Nintendo president Satoru Iwata responses to negative Digital Event reactions

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has responded to the backlash towards its recent E3 2015 Digital Event.

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Neonridr1277d ago

what do you mean you take our words seriously.. Last year you guys hit it out of the park. We all said how awesome it was. Did you not listen to us last year?

Moonman1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Super Mario Maker news is helping me get through that "event". And thank the heavens for the Nintendo World Championship (which should of been their E3 presentation directly after).

Lightning Mr Bubbles1277d ago

Really worried about Nintendo. The Wii U is a bust, and I guess they are making a new console but it seems they have really fallen behind their competitors, It's about XBOX One and PS4, and Nintendo is like way off over here.

To be honest, I glad for this. I always hated the phony fad direction that they took gaming last gen. I always knew it wasn't real gaming and the motion control thing was just a toy, and the fad is over so this is what happens.

bouzebbal1277d ago

was the most painful event i have seen in a long time... Mario Tennis was the best thing they showed, just to say!
massive third party plans ===> Skylanders amiibo...WTF?

alphaomega881277d ago


I am really worried about the gaming community at large...people honestly believe that the fan service that Sony showed, and more FPS's and dudebro games are the future? Where is the innovation? Hell, where is the fun?

I am saddened to think that people these days literally wouldnt know a fun game if it landed in there lap, we are more worried about whether it has 'more chest hairs', or looks good to our many that are worried about Nintendo have played splatoon? Too few Im sure, yet its the most fun I have had with any game since probably Smash Melee, Fusion Frenzy, Halo, Viewtiful Joe...really the GC, Xbox, PS2 era. Yes, its that FUN.

Fun is apparently dead. Show people pretty and realistic looking stuff, and they eat that shit up, show them a fun game with bright colors, ' oh thats kiddie shit, im really worried about Nintendo'. Seriously? I had a smile on my face the whole time watching the nintendo championships(outside of blastball, that shit is an insult to Metroid Prime), but Super Mario Maker looked bat shit insane, and like an insane amount of fun. Will half of you even give it a try? Nope. I play games to have fun and escape reality, where I have a wife, kids, job, and responsibilities. If I wanted realism in every game, I may as well just stay in the real world, bc there is plenty of it here.

Worried for Nintendo? Pfft. Im worried for this generation of basement dwelling mama's boys...

darthv721277d ago

sorry to pop that bubble mr lightning but maybe to those who don't have a wiiu they feel its a bust.

But to those who do find it to be one hell of a fun little nostalgia packing machine. And the new stuff is just as fun as the older hits.

People who know nintendo and play nintendo arent worried about their placement in the ranks. Because they know it is the only place to get your mario, zelda, metroid, yoshi, wario... grove on.

Play a round of smash, a race of MK8, a bit of turf war in splatoon and it might surprise you how well this little box can do.

Highlife1276d ago


Opinions everyone has one. I don't agree with you. I don't care for Nintendo games they just don't interest me. Smash is ok when I play with my kids or Mario kart with them that's it for Nintendo and me. Hell even there whole menu and ui is so slow and annoying. For me Uncharted is fun horizon looks amazing and you have tons of different genre games to play plus 3rd party support. Sony did great. And for you to say they only have dude bro games is completely wrong. if anything Nintendo has the most limited library of them all. MS even did great. Nintendo to me did terrible they have done nothing but push me away. But that's just me.

You come off very salty.

madpuppy1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

@alphaomega88, I have to agree with Highlife, Nintendo might have been innovative 30 years ago but, all they do now is live on their past and the fond memories of grown up Nintendo kids. they really need to step outside of the steel reinforced, 20 foot thick concrete box and NOT make a game with the same rouges gallery of Nintendo characters. after all, pizza is great, and you can put all different kinds of toppings on it but, after a while people are going to get tired of all kinds of pizza and want a nice T-bone steak or maybe some osso bucco.

I really don't know what they are afraid of? still make the "Mario" games for the rabid 2 dimensional "N" boys and
try something totally innovative to bring in a new category of gamer to Nintendo.

I hate to say this but, The big "N" might want to try to learn from its competitors, especially Sony. :P

alphaomega881276d ago

Every company can learn from one another...with that said, uou have the audacity to say dont make games with the same nintendo characters, but what did you get? Uncharted remake, Uncharted sequel, Final Fantasy remake, yearly installments in half a dozen third party games, oh, and the Last Guardian. Shenmue is barely a concept and coming for PC, FFVII for PC, pretty much all third party on PC, so what was there again?

