Xbox One game exclusives – the best from Microsoft at E3

According to Rose, Microsoft's E3 press conference was a hit from start to finish, focusing on the games rather thank quirky gimmicks with the Kinect and SmartGlass.

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Septic948d ago

Halo looks amazing. Massive large scale MP and a really interesting campaign.

Sea of Thieves needs more exposure. Seriously, its from Rare and the game looks amazing.

Forza is in a whole different league and looks amazing.

Cuphead is so cool. True indie magic.

And to think, Crackdown, Scalebound, Quantum Break and Phantom Dust to be shown at Gamescom.

ctate1995948d ago

Sea of Thieves may have been my favorite game there! I'm dying to see more gameplay for it...

freshslicepizza948d ago

nice to see rare get back to making games again. forza looks amazing but gears did not impress me at all.

microsoft is saving crackdown, scalebound and others for gamescon so it's nice to see they have enough games to show for both.

gangsta_red948d ago

More time should have been spent on Sea and more time should have been spent explaining Ion.

Cuphead looks unbelievable. They nailed the cartoon look down exceptionally well.

Can't wait for Gamescon.

christocolus948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

I loved Sea of Thieves,looked really good and the watrr effects..damn.bst ive seen in a game. I also want to see more of Recore and Gears 4. Halo is just looking sweet. Warzone is going to steal all my time.

vikingland1948d ago

I agree on those water effects I thought assassins creed BF looked great but these blow them out of the water (pun intended).

Yetter948d ago

I don't understand why more people aren't talking about Sea of Thieves. Has there ever been a game made where I can be a pirate with my friends??? I'm super stoked for it

Zcarnut948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Yeah...Pirates of the Carribean online was a old MMO I used to play. I think Sony had one too for PC....pirates burning sea or somthing .What I've seen so far reminds me of some of the past games.....Anyway, I am excited for this new game too. Playing pirate with your friends was fun lol.

343_Guilty_Spark948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Because it's not a heavily delayed PS3 game, a Remake of a PSOne game, or a sequel to Japanese based story/fighting game that requires 16 entries to tell the complete story.

Why o why948d ago

Cuphead for me too. They nailed the art style.

948d ago
Manic2014948d ago

Honestly, I think Gamescom could become a bigger showing for Xbox this considering Crackdown, Scalebound and QB are going to be shown there and more new first party content.

christocolus948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

I think MS has realized the need to work harder in Europe,Phil mentioned this in a tweet last month, said they had a lot of work to do in Europe so i guess that's part of the reason they decided to have a big show this year.Moving 3 of their major exclusives over to Gamescom also says a lot about their plans and there's going to be more big reveals according to Phil.

super_bruno948d ago (Edited 948d ago )


Makes sense. When is Gamescom BTW?

KaBaW948d ago

Personally I liked the look of Recore. I'm definitely looking forward to more of that.
And, I'm excited to see the other games upcoming like Scalebound and such at Gamescon.

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MightyNoX948d ago

Curious where Phantom Dust went.

Septic948d ago

Maybe at Gamescom. Who knows.

Yetter948d ago

Troubled development. Might show up again next year

Docknoss948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Everything's fine with the game. Phil said the Phantom dust, Scalebound and other exclusives be shown at Gamescom.

XanderZane948d ago

Was a homerun from what I saw. Can't wait for B/C to start. Tomb Raider and Gears 4 looked insane. Some of the best looking next-gen games I've seen so far.

JJShredder948d ago

I'm looking forward to Record. Need more details!!! Need some Scalebound goodness as well.

christocolus948d ago

I think we will see more of Recore and Scalebound at Gamescom.

fermcr948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Microsoft could follow Sony's idea. Ask gamers in general what games they want to see on the Xbox? Games that would attract owners of other consoles in purchasing a Xbox?
Don't get me wrong, Halo, Forza, Gears, etc are great series... but they mostly interest Xbox fans. A Sony or Nintendo fan probably wouldn't be interest in a Xbox to simply play those games.

