Sony Confirms Partnership With Yu Suzuki For Shenmue 3

In case you missed the new recently, Shenmue is finally getting the sequel it deserves after years of wait over a ending that teased for more.

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MightyNoX915d ago

Based Sony for listening to our pleas.

Yi-Long915d ago

Hopefully, just like when Shenmue was from Sega, now this means we could go around and find lots of Sony-based toys and posters around that Shenmue world, to enjoy and collect, as well as perhaps some classic Sony arcade-games for Ryo to play and enjoy....

Concertoine915d ago

Did sony ever make arcade games?

MightyNoX915d ago

First off, Shenmue 1-2 HD for PS4

galgor915d ago

This will be weird. Usually we get the Shenmue themed stuff in SEGA games.. but now, the tables have turned. Or should I say, the forklifts?

Great, great news nonetheless. I'm ecstatic :D

Yi-Long915d ago

@Concertoine: perhaps PS1/2 games like Parappa the Rapper, Wipeout and stuff like that. Collectibles could be LittleBigPlanet, Journey, Nathan Drake, etc etc figures, from those little coin-ball machines.

NatureOfLogic_915d ago

Sony wasn't joking when they said, "This year will show the power of Playstation." So many great games are coming to PS4.

freshslicepizza915d ago

what kind of shenmue game can we expect for a 2 million dollar budget or will the game's vision expand depending on how much it gets?

Kribwalker915d ago


I hardly think this year shows it off as all the games announced launch in 2016 and beyond

Ezz2013915d ago (Edited 915d ago ) other words Shenmue 3 is Ps4 exclusive now

Well played,Sony

LordMaim915d ago

@Kribwalker: You know what? There's games that Microsoft announced in May of 2013 that aren't due out until next year. Sony still has a bunch of games due out this year that weren't in E3 at all. Why show the same game year after year?

ShinMaster915d ago

I think Sony might help fund the rest of the game.

The first Shenmue cost $70 million to make at the time. The $2 million might just be a test to see if there's enough interest by fans.

I just hope we reach the $4 million stretch goal to get the Skill Tree System and an expanded village with 5x the mini games!

BillytheBarbarian915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

The games are Sega games in Shenmue. But they were also games from the man Yu Suzuki himself. Those arcade games are Hang On, After Burner, Space Harrier, and the posters in the house and found around town are Virtua Fighter. Yu Suzuki's legacy. I highly doubt you'll see Kratos in a Shenmue game even though many ignorant people think QTEs came from God of War when they predated that series with Sega CD games and the term was actually coined QTE in Shenmue in 2000.

Honestly I'm happy Sony is a partner but I hope they keep their mascots/characters out of the project. It would diminish the heritage of Yu Suzuki.

The game was said to be available on PS4 and PC.

bouzebbal915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

i didn't think of that tbh! Sony games in Shenmue 3 arcade games would be just epic.
PS1 has plenty of games for this, or to make it fit with the context of the game they can use retro games from MSX.
I will still miss Space Harrier, but i'm very glad he's working with Sony now! I don't know what it means for Virtua Fighter :/

_-EDMIX-_915d ago

Agreed. Sony is partnering with Yu and is even funding part of the game, but Adam Boyes wasn't fully transparent about the budget as most companies are not as that is sorta a contract where they may not be able to out right say the price (sorta like when someone gets a raise or when someone gives to a charity etc)

But we don't know in what regard besides funding, as Sega still owns the IP and publishing rights.

Sega nor Sony have confirmed the IP nor publishing rights as changing hands or anything so it sounds like the game is actually published by Sega, licensed by Yu and Sony, Sony funding etc. But only time will tell how this deal will transpire.

@Moldy- I see you have no clue what the term "kickstart" is. Please...just read what is happening before having strange assupmtions, just reading any article on this very much tells you its being "KICKSTARTED" at 2 million, not fully funded at 2 million. I'm not even sure what lead you to actually believe something as crazy as that, something should have told you that didn't make sense and you likely need to um.."read".

@Shin- that has been confirmed to be what is happening, in terms of Sony funding anyway.

Also note, Sony didn't buy the IP nor Publishing rights as that would have been what they even announced as that is quite megaton, they are likely waiting to see how Sega responds, but its clear Sega has something to do with this as its their IP, in what capacity is really what many might want to know, but only time will tell.

