IGN - E3 2015: Uncharted 4's Extended E3 Demo Is Incredible

The Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End demo that Sony showcased at the end of its E3 2015 Press Conference was an absolute stunner. But that’s not all that Naughty Dog had to show from one of 2016’s most-anticipated games. During a behind closed doors demo, Uncharted’s creative director Neil Druckmann once again played through the demo, but continued on with another 10 minutes of incredible action, stunning visuals, impeccable details, and story mysteries.

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Moonman1274d ago

Two words: Naughty Dawgz ;p

xHeavYx1274d ago

Damn it, I want to watch the video but at the same way I want to prevent spoilers!

JoGam1274d ago

@ xHeavYx...Just watch it. You will pass out from the awesomeness and once you come through you will remember nothing. Its that good.

-Foxtrot1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

"only to find a super angry Elena already occupying the space. She stared straight at Nathan, and dryly remarked “How's the Malaysia job? Seems you're a hair off course"

I'm glad Elena is in it but since she sounds p***** off it's like she's not in the loop of what's going on...once again.

I was hoping being the last Uncharted game Nate, Sully and Elena would be going on one last adventure together where players could have one last adventure with them.

She wasn't in Uncharted 3 much so I was hoping she would be involved in this game but it's coming across that she's taking a back seat

The first game was set on an Island and featured Nate, Sully and Elena. The last game is set on an Island so it would of been nice to come full circle.

I know not everyone is going to agree but I would have rather seen Sam be the main bad guy from the start and Nate asks Sully to help him race to the Island before him, then Elena decides to join them FROM THE START of the game to do this "last job". Unless Sam ends up being killed in the end or betrays Nate leading to him realising who his real family and works with them to either avenge him or take him down.

I hope they address how Marlowe went over the fact he had a brother in Uncharted 3. She had all his files so she could get inside his head....I mean a brother he thought was dead would have been the perfect way to do that. Only way out of that small plothole is that it's not actually his brother but just someone who he grew close to in the Orphanage and escaped together with.

Anyway, like always, looking forward to it. I just don't see why we couldn't have seen this at the show.

Crimzon1274d ago

What we saw was great but I was really hoping that we'd get to see some multiplayer footage as well.

-Foxtrot1274d ago

I want to see that aswell.

However you know me with Uncharteds multiplayer...there's a high chance they've continued on from Uncharted 3 instead of Uncharted 2

That would sadden me....even though I know it's coming.

Crimzon1274d ago

Yeah, I know what you mean but I'm still holding out faith since there have been examples of other developers realizing when they took a wrong turn and righting their path in future titles. I think it's 50/50 whether we see something more traditional or not. Perhaps they might surprise it and take us in another direction entirely? It might be different again not only from Uncharted 2, but also Uncharted 3.

I hope co-op makes a return as well. The co-op arena modes were nice to play, but those co-op missions made a great second campaign to play through as well, and I love how they got a little goofy and fun with them (Eddy Raja's return, for example).

Either ways, since this is the last Uncharted game I really do hope they go all the way with a full package. If they do a good job, I could see myself playing the multiplayer component of Uncharted 4 for the duration of this console generation. Even though Uncharted 3 was a misstep in my opinion I was still playing that game online for years after release, right up until I sold my PS3 to get a PS4.

uncharted561274d ago

Do you realize that this demo is probably happening early in the game, plus we don't know how involved Sully or Elena will be in the games story and there's always that odd chance that she might be pregnant or they have kid considering this takes years after the third one. They have literally not revealed much about the story except that there is this pirate island with treasure and that Drake and Sam will be going there at some point through the game, hell we dont even know who the villain is right now so maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge. P.S. If you saw the graphics in screenshots you can tell they look amazing XD

-Foxtrot1274d ago

Pregant? KID?

God I hope not

Remember the last time we saw a good treasure hunter and his lovely wife have a child

We got Alex and a crappy sequel

uncharted561274d ago

lmao true. Well either way its a waiting game right now. Hopefully they go back to uncharted 2 for multiplayer. Can't wait for the beta. :D

PaleMoonDeath1274d ago

I need to see it, this next-gen mud is enticing.

curtis921274d ago

It says a lot that it's so expected to hear a certain game is incredible that you sit there waiting... going "yes, and?"

crazychris41241274d ago

So when can we see this extended demo??

uncharted561274d ago

maybe playstation expo lol?

OB1Biker1274d ago

Yea cant wait to see it.. not bothered about the guys just taking about it lol

Kingdomcome2471274d ago

Hopefully earlier than was the case with Quantum Break's extended demo. That was a painful wait. Man, this looks so good.

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