Nyko talks Xbox One Data Bank, Xbox One Type Pad, PS4 Modular Charge Station and more at E3 2015

Nyko released new details and images at E3 2015 for Data Bank for Xbox One, Type Pad for Xbox One, Modular Charge Station for PlayStation 4 and Cygnus for Android.

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WizzroSupreme1276d ago

Nice to hear. Think I'll be in the market for upgrading myself soon.

morganfell1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I picked up the data bank yesterday for the PS4 and my PS4 has been backing itself up. It is taking a while as I had a 1.5TB drive in there and a lot on it. I only purchase one this go around because the last time I picked up a Nyko product I outfitted all of my PS4s and that add on abtter for the controllers turned out to be trash. I'll know later today or tonight how well this thing is going to work.

Purchasing one of these for the X1 is nonsensical due to the USB support. Not sure what they were thinking as I do not see sales giving them a return on their investment.

riverstars861276d ago

Have to be a pretty clueless consumer to buy the Data Bank for Xbox One. External hard drive support puts this to shame.

1276d ago
LexHazard791276d ago

No thanks on the data bank for Xbox One. Talk about ugly.

jv19911276d ago

Is the nyko data bank for ps4 worth to buy?

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rainslacker1275d ago

You may look into some of the enclosure modifications available on the internet. Save yourself some cash and you can hide the HD somewhere where i can't be seen.