Im not salty, I just keep reading how Sony and MS dropped 'megatons', yet I dont see but one or two games of note that I cant get cheaper on the PC with free online. Nintendos event generally sucked, who would deny that, but there are like 6-7 high quality exclusives before year end(whether they are your cup of tea is another topic entirely).

That, and everyone saying they arw done with Nintendo, while things like 'BC for MS is huge!', when Nintendo had that from day one, whilst MS was too busy trying to see to it you didnt really own your games after you bought them they couldve had that from the outset.

Just the levels of hypocrity in the gaming community...MS and Sony come out with sequel after sequel, and remaster stuff regularly it seems, yet Nintendo uses Mario in the name of their new game, which is a totally different kind of game, and here we saying 'cant step out of the mario box' just totally lost at this nonsense.

You like what you like, great. People should play what they like and have fun with. But I love Nintendos games, for me they are the only ones who take risks, and dont have to rely on cinematic effects and propaganda to sell you there games, they are just fun time and again. Im just tired of hearing how they should take cues from the others...i mean really, like what? More dark, gritty, realistic, 'mature' games? I dont always need to be shooting guys in the head to feel satisfied. And with all the sequels and remasters, I dont see how they are any better than Nintendo, I mean Nintendo stays afloat by themselves bc third parties for the most part suck at making games, and cant compete with Nintendo, and Sony and MS dont pump out enough stuff to be considered threatening.

And b4 any comments come up with third party, that is my opinion. Yearly installmenta of the same franchises DOING the same thing year in and year out is not appealing. Of course there are always the occasional gem, but again, not much and quite frankly, 95% of which i can play on PC.

madpuppy1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

@alphaomega88, audacity? I said that they need to make some games without the same characters, not, don't make games with mario and gang ever again. you cannot be so banal to think 3 or 4 sequels of a good game is somehow the same as 30 plus YEARS of making variations on the same theme with the same characters (now that is what I call banal!). The Playstation console isn't called the uncharted console because all Sony makes is different variations of games with Nathan Drake as the "star"....or Kratos...if I don't buy an uncharted game or a God of war game I can still enjoy all the hundreds of other games made for the playstation by Sony and it's second and third party developers. If you buy a Nintendo console and not buy any Mario and "friends" games the console is left with not much to play except for 3rd party devs creating poor variations of Nintendo style of games.

Just because you get a kick out of reliving your childhood playing lazy Nintendo games (there, I said it, the king has no clothes on) doesn't mean that everyone that disagrees with you is wrong.

1276d ago
magiciandude1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

As a long time Nintendo fan, most respect that I had for them is pretty much gone. This E3 didn't give me a ray of hope for Nintendo-anything in the future. Being stuck in the past is hardly the problem. The real problem is what I, and many others, liked about Nintendo to begin with is diminishing.

We wanted a proper Metroid game. We got some irrelevant spinoff for the 3DS instead.

We wanted Animal Crossing on Wii U. We got another irrelevant spinoff for the 3DS instead.

And we got another irrelevant spinoff for Zelda on the 3DS.

And we got more Mario Maker.

And we got more Amiibos.

And we got more Skylanders.

Starfox, Yoshi, and Xenoblade are the only games that I have any interest in.

This is the current state of Nintendo, folks. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts before they go completely mobile.

subtenko1276d ago

Why Nintendo fans so delusions and in denail about things? Nintendo fans saying M$ and Sony showed no innovation.... What do you call PS4 - Dreams, The last guardian,etc. and Hololens then? Certainly not typical stuff thats for sure!

AND Sony and M$ still comes oout with new stuff.... Nintendo too (splatoon)but dang....insecure much? shessh

Everyone at E3 had SOMETHING....Nintendo imo DID have the least to show tho.

ravens521276d ago

Someone didn't watch the PS conference...obviously. With that said Nintendo has always had fun IPs. Buuuuuuuuuuut they need to become more relevant. Grew up playing Nintendo always had fun. Just like I have fun playing my "more realistic" ps4 games. As well as retro gaming ie; super Nes, all these 8pixel indie games they keep coming out with, sega, GameCube etc. Nintendo just needs to appeal to everyone.

