Mixed Feelings about the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Richard of writes "Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a Final Fantasy VII remake. I was asking for it for some time. But maybe, for me at least, it has been too long a time for it to get into the hands of fans. I mean, the game was just announced… nearly 20 years after the release of the original; so when are we actually going to see the release of the game? Will it be ready in time for the 2015 holiday season? Or are fans going to have to wait another year (or two) to finally play a game they have essentially played before all over again? I am feeling a bit conflicted over the whole thing. On the one hand, it is a remake that I have been asking for since the 2005 PS4 demo. However, I felt that was a long time to have waited for a remake back then, and that itself was 10 years ago! I am a patient man, but this is a bit too much of a wait and just a bit too much for a company to ask of me."

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kalkano1162d ago

I don't understand this. I'm worried they'll change it to an ARPG. But, if they leave it turn-based, I'll be OVER THE MOON with excitement! Even if they did it 20 years from now, I'd STILL be that excited. Yeah, Final Fantasy has been crap for a LOOOOOOOOONG time now. But, this could be the beginning of getting it back on track.

They could use 7 to popularize turn-based for the SECOND time! 16 could incorporate lessons learned from 7, and bring the franchise back!

BitbyDeath1162d ago

Should keep it turn-based but add an optional Morpheus+first person view.

Septic1162d ago

Ewww no!

I never got to play ff7 because I didn't have le monies at the time. Then ff8 came out.

I hope this comes out soon and isn't in development for years.

ShinMaster1162d ago

You gotta understand that the gameplay was a product of its time as well.

That said, I do hope it will have an evolved version of its battle system and not entirely ARPG.

Square Enix is making this a reality. Take it or leave it. There's not much room for us to complain.

pompombrum1162d ago

If they turn FF7 into an ARPG, the backlash would potentially be catastrophic. Evolving the combat to some degree to be more in line with the visuals I'd understand but the core of the FF7 experience needs to remain untouched. Let the newer generations experience it in the same way us PS1 generation gamers did.. who knows, maybe they'll learn to see the advantages of turn based combat and the strategic freedom it gives.

RpgSama1162d ago

I think they will for sure make it an ARPG, but with the option to stop the turn and take command of every character if you so please, something like Dragon Age: Inquisition, where you could do the whole game making every combat decision, but there is also the more streamlined option.

If they do that, it would be a good compromise, as long as they leave all the different weapons, and do not remove the experience system and materias, I'm happy.

ShinMaster1162d ago

I just hope they keep the basics of its combat. Materia and all that stuff. And maybe enhance it.

kalkano1161d ago

"You gotta understand that the gameplay was a product of its time as well." wasn't. This is just parroted rhetoric that is used to try to make turn-based seem "illegitimate". Action is just as old as turn-based. Therefore, turn-based was NEVER necessary.

LamerTamer1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


Turn based started on old 8-bit computers that didn't even do animation really and many times not even graphics. Bitmaps took memory. They had no sprite hardware, no joysticks, and many times not even color. Those were like old green screen terminals on main frames that only did ASCII characters and like the Apple 1. If you were lucky you got a screen full of ASCII characters that, if you used a lot of imagination, kind of looked like a dragon or something but mostly was just text. Memory was around 16K on those things and the "sound" was a beeper. So to have a "game" you basically input your actions and then waited for the computer to determine the result based on "dice rolls" and stats. It was like an electronic version of pencil and paper D&D and WAS necessary at the time as that was all they could do. That style just kind of stayed around through generations as some liked the strategy aspect.

FF7 wouldn't be FF7 if it wasn't turn based so I would bet money it will be the same turn based game with updated graphics. I personally didn't care for it but that is me. Random battles just seemed stupid. You are wandering through empty area and WHOOSH! you end up in a room picking commands from a menu. How would that happen and how did I get in this room? Where did those monsters come from, it was empty where I just was and the area looked completely different. It seemed silly to me.

ShinMaster1161d ago


I don't even know what you're trying to say. Are you hating on turn-based combat... or what?

I like turn based as well as action RPGs.

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Godmars2901162d ago

I seriously doubt they'll use turn based mechanics.

Need to, but they wont.

kalkano1161d ago

Yes, it can be. But, an RPG FF7 is about as bad as it can get.

