Sword Art Online Games for PS4 and PS Vita Get Two Lovely E3 Trailers

Bandai Namco just released two trailers of the upcoming Sword Art Online games for PlayStation Platforms.

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KakashiHotake1217d ago

I wish they would make a MMO Virtual reality game like SOA. From the looks of things we aren't that far away.

pompombrum1217d ago

Complete with your own ingame harem? O hells yeah!

YungDragon1217d ago

If we're going to get a Virtual MMO similar to SAO, I want a .Hack universe then lol. I always wished they would do that. Hell, Give me SAO & .Hack in a Virtual MMO and I really would check out of reality lol

Kniight-07-1217d ago

I would love SAO for the morpheus

scruffy_bear1217d ago

Didn't you learn anything from the show.