Sh*t Games that Scraped a 7 Out of 10

You don't need a certified games "journalist" to explain why Grand Theft Auto IV is awesome or that the Dirty Dancing videogame is shit. You're intelligent. You know what kinds of games you love and which ones you despise.

But once in a while, there's that rare occasion where you've got a few extra dollars burning a hole in your pocket and have enough leftover to splurge on a game that you're on the fence about. And when it comes to these situations, it's frustrating when the professional critics seem to be sitting on the same fence as you.

The average score on an aggregator site like Metacritic may seem like it's giving you an accurate idea of how good or bad a game is. But dig a little deeper and you'll often find that one overly enthusiastic review is responsible for letting an obviously awful title scrape by with a so-so seven out of ten score.

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DarthTigra 3793d ago

They must be really rumnning out of idea's.

thebudgetgamer3792d ago

we didnt play it but i stinks then i was done

Wildarmsjecht3793d ago

I don't need to be a journalist to know that GTA4 is NOT awesome. Good, but not awesome.

PirateThom3793d ago

My current review would be:

"Reasonably enjoyable in short bursts, but the repetative missions and Rockstar's desire to move the series from the "comic strip" worlds of the other 3D games to the more serious "new" Liberty City means that the game tends to drag. There's less to do in the city than what San Andreas offered in the way of distractions. There's really no evolution from the PS2 games bar graphics and Rockstar really could have done more. Competent, rather than impressive, GTAIV strives for greatness and shows moments of sheer genius, but is let down from by aging gameplay, repetative missions and so-so story.


Torch3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

OK, here goes:

"I don't need to be a journalist to know that:"

this GamesRadar author is an arrogant, condescending, and naive ass.

TVC153793d ago

the game was very immersive and if you thought it would be a whacky sandbox game (GTA San Andreas was fun though) then i guess I'd understand how you'd be disapointed. but when nearly every cutscene has me glued to the screen it's probably the 2nd most memorable game this gen for me, behind bioshock.

Mr PS33793d ago

1UP just gave Unreal III a C

Playstation Man3793d ago

From all of the exagerrated Wii game scores out there from sources like Nintendo Power dominating Metacritic. Also, this could be early speculation of the medias constant defense of M$ exclusives and the overscoring they'll do for Too Human.

pp3793d ago

Look no further you'll find them on ps3

Playstation Man3793d ago

Not including Haze or Lair. Look it up moron. ANd maybe you should actually try playing some during the time your 360 is in the shop mate!

LuHawk3793d ago

We all know your dumb ass lying shut your ass up hoe

Zulwarn3793d ago

360 games score AAA status on many sites and have better multiplats while the bs3 games flops and have inferior multiplats even with installs

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