_-EDMIX-_1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

My biggest worry is what they are doing with Wii U. I feel they don't have enough teams to spread out games to both Wii U and 3DS so they are making certain games on 3DS because of its install base.

But because of that, the install base of Wii U stays the same (catch 22).

Only things I saw for Wii U that I wanted...Star Fox, SMT x Fire Emblem.....thats it.

Yet stand back guys! Mario RPG, Fire Emblem, Zelda 3DS.

I'm sorry but they are doing a great job with 3DS...that might be hurting Wii U. They need more teams. The showing was very poor, it wasn't just how it was shown, it was that they are legit just abusing the hell out of those IPs.

Animal Crossing (house dress up) 3DS

Animal Crossing (party game) Wii U

Metroid PRIME!!!...(party fps game) 3DS

and so on. Why the hell are those IP's attached to those games? Have a new concept? Just make a new ip to convey it. Here we thought Splattoon was the start of them actually doing that and we get another E3 with the same IPs...dressed differently. At this point, when they announce a game, we need to hold our breaths to see exactly what the game is.

Cause...clearly with Nintendo, Animal Crossing, Metroid, Mario etc are not what you think they are, before you even start to care, you might want to look up what they are. Animal Crossing should convey 1 concept, Metroid should convey 1 concept.

They just milk to a dangerous level. Don't even get me started on Amiibo's! I'm ok with them using their IPs, but not when its not even conveying the actual concept of the games namesake.

...I don't play Animal Crossing as party game.

edit- and I agree with what folks are saying regarding lack of innovation. I couldn't agree more. Sony has proven to take more risk in that department then Nintendo. Last I recall, Nintendo passed up LBP and Media Molecule. Hololens with Minecraft, Dreams or any indie game on PC, PS4 and XONE has completely owned in that department of innovation in terms of how folks play games. Its no longer Nintendo.

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Metallox1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

We definitely liked the presentation format, and they followed suit, but the content itself is a very different story that has more to do with the present of the company, rather than the necessity of satisfying consumers. Look at how much Reggie talked about this "transformation".

It's just a reminder that 3DS and Wii U aren't good platforms to publish software anymore, and they are just mantaining with "something" to avoid losing its fanbse.

And of course, they just failed miserably, especially with that "Metroid" game. I don't understand how they thought it was acceptable to be shown in the main event.

Moonman1277d ago

Can you believe they put "Prime" in the title??? I was like...WTF??

Neonridr1277d ago

3DS has some nice titles coming to it, I'm not worried about that. It's not like Sony who basically cemented that the Vita is dead, at least Nintendo has games coming for theirs.

I just wish we would have seen some 2016 software. Great that you were focusing on what we would be playing soon, but that doesn't mean you can't keep us excited about the future.

Plus there were games like The Devil's Third, Platinum actually developing Star Fox, Retro's new project (which definitely wasn't that 3DS Metroid), Fatal Frame V, Tantalus' Wii U port of another AAA game. Plus zero focus on indies this year...

Just seems like they left a lot out to focus on Amiibos and Mario Maker.

Moonman1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Being that it's the 30th Anniversary of Mario I didn't mind the Mario. Super Mario Maker will get played the most by me this year for sure. But I wanted even more epic Mario. Like Super Mario Sunshine HD or Paper Mario Wii

Metallox1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )


They put Metroid in the title as well. That is what hurts the most. Like, what the actual hell, Nintendo?

One haundred times this:

Vendredi1276d ago

For me, the worst moment was when they showed that Animal Crossing amiibo festival game. I can't say I was glad with everything I was watching, but at least all games looked like fair, playable games (IMO). But that Wii U Animal Crossing Amiibo game was just too much, it felt to me like a nintendo mobile game.

MSBAUSTX1276d ago

As someone who has defended Nintendo in so many articles, I have to agree. The line up is still great. We do get Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fatal Frame, Devils Third, Star Fox, Super Mario Maker, Yoshis Wooly World, and Fast Racing Neo. Those are all going to be great games to play!

Nintendo couldnt have gone about talking about these any worse. They know what a lot of people are saying about the Wii U. They know what people have been telling them they want to play. At this point, regardless of how awesome the games I listed are going to be, the PR of Nintendo is terrible and I, a BIG Nintendo fan as some of you know, was very disappointed. This was their chance to make the Wii U stick out and it didnt happen.