Kickstarter also has a placeholder date for Shenmue 3 in December 2017

TXIDarkAvenger915d ago

Considering its coming to PC. This won't be happening.

And just because Shenmue 3 is now being funded by Sony, does not mean its exclusive to PS4.

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Blaze929915d ago

So what was the point in the $2 million dollar kickstarter from the people then? I'm sure Sony could have just covered it. How much is this game even really going to cost?

SmielmaN915d ago

I'm venture a guess that Sony will cover promotion and the fans have covered the development. This would make sense to me.

Transporter47915d ago

Did you bother to read the kickstarer?

"If Shenmue 3 was going to get made, I wanted to make it with the fans. Through Kickstarter, I knew that could happen. Together, with Shenmue fans everywhere, I knew we could build the game that the series deserves."

Kryptix915d ago

They were most likely testing the waters or making a bet to see if there were enough Shenmue fans for Sony to back this project up. This way they can tell if the game would be a financial success as well as knowing it's something many fans really want.

If you go to their kickstarter... says that, if you put in 30 dollars or more, you would get a digital copy of the game so it's like pre-ordering the game. What are those backers really losing, then? Games today go for the max of 60 dollars and I'm sure Shenmue 3 will be a game with a story of greater magnitude and longevity.

firelogic915d ago

It's like Bloodstained. He had to meet the kickstarter goal for his actual investors to give him money to make the game.

You can't make Shenmue III with $2 million. It was just used to gauge interest. Sony is footing the bill for dev and marketing.

rocky047586915d ago

Lol, the budget won't be $2 million dollars. That was there to make sure that people were interested in another Shenmue game. That's how they gauge interest. Now that it is funded for that amount, Sony will cover the rest of the amount needed to make the game. Let's just say that the $2 million was the start up fee.

Ikki_Phoenix915d ago

shenmue 2 cost 70mil dollars
today it would cost 100mil dollars

the kickstarter was " the pre order test "
sony is helping funding the game...rumors said that they already funded around 40mil dollars

Manubiggs915d ago

Well Shenmue II apparently cost 70M. I think it was a promotional tactic - otherwise it would just be an announcment - a great one - but just another announcement. The succesful kickstarter gets people talking an dhyped and those thta never played it begin to ask what is Shenmue an dwhy is everyone so excited about it

cogniveritas915d ago

If nothing else, it was basically a preorder system with the ability to choose more expensive rewards that otherwise wouldn't be made available.

holtzy915d ago

the 2 million was just a test to see if there was any interest in the game. sony will fund the rest of the game. to develop a game i am going to guess around 20 million. the ps3 average cost was about 10 million

DemonChicken915d ago (Edited 915d ago )


I am seeing this type of comment everywhere and it's niggling me.

why kickstarter? I don't think this is a pre-order system. It more to gauge interest.

Well first off back in the day the first 2 games did not perform well enough sales wise on top of high production costs. Other we would have seen 3 with Sega riding the train.

Making a game nowadays is high risk with high development costs and looking at historical data as a investor would you back something like this with such a record.

as mentioned above it's more to gauge interest and show people there is a potential that game will do good and announcing it on E3 basically is first class advertising as if you think this game would be made up to the quality of the 1st 2 games with 2 million your pretty much delusional.

my 2 cents - and I have backed the $500 tier! My credit card is already crying

Dir_en_grey915d ago

With Kickstarter, Mr. Yu Suzuki gets to have the #1 say in any directions or any business decisions on Shemue 3. Sega owns the IP and could just get Yu Suzuki back and make tons of money, or refuse it all together. Or Sony could fund it themselves or whatnot; but basically this is a silent agreement on all the Japanese developers and companies involved to give the title back to Mr. Yu Suzuki because everybody respects him for being the grandfather of 3D gaming in Japan and brought a whole new era to games with his visions.

Xof915d ago

The point was scummy and anti-consumer. They want to sell the game before they even make it.

Expect a lot more of this bullshit to infect Kickstarter from here on out.

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CryLessGameMore915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Will we get 1 and 2 remaster for ps4 because we never got this game for ps1,ps2,or ps3

krypt1983915d ago

That's up to sega actually...