Yetter1162d ago

Im pretty positive it will remain turn based. It wouldnt be FF7 otherwise

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1162d ago

@Yetter: Why would if it wasn't turn based mean that it wouldn't be FF7?. I'm sorry but FF7 is far more than just a turn based battle system. I certainly didn't play it for the turn based battle system. I loved the game for it's amazing world and characters along with the story. It was an amazing adventure going from place to place traversing the world of FF7. To me that is the core of the game and not the battle system. I love turn based combat don't get me wrong and I do miss it in fact but if they choose not to include it in the remake I am not going to say it isn't FF7 because of it. This game will not erase the original from existence. This is a chance to make this an even better and grander FF7 than was possible to make back in 1997 on such limited hardware. I hope they make a lot of new additions to the game honestly. The people who are asking for the game to be EXACTLY the same as the original with nothing changed but the graphics are not seeing the potential this remake has.

kalkano1161d ago


Yes, it's a chance to make it better and grander. And, making it an ARPG would go in the completely opposite direction and destroy everything about the game.

LamerTamer1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


This is a remake of the game, not a reboot or sequel or re-imagining. It will be the same game with the same story and the same mechanics - turn based. The graphics will be redone of course but that is it. You can't change something like the "combat" and still be FF7. It would be like putting out The Last Of Us remaster on PS4 but this time the combat is now a turn-based strategy game. If they kept everything else the same it still wouldn't be a TLOU remake anymore.

I personally don't like random battles or turn based so I will pass, just like I did on the PS1.

KingKelloggTheWH1162d ago

I would prefer Dragons Dogma like gameplay, with the option to play the game turn based just like the original. Have you choose at the start of the game, and Bam. We're all happy.

CorndogBurglar1162d ago

Yeah, if they are smart they'll keep it turn based. I'll be incredibly disappointed and won't buy it if they make it like pretty much everything after FF10

Adrian_v011162d ago

Turn based was born from limitations of that time. I sure hope it's not the same battle system, that would be an immense loss of potential.

With it's reputation everyone has heard of FF VII by now, even if they haven't played it. With modern graphics, even if a new direction pisses off a number of fans, it will gain attention of others. Even with pretty graphics, turn based will be too boring for people who didn't grow up with it.

If you want the same experience all over again just play the old version of the game.

kalkano1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Same comment I posted above: wasn't. This is just parroted rhetoric that is used to try to make turn-based seem "illegitimate". Action is just as old as turn-based. Therefore, turn-based was NEVER necessary.

Also, do you think we've been begging for a remake all these years so we can "just play the old version of the game"? If you want a completely different game than FF7, then PLAY A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME!

Adrian_v011161d ago


You don't make any sense dude.

I never said I want a completely different game. I want the same game, but with improved gameplay. I love FFVII for it's story, characters, world, setting, lore and so on. You love it cause it's just a turn based jrpg. If you degrade Final Fantasy to just turn based gameplay you never were a true fan of that game, u just were a fan of that kind of game.

Guys like you prevent improvement. But yeah, I hope they don't use voice overs, I hope they keep to the text scrolling from the original game, cause that's traditional final fantasy. After they introduced voice overs in FFX everything started going downhill. See how stupid things like that sound.

Turn based is acceptable if it fits they style. For example Persona series and it's anime style, anything other than turn based would be stupid. But did u see the trailer, it looks f-ing real. 3 characters standing in line, waiting to get hit without even attempting to dodge or parry would look immensely stupid.

Again if you want a rmeake, let them actually remake the game. If you want the exact same game not changed a tiny bit, you have the old version.

Luckily, after FF Advent Children they already said they want to create a game with battles that look fast and realistic. And considering this is FF VII, turn based won't probably happen.

P.S. writing words in capslock doesn't make your point any more valid, it makes you just look more desperate to convince yourself that u r right.

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DevilOgreFish1162d ago

I'm more interested about the release date. KH3's official trailer just came out and it says "now in development", according to the trailer it just started and it's was announced in 2013. they can't even confirm that it will be finished by next year, 2016. The FFVII remake is looking at possibly 4 years in development.

Shazz1162d ago

just be happy its happening.

Godmars2901162d ago

They could always cancel. Take ten years to make it.

jagstar441162d ago

there hasn't been a good final fantasy since 10, they're just gonna mess it up

DiscoKid1162d ago

Do NOT modernize the gameplay! Please don't give it the ARPG treatment.

DiscoKid1162d ago

I got disagrees? You guys really want it to be an action RPG and not traditional turn-based like the original?

kalkano1161d ago

"Modernize" is a poor word to use there. Turn-based is just as "modern" as action.

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