Square Enix E3: Nier to Explosion Level Excitement

"Square Enix wrapped up their press conference a little bit ago. Some gamers were left disappointed while others brimming with joy. Here is a brief recap." - Jen Galik of GamerFitnation

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crazychris41241280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Just Cause 3 looked insane and we still have the PC show coming up in a couple hours.

Cmon PC finish the 3 days of conferences on a high note. Everyone but Nintendo had a great conference so dont screw it up.

gamer78041280d ago

Nier wasn't very well received the first time. I'm a bit surprise it's getting a sequel, but good for those who did like it

Man_Marmalade1280d ago

It was actually a very well done game despite the somewhat bland map. The soundtrack, gameplay and story were really good though.

Summons751280d ago

Heck yeah it was! That announcement blew FF7 out of the water in hype. Nier was an amazing game and it's such a shame it went so unloved. I'm so happy we're getting a new one and a girl lead character! Square had an awesome presser aside from the mobile crud and the unneeded video about Lara Croft skin details.

WizzroSupreme1280d ago

Square Enix really outdid themselves this year, as did everyone, but holy cow. We live in a world where Nier is alive and kicking. Hot dog!