Fumito Ueda on The Last Guardian Being Late: "Several Reasons, Among Those a Business Decision" "During a behind closed door presentation Fumito Ueda has revealed some of the reasons behind The Last Guardian being so late."

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Bathyj1249d ago

I'm glad the decision was made to drop PS3 and I think it happened years ago, not in the last few months. Clearly they were approaching the end of the gen and it just wasnt working on PS3 so after the switch was made it was better to not show anything til they had something worth showing.

This always has been and still is my most anticipated game. Just thrilled its still alive when as little as 6 months ago people were saying it was dead vaporware. Its real now, and I cant wait.

donthate1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

I think it is unfortunate that Sony used Last Guardian as a carrot, then dropped it from the current PS3 users that have been waiting for years due to simply a business decision.

That is not for the gamers that supported Sony with the PS3 expecting for years to see the Last Guardian on it!

Lng1010101249d ago

It's not like they teased us year after year. Most people had already forgotten about the game.

Bathyj1249d ago

Yeah its a shame and you have a point, but if you bought a PS3 you got your monies worth without a doubt, and its not like they were dangling this "carrot" in front of us. They revealed it and then said nothing ever again other than confirm that it had not been canceled. No one buying a PS3 after 2011 was buying it for The Last Guardian.

Dropping PS3 is whats best for the game. Thats what I care about.

Sy_Wolf1249d ago

Sony Santa Monica had to go in and save this game. The reason it took so long is that the team working on it couldn't deliver. This isn't the first time they've started a game on one system and released it on the next generation system. They've done this with 2/3 of the games they've released.

hellothere19771249d ago

Actually, Santa Monica Studios themselves admitted that they weren't involved "with saving the game". A few guys from SMS visited Team Ico and offered a few bits of information. That's it.

As much as you'd like to believe that a brilliant American studio came in to save the day from the incompetent Japanese Team Ico, that simply didn't happen.

Elda1249d ago

I knew this was going to happen when the PS4 was released & the team were saying they were having technical problems when it was being developed for the PS3.I kept saying if this game is still alive it'll be on the PS4 but the fanatics kept here we have it,it's being released on the PS4!