First PC Gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront Revealed

Electronic Arts released the first ever PC gameplay footage of Star Wars Battlefront out of E3 2015 today. The gameplay footage shows off the iconic Hoth planet and showcases such vehicles as the AT-AT and many more.

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venom06981d ago

MY GOD this game looks amazing.. hearing good things from folks there at the show as well..

zidane1341981d ago

If you want to spend a sitton of money maybe. I love my pc but it's all subjective if you want to spend a shit ton of money every few years.

traumadisaster981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

people's budget is as varied as people themselves.

Hopefully you learn soon that there are so many different people... you just can't make generalizations such as "shit ton of money."

Kids with little money grow up to be adults with large salaries, and spending a few thousand every few years on pc is no big deal, and spend a few thousand several times per year on holiday.

Sir_Simba981d ago

the sounds Dice, the sounds, f'ing awesome!!!

Plagasx981d ago

Honestly, it doesn't look that good honestly....

someOnecalled981d ago

yeah its sad when twitch streams of a wiiu games look better than any footage of youtube.

starchild981d ago

The snowy Hoth level is the least impressive one, but how can you say it doesn't look good? It looks outstanding to me, and some of the other levels show off what I would consider the best graphics in a videogame so far.

Have you seen the Tatooine and Endor levels? Check this out:

Plagasx980d ago

Yea, that does look amazing.. not sure why the Hoth level did not look as good.. maybe Co Op has better graphics than MP??

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