Unit 8 Teased for Xbox One and Windows 10, New Modern Warfare FPS

OnlySP: A teaser trailer for a new Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive, Unit 8, has just popped up online.

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PockyKing1281d ago

Pretty much. Although they announced a ton of new games yesterday, with similar teasers. Interested to see what they're publishing.

4Sh0w1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

lol wtf was that?

PockyKing that was in no way "similar" to teasers they showed yesterday...even teasers yesterday showed something.

That said as long as whatever first look we eventually get looks promising it well be another welcomed new IP to add to X1 library.

vvvEdit Yeah I read the article but OK if thats what you meant then I clearly misunderstood you, therefore I offer you my apologies Sir.

PockyKing1281d ago


I'm talking about the company that released this teaser, not ALL the teasers from yesterday. The company that put out this teaser put out little trailers for all the games in their upcoming portfolio, if you read the article you'll find a Twitter link to find the rest.

gangsta_red1281d ago

Would be nice to actually see what this game looks like.

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jay21281d ago

thats.............ummmmmmmmmmm mm yeah intresting and informative.............

AngelicIceDiamond1281d ago

MS said more announcements afterwards. More PC and Xbox games.

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The story is too old to be commented.