Special: Is Nintendo Doomed?

A question a lot of gamers ask themselves 'Is Nintendo Doomed?'. Gaming Boulevard tries to find the right balance in finding the answer to this tricky question.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Really worried about Nintendo. The Wii U is a bust, and I guess they are making a new console but it seems they have really fallen behind their competitors, It's about XBOX One and PS4, and Nintendo is like way off somewhere else.

I always thought the Wii was a fad. I hated the direction they took gaming into last gen, it wasn't real gaming, and now the fad is over and this is what happens.

TXIDarkAvenger948d ago

That show was really underwhelming compared to other big shows at E3.

I wouldn't say Nintendo is doomed but is the Wii U doomed? I feel like they didn't announce anything huge because there next console is probably on the way and will be probably be announced next year.

Antifan948d ago

Wii U + a new Pokémon Stadium = $$$$
But Nintendo seems to be moving towards mobile, so they'll get $ instead of $$$$.

Timesplitter14948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Not yet, but they gotta get their shit together

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The story is too old to be commented.