PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include Best of E3 Sale

With E3 2015 going on all week, Sony is running a Best of E3 Sale on the PlayStation Store in North America, offering discounts on "hit games from past E3 shows."

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DarkResistance1279d ago

Cool sale. Though not a whole lot most of it I already own. But I may get dragon age or diablo 3 in the sale.

Army_of_Darkness1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

good time to get dragon age... I also got drive club for $27.00(CAN)!! it's a hidden deal cause I didn't see it at the best of E3 sale.

GamingWithMack1279d ago

I may finally pick up Diablo 3!

IamTylerDurden11279d ago

Omg great price on Driveclub at 24.99 if u have not bought it yet do yourself a favor and grab it, it is so good now and vastly improved from when it launched.

Do not wait 4 ps plus edition this game is amazing.

DarkResistance1279d ago

I didn't see DriveClub on the list?

MrFisher211279d ago

I do not believe it is part of the sale. The Driveclub plus edition has been at that price for months now on the UK store. I beleive they finally lowered the price to match and called is a plus deal. Great price though.


Not that great actually. The regular PSN sales typically aren't that great. Waiting for an E3 flash sale!