Square Enix Shocks The World With A Strong Showing at E3

ThisGenGaming says "So let’s just be honest for a second, we weren’t expecting a whole lot for Square Enix this E3, it seemed to be a shaky booth to start with and we thought they would probably just get by showing the new Hitman, Just Cause and Tomb Raider at the Microsoft and Sony conferences this year. Well clearly we were wrong as it seems Square Enix did in fact use their booth to its full potential and really wowed everyone, from every aspect of gaming."

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DarkOcelet1278d ago

While Capcom and Konami are sleeping. Square Enix is rising up so fast.

This should be a wake up call to Capcom only since crappy Konami decided to go mobile.

We want to see Capcom thrive again. Give us Mega Man Legends 3/ Resident Evil 7/ Dragon's Dogma 2/ Dino Crisis Remake etc etc etc.