I am going to be buying a lot of the games they listed, but with XB1 back Compatability, Squares games, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5 with its Warzone, Star Wars, and Revolt, Im not sure I will be dedicated to buying them all as I might have been.

This year rocked my Nintendo boat a little too much. I still love their games and love my Wii U! But instead of making everyone eat crow they left us Wii U supporters being laughed at even more.

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-Foxtrot1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

If they took our words seriously the Wii U would be a very different beast altogether

Hell it wouldn't be be called the Wii U to be honest.

Nintendo don't listen, like most Japanese companies/developers like Capcom, Square Enix and even Konami they are very proud people...they hate knowing something they did was wrong and would rather pretend they know better then admit their failures

When they announce the NX next year stop with the digital presentations and actually do an E3 show. No Robot Chicken or Muppets a full show where you can show off the next, gimmick free, console.

gangsta_red1277d ago

I actually prefer the digital presentation. It's really cringe worthy seeing executives, PR guys and others who have no experience talking in front of live crowds present their product. It either comes off strange or nothing but a huge PR sales pitch.

I wish Sony and MS would follow Nintendo with their own presentation. I mean, what is the main point of having a stage presence for only an hour?

-Foxtrot1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Just comes off lazy in my opinion. I felt they use humour like the Muppets thing to mask how bad the show was and the lack of games for the Wii U. That was cringe worthy for me

I like the conference shows. It's just about getting good speakers. I always think Aisha Tyler does a good job at the Ubisoft ones. Three years she's been doing it and they've never done a bloody Archer game with an Uncharted 2 styled multiplayer.

One day

Anyway back on's time for Satoru Iwata to get lost. He got lucky with the Wii U but it's time to move aside and let someone in who will take Nintendo forward instead of hanging around in the past. I mean even the small things like, for example, a trophy/achievement system hasn't even been put in place yet...something so small and they are still a gen behind

deadchucky1277d ago

LOOOOOOOOOL they do this digital presentations to attract kids and they knew that they are Chickens can't face the fans reaction

StarLord_Who1277d ago

You just hate them because they aren't a certain different japanese video game conglomerate.

ps360s1276d ago

I am hopeful they will show the NX next E3...

I like my wiiU but something seems not right with Nintendo and it's E3 presence...maybe they are slowly moving away from the wiiU now (I do have this feeling they are starting developing games for the NX, if thats a full on console)

but am looking forward to Yoshi, starfox and Xenoblade X and maybe "Zelda wiiU!?!?"

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Magicite1277d ago

Nintendo is Sega now, or lets better say Atari?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1277d ago

so Nintendo is going to release a system every 3 years.

And lose money like Sega did in the 90s.

Oh please enlighten me.

jholden32491277d ago

This is the problem with people today. Anything negative happens with Nintendo and peoples first response is "see they're doomed, see they're Sega"

Look nobody is arguing it was a bad presentation but stop acting like every single bad presentation means the company is going to go bankrupt going to stop making games all of a sudden.

3-4-51277d ago

That was like the 4th best direct this year.

Disappointed but I still love Nintendo, I just don't get their decision today.

My only guess is they are saving it for their own Direct away from E3.

LOL_WUT1276d ago

This WAS the main event why would they save something for some random Direct? ;)

DC7771277d ago

Of course. He heard us all loud and clear that we wanted them to dress up like muppets and show rip off versions off their best ip's.

3-4-51276d ago

* Love my 3DS & Wii U, wouldn't get rid of them, but that was the first time I was really ever disappointed in Nintendo.

* You know how like when you were younger and got in trouble and your parents would be "disappointed" in you and that was worse than them being mad?

That is how I feel right now.

* I KNOW Nintendo is capable of more...of better.

They have the talent just sitting there, but it's not being guided properly.

* Nintendo has poor leadership, and whoever is pushing them in a certain direction or to this direct, isn't doing the fans any good.

* I will be buying the next Nintendo handheld & Console, but I probably won't be investing in the Wii U like I would have.

Yes I'm still getting Mario Maker, Yoshi, Zelda U & Xenoblade, but those are good games and always seemed to that is safe.

Beyond that, I just don't have it in me to give blind support when I know what it coming in 2016 is the NX announcement.

* This gen was always supposed to be shorter, but I'm wondering if this hints and where Sony & Microsoft could head the year after.


