Initial Thoughts on The Last Guardian Announcement

Richard of writes "And at the Sony Pre-E3 Press Conference, my loyalty was rewarded with the announcement that the game would finally be released on the PS4 in 2016. Awesome! How many times have we actually seen a game stuck in development hell make it out to the markets? StarCraft: Ghost; that never saw the light of day. LMNO; do people even still remember this was a thing once? Thrill Kill; unless you download what was supposed to be the game from some discreet corner of the interwebs. Duke Nukem Forever; wait, this game was released and it sucked total ass, so maybe we can stick this one into video game purgatory. Uh, oh yeah, Beyond Good and Evil 2; why haven’t we seen more of this? It’s rare for a game to get stuck in development for as long as these games have been and actually see the light of day. But The Last Guardian will be released (knock on wood) and the loyal will have been rewarded for their patience."

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