Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 - CoD For Children

Garden Warfare gets the attention it deserves.

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Rimeskeem1131d ago

I'll admit, I loved the first one, and I'm 17

JoGam1131d ago

Dude im 39 and I play it too.

UltimateMaster1130d ago

I tough Call of Duty on Xbox was already Call of Duty for children.

MrsNesbitt1130d ago

Have no shame sir! We're all friends here! I'm 25!

sergons1129d ago

38 here, love this game.

Aery1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

PvZGW is like CoD for kids ? In which world ?

Well, PvZGW is an awesome game and in our office we all love this game ... can't wait to play the second !

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aquaticDonut1129d ago

Whats wrong with that? It's a cool game.

brich2331129d ago

Well it is better than the last 2 cods multiplayer, and I'm 30.

iDadio1129d ago

Dont see how its Cod for kids when it promotes team play and has way more strategy than most cod matches I've played, a really refreshing and fun to play game

rxl209a1129d ago

lmao. you think 17 yr olds arent kids? XD "im not a kid, im a teen" rotflmao funiest thing ive read all day, you literally still roam the hallways of a high school with other children but think youre not a kid

Rimeskeem1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Really, out of all the things you could have taken out of my comment that's how you respond?

I didn't even say "im not a kid, im a teen", and for someone who calls that out, you could at least spell things correctly and use keyboards to their full potential.

and by the way, terrible use for a first comment.

3-4-51129d ago

PvZ has less kids playing it than COD does.

PvZ is the most fun I've had playing a shooter since Halo2 or Halo 3/MW1.

And to be honest, I'm having more fun with pure fun, than I ever had with a COD game, and I bought them all minus ghosts.

Whatever they did, they got it right with PvZ:GW,and I'm hoping for more of the same with PvZ:2

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MrsNesbitt1131d ago

It was amazing! I love the franchise.

nikrel1131d ago

I love it i'm 32; my son also loves it hes 6.

Kingdomcome2471129d ago

That's awesome, sir! I can't wait for opportunity to game with my child.

NYGiants19871129d ago

Your kidding right? This game is not even close to cod in anyway. This game is amazingly diverse and it takes multiple shots in kill someone. This game also takes a good amount of talent and tactics also. I'm 27 and this is honestly one of the funniest most diverse unique game I've ever played. Cod is for children this is for all.

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The story is too old to be commented.