* 2016 = NX announcement + New handheld announcement

* 2017 = New console announcement if it's not the NX.

* 2018 = New handheld or console release.

* 2019 = Either Sony or Microsoft will be right behind them.

We are at mid point. It bulks up for about 1-2 years and then it's perma-decline for the entire gen.

Decline doesn't mean bad games, but scaling back of current gen plans.

* I'm now realizing that most likely the Wii U was a "plug" of appetizer to hold us over until we get what they were really working on.

Kind of sucks, but I still love Nintendo, and I'm always going to be a fan, I just expect more from somebody I know can accomplish so much greatness.

* I would be delusional to say the E3 Direct was a success. It wasn't....We deserve more.

We Nintendo fans deserve better, and I think they honestly know that....hence the apology.

pcz1276d ago

nintendos e3 showing was pathetic. it was an embarrassment to themselves, an insult to all the fans, and a harsh wake up call to all those who still believed nintendo had what it takes.

starfox was the most exciting thing they showed, and truthfully, it was underwhelming. it looks like it has had its soul wrenched out, just like the new super mario bros series of games. no artistic flair, no effort to make it stand out... its merely functional. screams economic.

i did anticipate nintendos e3 would be a disappointment, i even predicted it, but it was appalling beyond my wildest imagination.

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pompombrum1277d ago

The way they presented it was amazing, they should do that again next year. After seeing so many stage stuff, the far more personal feel of it was a breath of fresh air. The games showcased though were a let down.

MCTJim1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I felt the presentation was geared towards the pre-teens myself. They did a great job last year. This year, well, it was less than average.

Hyrule warriors for the 3ds, Starfox and fire emblem were my choices.

REDDURT1277d ago

Time for this guy to go

masterfox1276d ago

wow somebody said that and it wasn't me? a bit of humanity restored I'm gonna cry :')

TXIDarkAvenger1276d ago

He's not the one making the calls though.

xwilldemise1277d ago

Poor guy =/ can't help to feel bad that he has to announce to people that he'll make up for it. It's downright embarrassing. It's like you taking a girl out on a date thinking it's gonna be perfect but in reality she tells you it's a sucky date even after putting your all into that date =/ just an example lol I don't speak from experience

cplus1277d ago ShowReplies(3)
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1277d ago

he took a 50% paycut to turn around 3DS.

He has proven that he taken people word for it.
He been also getting games localize.

Gh05t1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Right he took the pay cut out of the goodness of his heart... or pressure from the BoD who might not want to pay him all the money hes getting when the value of the company is decreasing.

It was a grand gesture, and admiirable, but far from not being an action made of self preservation.

Otherwise why not take a pay cut when you are on top like right after the wii surge.

Gh05t1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

When you are trying to impress the popular guy/girl on a date and you take them to McDonalds and buy them a happy meal... they arent going to be impressed.

On the other hand when you finally say you will take that person whos been infatuated with you since kindergarten and buy them a happy meal. They will say its the best thing ever because they are just happy to be around you.

Thats what this was. People who are indifferent to nintendo are not impressed and people who like nintendo are just happy to see anything new.

In fact that to me is how all the shows were this year.

crazysammy1276d ago

After reading through most of these comments and seeing lots of fanboys and ignorant statements... this was the most accurate and refreshing thing here. Well said. +

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1276d ago

People reacted based on how they felt. If I took a gal on a date and she said it sucked I would probably try something new next time, not claim she was wrong. Iwata comes from a time where if you're criticized, you self-examine not be apologetic to yourself.

I'm glad he said this because he's right, he does need to make it up to nintendo fans.

ShrektheHulk1276d ago

If you took a girl out and she said it sucked that should be a red flag; she either doesn't like you or is just a pain in the ass.

However, what if you took 10 girls out, and half of them said it sucked while the other half said they enjoyed it? Who do you cater to at that point? Do you continue doing what you originally planned and lose the half of girls that didn't like it but keep the ones that did, or do you change everything for the girls who said it sucked and risk new reactions from the ones that didn't?

Additionally, at what point do you stop trying to pander to girls that do nothing but bitch and moan that you don't take them to nice enough restaurants, or say they don't like the food at one place, even though they've never been, because they heard online that it wasn't any good?

There's a parable about a man who takes his son and their cow to market a few towns away and the essence of it is that you can't please everyone, and the more you try, the fewer the people you can please becomes.

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