C-H-E-F915d ago

Kickstarter says clearly what will happen with shenmue 1 and 2

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showtimefolks915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

great thank you sony/suzuki and yes even sega. and please release shenmue 1-2 HD while we wait for shenmue 3, after the type of response shenmue 3 announcement got, i wouldn't be surprised if sega actually jumps on the idea of doing the first 2 in HD remaster or remake

the kickstarter was more likely just to gauge the interest, and BTW the music in shenmue is amazing

DemonChicken915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

@ mightnox

shenmue 1-2 HD is imho unlikely because it's still under Sega (per Kickstarter) faq so looking at Sega track record with constant Sonics and refusal localise other great games - things aren't likely to move with this =/

pcz915d ago

the ps4 has gone up 1000% in my estimation. in one show (that i didnt even watch, by the way) they announced

final fantasy 7 remake

last guardian

shenmue 3

it really is truly exciting to be a gamer knowing these are coming

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Majin-vegeta915d ago can we get Legend Of Dragoon 2?

NatureOfLogic_915d ago

Too much too soon can cause heart attacks.

raWfodog915d ago

Whaaaa? No, I can't take no more *huff* *huff*

Okay, maybe one more...

_-EDMIX-_915d ago

I mean......we might laugh at that likely happening, but bud...FFVII and Shenmue 3 where announced so...(what is life bro?)

Scream it on the PSBLog and with enough steam, it might actually get done. At this point, any IP no matter how old has a chance to get done. Who knows, next few years we might see an E3 where it gets announced.

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wakeNbake915d ago

So they are helping fund it in other words.

BitbyDeath915d ago

Yep. The initial 2M was likely just to garner interest.

scruffy_bear915d ago

That seems what happen cant wait to finish this epic tale.

Hey Sega and Sony how about releasing Shenmue 1&2 on the PS4 let new gamers enjoy this series

meganick915d ago


They would pretty much have to release Shenmue 1 and 2 on PS4 prior to releasing part 3, otherwise Shenmue 3 would only appeal to a VERY small, niche crowd who played the original on Dreamcast and part 2 on Xbox. I can't imagine many gamers have played the first 2. I missed out on them, but now I want to try them and see what all the fuss is about. I wouldn't want part 3 to be my first Shenmue game.

NatureOfLogic_915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

People forget that Playstation still have to answer to Sony. Certain people at Playstation can be fully confident in Shenmue 3, but Sony not so sure they should invest the extra cash for the game to be made. I would guess that what this kickstarter possibly did was prove to Sony that it clearly worth the investment. I'm just guessing so I may be wrong.

ginsunuva915d ago

*to cause viral advertising.

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MightyNoX915d ago

The initial goal is usually 10 percent of the whole budget.

Example: Bloodstained's goal was 500k but the actual budget is 5 million (footed by Deep Silver)

Shenmue's goal is 2 million, ergo it's final budget is somewhere around 20 million which will be footed by Sony.

Shazz915d ago

Yeah I was thinking would be like 20 million as well, crazy its nearly at 3 million already now. Awesome

joeorc915d ago (Edited 915d ago )


Playstation part of Sony is a subsidiary of Sony and even parts of that Subsidiary is even a LLC!

For all intents and purpose the Sony part as a company as a whole is pretty much a holding Company, the company is the only Stock Holder holding itself 100% of PlayStation's Stock but the stock is not offered as a IPO to any stock holder or hedge fund or buyer of Sony stock Ie:

Playstation part of the company is pretty.much a held part of Sonys assets.

You cannot buy into its stock even if you buy into The Stock of Sony it self. Because there is none of the PlayStation's stock on the public market.

The fact that there was a kick starter most likely means that the playstation part ie: Sony subsidiary most likely will be funding the game. It has its own as a subsidiary board, CEO and operation expense etc.

I hope that helps.

UltraNova915d ago


So whats the deal between MS which onws 4% of FB which in turn now owns Occulus?

Whats the extend of MS's influence, if you like, over Occulus?

I'm very interested to read what you have to say.

Viper7915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

There are many other ways they could have helped as well. For example being able to advertise the kickstarter campaign this way was one thing. The original game didn't really reach it's audience either so they might be willing to use their resources to promote the thing near the launch as well.

They may have made a deal to fund the PS4 version if the game achieves it's funding and retains it's exclusivity (which may be timed)

Nyxus915d ago

Hopefully that means we will get a physical version for PS4 as well.

DonkeyDoner915d ago

not just physical,I hope includes the previous game

Rodney25915d ago

They said a physical was a reward for backing it. It'll most likely get one on release also

Moe-Gunz915d ago

Physical is PC only as of right now.