Fallout Comic Strips by Penny Arcade

GamingShogun reports on a message received from Pete Hines stating that the first of many official Fallout 3 comic strips, created by the guys at Penny Arcade, has been posted online for your viewing pleasure...

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MK_Red3768d ago

AWESOME! Fallout 3 comics :)

JelalTrueshot3768d ago

Yeah, these guys are such talented cartoonists as well as humorists, it just is an unfair distribution of creativity!

xionpunk3768d ago

The Penny Arcade guys are awesome.

mepsipax3768d ago

not the biggest fan of webcomics, penny arcade is pretty good though, and it's fallout, the only web comic I've actually loved was concerned: the life and death of gordon frohman, funniest things I've ever read in my life, period.

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