GameSpy: of Midnight Club: Los Angeles Preview

GameSpy wrote:

We got an updated glimpse at Midnight Club: Los Angeles recently, and it's come along quite swimmingly since our last glimpse nearly a year ago at Games Convention 2007.

Of course, the core concepts of MC: LA are still the same as nearly a year ago: it's bigger than MC3's virtual San Diego, Atlanta, and Detroit put together. It's got a huge multiplayer component, and although it's not a photorealistic LA, it's got most of the important landmarks. However, there's a huge difference between a first-look and our first-hands on, and our time spent cruising the sunny streets of the city's districts was satisfying. Rockstar explained that MC:LA is designed to keep you perpetually racing. Like other open-ended racers out there, Rockstar San Diego doesn't ever want to snag you up in minutiae. If you're not cruising for a battle or evading LAPD, you're in a shop customizing your ride

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