Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival box art and more figure images revealed at E3 2015

The official box art, as well as more figure images, have been revealed for the upcoming Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival on Wii U.

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Big_Game_Hunters1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

This is disgusting, games are supposed to sell Amiibos, not the other way around. Nintendo is getting too comfortable with Amiibos. If Amiibo popularity continues like this, then i fear for the NX.

_-EDMIX-_1249d ago

Agreed. I see they are more interested in the toy market apparently.

They are just abusing the hell out of their IPs. What is this trash? I was just so mad when I saw this announced. I want a Animal Crossing game for Wii U.....this is a damn party game! I buy games for what they are, not names. Putting Animal Crossing on it, doesn't just automatically make a sale.

Nodoze1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

I was excited for 2 seconds with the animal crossing announcement, then profoundly and extremely disappointed, and mad.

Nintendo are getting greedy. DLC, Amiibo, and the blatant cash grabs.

News flash Nintendo if you piss off your core fan base and they abandon will have NOTHING.

pivotplease1249d ago

Would have been the best animal crossing yet with the second screen for inventory control and modifying your house. Damn...wasted opportunities. I'm genuinely angry.

kirbyu1249d ago

How is this amiibo being used to sell a game? Is there something about it I'm not getting?

RpgSama1250d ago

STOP IT WITH THE AMIIBOS!!!, Nintendo is a game company, enought with the toys, they even abandoned the WiiU if you take their E3 conference, we only have the next Zelda to look forward to, WiiU swan song, it's so clear that they moved development of games to the NX.

Sgt_Slaughter1249d ago

They originally were a toy company, so it's not far off.

pivotplease1249d ago

Wow. Way to ruin one of your best franchises that was actually not suffering from milk fatigue. I see this release as negative news rather than positive and I don't usually say that about new games. The amiibo portion of each Wii U game so far has been the worst part of the game. They already ruined the Smash 4 campaign and limited Mario Party's content because of amiibos. Who knows what else the gimmick will tarnish next. Sad day for gaming after how amazing yesterday was.

kirbyu1249d ago

The fact they're making this doesn't mean they aren't also making a main series Animal Crossing too.

WizzroSupreme1249d ago

Shame this wasn't a Wii U main series staple. Otherwise I imagine it would've been a much different conversation. But alas, Nintendo's just buying time I think this entire generation until they can start over again with another system.