Horizon: Zero Dawn Is “By Far” The Biggest Game Ever Made by Guerrilla; Devs Talk Tech, RPG and More

Yesterday we saw the stunning reveal of Guerrilla Games’ new IP Horizon: Zero Dawn, and today Managing Director Hermen Hulst and Game Director Mathijs de Jonge talked more in depth about the game during a livestream from E3.

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DarkOcelet1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

It looks really huge. I wonder if it will be Skyrim/Witcher 3 huge. I hope so really.

"and they hope to build it in “a fantastic franchise.” "

I looked at the game and i already want a sequel lol.

Aloy-Boyfriend1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Oh please don't f*** this up Guerrilla. This could be PlayStation's next big thing. I mean, Open World, RPG, dinobots? Just wow!

Also, the game has some talent working on it, including some quest designers from Witcher 3 and Fallout New Vegas's Writer. There's so much potential. The game looked awesome and the gameplay seemed fun.

nicksetzer11251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Best game at E3 by far for me. This is the kind of game I have always wanted but technology had never caught up to. Day 1 no matter how long I have to wait.

Never liked killzone so this was VERY unexpected for me. Cannot wait.

freshslicepizza1251d ago

this looks very interesting, i always love it when big studious are allowed to create new ip's.

Forn1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

GG just showed us the absolute most gorgeous open-world game we've ever seen hands-down, and it's their first go at something like this. Amazing. The music in the trailer/gameplay was fantastic and fit perfectly, the gameplay looks fresh, fun and original. The setting is stunning and original. Incredible. Can't wait to play this beast and experience the story and world for myself.

starchild1251d ago

Horizon looked incredible. I loved everything about it, from the setting and premise to the visuals and gameplay.

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JoGam1252d ago

Guerrille Games is one of my favorite developers. Loved the Killzone series and Horizon is looking to blow that out the water. My most anticipated game.

Blaze9291251d ago

This game remind anyone else of Enslaved?

DarkOcelet1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Yeah, it gave me an Enslaved+The Last Of Us vibe in a huge open world.

mt1251d ago

for me it is witcher3 + futuristic Jurassic Park.

Forn1251d ago

The Witcher + TLoU + Killzone + Enslaved + Turok all rolled into one game haha.

starchild1251d ago

Yeah, I beat Enslaved and loved it. This game did remind me a little bit of it.

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ssj271251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

I don't think it will be that big, if it was they will point that out. and I don't think it needs to be that big, this should be more about quality than quantity. I don't want to do silly repetitive boring quest. I am ok with something like Far cry 3, maybe a little more deep and for sure a lot more history behind it. meaningful characters. something I see GG not playing attention is overhyping their characters, weapons and things like that. like other games or movies do like Halo or star wars.

@dARKOcelet do you have any links for that?
and if is true.. then great!! everything you said sounds perfect.. they did point out that whatever they showed now was't even the tip of the iceberg and its still in pre alpha wow! if this is pre alpha imagine what is or how will the full game look haha amazing!!!

DarkOcelet1251d ago

I remember reading a rumor that it was bigger than/comparable to Witcher 3.

'Furthermore, the open world seems to be comparable to The Witcher’s one and he hints “gorgeous landscapes, snowy tundras, jungles, vast savannahs. Cool weapons, villages and towns to encounter, “tribal” societies…gun b gud.” Swords will also be present in the game."

DarkOcelet1251d ago

There you go. The info was correct so i assume the rest will be correct too.

Bathyj1251d ago

I really dont care if its THAT big. In my opinion games have gotten TOO big and its just a whole lot of nothing you have to traverse. I mean, Witcher is great but galloping for 2 full minutes through a heap of trees doesnt make the game better than if I only had to gallop for 30 seconds. Most of that area is empty of anything interesting. Its might have lots of detail and vegetation but from a gameplay perspective in terms of stuff to do, its barren.

My favourite map in GTA by far is Liberty City from GTAIII because I knew that map inside out. I could look for landmarks and know exactly where I had to go. I knew every area just from teh look of it and how to get to another area easily. All the new games you have to pause and go to the map to get your bearings. Its great having this vast land to explore but I think it sacrifices intimacy, makes navigation more of a chore than a fun activity and is simply big for the sake of being big.

Just my 2 cents on why I'm ok if the map ends up smaller than Witcher, Skyrim or GTAV.

KwietStorm1251d ago

Not talking about Horizon in particular, but expanding a map with what might seem like filler areas, helps to maintain a believable world. Open world map design is like a large graph with connect the dots, where the dots are the big areas full of life, and the bridges, if you will, transition you from one area to the next. That travel time isn't the motivation, but it's meant to cement you in this virtual world.

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gangsta_red1252d ago

This game looked fantastic. The robots reminded me of old school Zoids.

Relientk771252d ago

I loved Zoids and it totally did make me think of it!

Why o why1251d ago're definitely 34+ years old

Zoids....loved em

Umb1251d ago

And I remember when all the Zoids toys were made in Japan and you had to assembly them yourself!

Wow that just remind me how old I am......

Relientk771252d ago

The wait for this game is gonna be hard

it looked really sick

Majin-vegeta1252d ago

*they hope to build it in “a fantastic franchise."

Dont hope do it!!!!!!!

Me right now

izumo_lee1252d ago

This was the sleeper hit of E3. Who knew that a game like this could come out of the guys who made Killzone which has generally been received as average games.

The amount of attention to detail & scale of the game was jaw dropping. The designs of the robots were incredible & to top it off with kick ass game play, yeah that is how you introduce a new IP.

DarkOcelet1252d ago

Killzone 2 and 3 were not average. Killzone 2 was excellent. Killzone 3 was great.

Yes, Shadow Fall might have not been the best but it was still good and i believe those guys can do wonders.

izumo_lee1251d ago

I'm talking but the franchise in genera according to metastatic and compared to other series similar to it.

Look I loved kz2. Mechanically it is top notch. You gotta admit thoughthat the dialogue and story is poorly written. That has always been the black mark of the series.

cpayne931251d ago

Killzone 2 had critical acclaim.

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