I just mentioned something a few minutes back:
Beyond Good and Evil 2 would probably be a great opportunity for Microsoft to finance the game and make it exclusive. There is a lot of interest in the game. It could sell a few extra consoles or make the Xbox more appealing to other gamers beside Xbox fans.
I'm sure there are other games out there that Microsoft could do the same...

Take the example of Sony with Shenmue 3 and FF7... Lot of interest in those games and they will sell a few extra consoles.

Sony has a partnership deal with Shenmue director/producer. Did you really expect a game like Shenmue 3 would only cost 3, 4 or 5 million from Kickstarter (Shenmue 2 cost 70 million at the time)?
Even if the game gets released in 2018, the hype is already there. Hype sell games and consoles.

Yetter948d ago

hold on for a second, Shenmue was not announced, the kickstarter for Shenmue was announced, so I don't imagine we will see a game until 2017, possibly 2018. And I personally felt like it was a little cheap to bring a developer onto their stage and say "We don't want to fund development for this game, but maybe our fans will"

mkis007948d ago

Th isn't what happened. They are most definitely funding the game...2 million is not enough for a game like this. They wanted to make sure the fan interest was truly there. 2.8 million dollars in less then 24 hours proves that it is.

As for beyond good and evil 2, I had just been thinking the same thing! It would be a good way for MS to get some of this dream game magic next E3.

KaBaW948d ago

Uh, but it seems like bullshit to make fans pay for a game and then have Sony turn around and fund it, anyway. Dontcha think?
So, maybe they make the game on what was raised - but, Sony only publish?

_-EDMIX-_948d ago

wow...I see many of you have no clue how Kickstarter works.

It was to show interest in the funding of the game NOT to FULLY FUND the game. It won't cost 2 million...

@KaBaW- ??? Sony is a partner to the director, Sony has said nothing of funding it as of yet and the kickstarter is just KICKSTART its funding.

They are not fully funding the game at 2 million, its merely a stretch goal to bring in other partners (like Sega) to fund the rest and to show that there is interest in the IP.

"Shenmue was not announced, the kickstarter for Shenmue was announced"

bud..thats actually the same thing. They are announcing the development of Shenmue 3. To announce the funding, development, existence etc is still actually announcing and I've never heard it some how meaning something else completely lol.

That is just spinning to a whole new level.

"We don't want to fund development for this game, but maybe our fans will"

..who said 2 million was fully funding the game? Its not Sony's IP, Sony is not publishing, they are partnering with Yu to generate interst to bring in another partner, likely Sega.

Whats strange, is how some of you have no clue how Kickstarter works. Who the hell thought this game was going to be made for 2 million? I mean...that alone should have set off some sort of red flags that maybe they are NOT fully funding it through Kickstarter, but showing Sega that the game has fans that will buy Shenmue 3. Again...this game is NOT being fully funded by Kickstarter, Sony is partnering and this is merely to generate interest in the project.

smalltowngamer503948d ago

LOL i don't get all the shenmue and ff7 remake talk. FF7 isn't sony exclusive and shenmue is a kickstarter. Grasping in the absence any 2015 announcements?

BlackTar187948d ago

I know right there will at least 5 more halos and 3 more forza before those even release.

smalltowngamer503948d ago

That and we'lol likely get ff7 remake shortly after ps4. Who hasn't played ff7 yet? Shenmue? meh

KaBaW948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

I'd LOVE to see squels of older games.. Lost Oddyssey, Jade Empire, Crimson Skies, Psychonaughts.. Beyond Good and Evil was on the original xbox, not a bad idea.
Project Gotham, more Splinter Cell, so on.

343_Guilty_Spark948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

We all requested new IPs, backward compatibility ity, a better controller, and a faster UI.

I think pretty much everything is well on there way to being delivered.

I think we'll get Banjo and Battletoads in due time. It's coming.

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