into gamers hearts. the last relevant console they made was snes. now that was a machine. the good ole days.

Magicite1277d ago

WiiU total games this year < PS4 games this year that are not on WiiU.

Movieworld1277d ago

The Wii U isn't dead. But it's definitely dying! After owning every Nintendo console since the original NES I finally gave in, last year and sold the Wii U and purchased a PS4. The simple fact is the Nintendo Wii U, has no FIFA, the last COD and Assasins Creed skipped it, no Streetfighter, no GTA5 and many many more. You walk into GAME and on one side of the store is a massive XBOX section and the other side a PS4 section, then hidden away in the corner is a tiny Wii U section. I remember when COD Ghosts came out, I went into Game on launch day and asked for the Wii U version. They sisn't even have it it was embarrassing.

wonderfulmonkeyman1277d ago

I can't believe you got 40 disagrees for telling the truth.XD
The Wii U is not going to die from one bad conference, and its coming lineup of games that we know about, like Devil's Third and Xenoblade X, was not ruined by it.
The article header is sensationalist click bait at its finest no matter how bad the latest Direct was.

Mega_Volnutt1277d ago

Dude, they even removed Devils Third from the future releases section on the eShop. They killed the game themselves, as well as their console.

wonderfulmonkeyman1277d ago

Dude, Volnutt, it's coming out in August. The game isn't dead and neither is the console.
It's ridiculous to claim that this one conference, which wasn't anywhere near as bad as E3 2008, let alone the always online debacle, is somehow going to kill the console.
Especially when they've stated that they'll continue supporting it even beyond the release of the NX.

Quit trying to bury the console for such a stupid reason, guys.
The failure of this conference isn't killing the Wii U and it isn't making Devil's Third or any of it's other games degrade in quality.

Paulino301277d ago

Of course they will. Nintendo has no 3rd party support.
But fire emblem and yoshi wholly world are not new announcements and that metroid game, eww. A metroid game without samus, that's what everyone wants to play, not to mention it looks like an n64 game.

Lay off the drugs man.

TheGamingArt1277d ago

The Wii U is pretty dead. You can butter it up with games that won't attract many at all, no name games no one is keeping track of, but the obvious lack of attention to the console is there. Any other thought process is wishful thinking and you convincing yourself otherwise.

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flamehaze421277d ago

I will probably do an article on the games I am picking up tomorrow, dead is more, figurative. More like they killed sales potential and overall outside opinion of the nintendo community.

XisThatKid1277d ago

Good point and sad if you ask me. I'm not even hardly a Ninty fan. I wish the Wii U and Nintendo can get a Stigma lift.

flamehaze421277d ago

If you look at my blog I most certainly am not a wii U hater, in fact it is my favorite console (out)

But the damage they did to themselves and the ninendo community needed to be addressed. I hope with the NX they get it right and off backwards compatibility, the Wii U is greatly underated.

WizzroSupreme1277d ago

I own a Wii U. I've bought almost every exclusive it has – which is most of its games. Not my fault.

Tiqila1277d ago

Same for me, and I will continue to buy Nintendo exclusives. Can't wait for Zelda and Xenoblade, and always hoping for a new Metroid game.

Melankolis1277d ago

I haven't bought current-gen consoles yet, I've always been a multiplaformer, and Wii U is my choice after PS4.

Being adult with wife and child, has made several games from last generation left unplayed.

And, hey, a lot of people fighting over resolutions and fps. Wii U is the console to play 1080p and 60fps ahaha...

themonado1277d ago

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of Wii U games aren't actually 1080p 60fps.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1277d ago

yeah cause there arent a lot

Svinya1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I can think of like 1 wiiU game at 1080/60. That's Smash Brothers. Mario Kart is 720/60. What else??

Melankolis1277d ago

Oh Mario Kart isn't 1080p then. But isn't Mario 3D world 1080p 60fps? how 'bout Donkey Kong? Aaa...nevertheless i really want to play those games...

Who cares 720p/1080p when my TV is still 1366x768

cabinotier1277d ago

best gamepad experience was ZombiU.
and no Nintendo title provide any reason to be bundled for gamepad.
I'm really dissapointed for that.

Ark_1277d ago

Indeed. Such a huge chance for new and exciting gaming - espescially cool couch coop, strategy, roleplaying games ... What happend to creativity regarding their own device?
Also never understood why minecraft wasn't ported. Maybe because of the deal with Microsoft. But it would fit so well.

Bronxs151277d ago

Did you forget about making blocks in super Mario bros u ? /s